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The Jenn Royster Show is an inspirational hour that explores the spiritual approach to life's challenges as your host Intuitive Counselor Jenn Royster takes you on a journey through the metaphysical world. Listen to guided healing meditations, intuitive reads with callers, and the benefits of connecting to Spirit, the Angels, and your Higher Self.

The Jenn Royster Show is an inspirational hour that explores the spiritual approach to life's challenges as your host Intuitive Counselor Jenn Royster takes you on a journey through the metaphysical world. Listen to guided healing meditations, intuitive reads with callers, and the benefits of connecting to Spirit, the Angels, and your Higher Self.
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The Jenn Royster Show is an inspirational hour that explores the spiritual approach to life's challenges as your host Intuitive Counselor Jenn Royster takes you on a journey through the metaphysical world. Listen to guided healing meditations, intuitive reads with callers, and the benefits of connecting to Spirit, the Angels, and your Higher Self.




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Archangel Haniel: Spiritual Awakening Intuition Inner Truths

Archangel Haniel is the angel of joy, love and passion for life. Haniels name means Grace of God She resonates a feminine energy that nurtures and supports us in any challenge. Spiritual awakening is on the rise and sheds light on inner truths we never saw before. Our intuition wakes up, we feel the shift physically and emotionally as we heal, release and make new life choices. Connecting with Archangel Haniel is a beautiful uplifting experience when we are adjusting to a new higher...


Encore: Who is Archangel Uriel? Inner Wisdom Illuminated

Archangel Uriel is known as the angel of Light, that can illuminate Divine wisdom within us. Uriels light is quite powerful, offering a link to spiritual realms by raising your vibration to see into the higher realms of consciousness. This angel of wisdom inspires you from within by connecting you with your heart (4th chakra) and intuition (6th chakra). Uriel light shines bright to help you see what your heart knows best.


Angel Messages: Aug 30 New Moon and Sept 2019

Angel messages on August 30 New Moon and the month of September 2019. Harmony in action is what Virgo New Moon brings to September. Priorities take shape to organize life essentials. Reflecting on who, what and where we spend our time and energy connects us with our inner truth. Do adjustments need to be made? Now is the time to just BE present. Focused intention clarifies where we need to bring harmony to our lives.


Encore: Energy Healing with Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael name means God has healed and is a powerful healing angel for people and animals. Also known as the physician of heaven or healer. In this episode, well explore Raphaels gentle, loving approach and how this angel can help you with physical, emotional and spiritual healing. How you can connect with Archangel Raphael for energy healing guidance.


Angel Messages: Aquarius Full Moon

The angels brings messages on the Aquarius Full moon that arrives on August 15 2019. Aquarius is known as the water bearer. The healer that carries the burdens, the emotions and the pain in the world without being weighed down by it all. How is this possible? Can we truly be a beacon of Love and Light in the world without the overwhelm and emotional drain? This full moon in Aquarius sheds light on how to send love and hope into this world while simultaneously raising our own vibration to...


Angel Messages: Number 8 Vibrations August 2019

The angels bring messages for the month of August 2019. This month carries the vibration of the number 8. Theres a lighter brighter energy arriving. Abundance flows in all ways. Hopefulness fills the air with infinite possibilities for everyone. The lions gate is open June 26th-Aug 12th. This portal peaks on 8/8 bringing opportunity to honor your spiritual gifts and tune into higher realms of consciousness.


Angel Messages: Leo Super New Moon Lead with Your Heart

Join us for angel messages that inspire you to tap into your inner wisdom for making the best choices for yourself. We have a black super new moon in Leo arriving July 31st (Aug 1st for some) that will boost your efforts to take charge and lead your life with your heart. Our heart knows whats best for us. Do we trust it? Do we listen? Do we take the time to respect, honor and take action on choices that are aligned with our hearts passion?


Angel Insights: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - What Motivates You?

The angels are supportive with insights as we explore to find what motivates us. A full moon partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn arrives July 16, 2019. This will be one of the most transformative celestial events of the year. Worth the effort to explore the possibilities, expand our mind to reach higher, see further and go deeper for answers. Full moons are always about releasing, eclipses push the event further than we're used to going. This Capricorn event stretches us for expansion beyond...


Encore: Angel Messages: July 2019 Spiritual Gifts level Up Abundance Flows

Dr Jenn shares angel messages and insights for the month of July 2019. Spiritual gifts level up, eclipse season begins with the new moon July 2 in Cancer. Abundance flows in, opportunities present themselves. Spiritual gifts are heightened to receive and guide you. July rolls in with significant support to speed up your advancement.


Angel Messages: Intuition is Your Heart’s True Voice

The angels bring a message of Love that reminds us to find stillness and listen within. We all have a built in compass that activates our inner wisdom through intuition. These messages come from our hearts true voice. Do you feel comfortable with yourself? Do you trust what comes from your inner truths calling out to you? Do you honor the Love that comes from within you? One of the most powerful choices you can make in your spiritual awakening journey is to honor and Love who you are in this...


Intuitive Gifts Level Up Under Full Moon June 2019

Everyone has intuition. The question is do you trust it or dismiss it? The June 17 2019 full moon in Sagittarius highlights our intuitive gifts. An opportunity to level up and the catch higher vibrational frequencies available. Under this full moon, tapping into your own intuition and listening to your inner truth is the focus that prepares us for the upcoming months. This is a most opportune time to unlock your inner wisdom and tap into higher realms for answers.


Angel Messages: Opportunity Arrives to Bridge Your Soul Plan and Life Path Choices

Time to build that bridge! Opportunity arrives to build a bridge that connects our soul plan with the life choices we have made. Our intuition, connection with the Divine, our soul, angels and spirit guides will be highlighted with messages to help us build this connection. Our spiritual awakening has led us to this point. The messages, the blessings, the intuitive connection we seek to align with our inner truth. The best is yet to come.


Angel Messages June 2019: New Truths Come to Light

Time to take a peak into the month of June 2019 for angel messages and insights. June arrives with lighter energy. Our perception of how we believe things should be much easier to evaluate under this energy. Do we accept it or want to change our perspective? New truths under the surface of our inner landscape are ready to reveal themselves. Time to lighten up and let the good vibes in. We might be pleasantly surprised.


Archangel Gabriel: Let Your Creativity and Self Expression Go with the Flow

Archangel Gabriel is known as the messenger angel. The name means God is my strength. Go with the flow appears to be the theme of 2019, a number 3 year in numerology. Archangel Gabriel is a wonderful angel to call on when you want to tap into your inner creative self and express that to the world. Perfect timing with the current Gemini energy. An air sign that rules over the mind, our thoughts, creativity and self expression.


Spiritual Transformation: Angel Insights on Full Moon in Scorpio

Spiritual transformation is all about releasing, cleansing and transforming your life to align with your authentic self. Spiritual awakening encompasses all of the above with a magnetic boost of motivation in self discovery. A full moon in Scorpio arrives May 19, 2019. This is known to be the sign that rules over death, rebirth and transformation making this full moon a powerful journey within to our authentic self. Well check in with the angels for insights into this life changing energy.


Spiritual Awakening: Self Expression Levels Up

On the path of spirit awakening, we seek to understand the many changes happening within. Once we awaken, this path continues to stir our soul to make necessary changes inside and out. We have a boost of energy support to help us along our ascension path with the Taurus / Uranus lineup that will be with us until 2026. This is all about how you feel about yourself. Do you practice self love? Do you respect yourself enough to make choices that shine your light in the world through your true...


Angel Insights for May 2019

May brings a healing and restorative energy beginning with the new moon on May 4, 2019 in Taurus. Love Healing and Hope brings just what we need to balance our lives. A gentler vibration after all the major energy shifts help us settle in, review how far weve come and where were headed in the next few months.


New level of Spiritual Awakening Arrives

A new level of consciousness arrives to ease us into a new level of spiritual awakening. We are all unique yet we are all connected. This concept will shed light on how we are all connected by raising the frequency. What used to be difficult, becomes easier as we continue to align with higher frequency living. We are rising above an old outdated way of life. Energy healing flows with ease, living a healthier lifestyle is the new normal and heart centered choices become priority.


Encore: Who is Archangel Zadkiel?

Archangel Zadkiel has an uplifting vibration that will help you clear and uplift your own vibration. A wonderful angel to work with when aligning with our truth. Freedom flows when we live our Truth.Negative vibrations are transmuted to positive. This opens the floodgates of love and joy and we are able to experience more of both in our lives.


Encore: Soul Diving: Life Purpose Explained

In this episode, Jenn takes you on a journey to explore the question: Whats my soul purpose?Most of us seek to answer this our entire lifetime. Spiritual awakening takes us on a soul diving mission to answer this question. When we answer the call to go inward, we begin the ascension journey, we discover our full potential. What we came here to achieve. Our life purpose. The soul has always known why you are here.