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The Non-Prophets 17.14 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, Matt Dillahunty

Listener Mail: Where is Russell (Glasser)? Religious Liberty Space Task Force, Johnson Amendment Satanic Temple allies of atheists = "Weird uncle you wish wouldn't show up, but they always bring the best booze" (~Matt D) "Christian-style" (prayer) invocation (end-run around Supreme Court ruling) Privileges given to churches that are not given to other non-profit organizations Does Westboro Baptist Church like Trump? (No. "His sex life puts the entire nation in peril") Mail: Atheists and...


The Non-Prophets 17.13 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, Megan Bonner, and Ciera R

[News] No records kept of child abuse in Kingdom Hall Alex Jones predicted 2nd US Civil War Walsh (Minister?) complaining about Ariana Grande video/song. Donut licking [Mail] Atheist student at Grand Canyon University - Demonstrate by example that atheists can be good people [Shit] Trump spiritual advisor says Jesus was an immigrant, but not an "illegal" immigrant. Says facility for child immigrants is "phenomenal". Pope Francis praises Lisbon guidelines that allow communions to divorce...


The Non-Prophets 17.12 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, and Objectively Dan

James (Jamie) Boone, ObjectivelyDan, Denis Loubet. YouTube now censoring hate speech and reverses strike against Atheist Youtuber for comments of an interviewee. Should the government 'humanely' execute gays? Secular Student Alliance (SSA) Conference in Columbus Ohio. Street epistemology. Listener mail. Changes on Non-Prophets. UK outlawing gay conversion therapy. Is gay conversion ethical? Homosexuality is an addiction? Why is this still happening? Does Jamie like torture? Buff gay guys....


The Non-Prophets 17.11 2018-20-06 with Denis Loubet, Eric Murphy, and Jamie Boon

Launching show Patreon. Dennis is physically ready to go. Kids are being torn from their parents at the border and Trump white house totes ok with it. Republican Jesus. Humans in cages. Racism in a fascist government. Getting Fucked by YouTube. Children are rapists...? All immigrant are MS-13 gang of "Animals". Godwin’s Law. Are we disorganized? Listener mail. Most Atheists revert to religion, says study. Lee Strobel, real Atheist? We have Atheist family. Richard Dawkins. Every day Atheist...


The Non-Prophets 17.10 with Russell Glasser, Denis Loubet, & Serafina Smith

The Non-Prophets is a live internet radio show airing on the first and third Wednesday of every month, starting at 7:30 PM Central (01:30-03:00 UTC).


The Non-Prophets 17.09 with Denis Loubet, Eric Murphy, & Anthony Magnabosco

The Non-Prophets is a live internet radio show airing on the first and third Wednesday of every month, starting at 7:30 PM Central (01:30-03:00 UTC). Hosted by Russell Glasser, Jeff Dee, and Denis Loubet, the Non-Prophets focuses on current events and commentary from an atheist perspective. The recorded program is available as a podcast and downloadable from our archive: If you're enjoying the program, help get the word out to others that they can...


The Non-Prophets 17.08 with Russell Glasser, EJ Sorrell, & Eric Murphy

Show start: 7:30:01 (PM) 32 welcome and Eric intro 35 have you heard the God news? 37 Hemant Mehta -EJ 43 Russel reads the mail EJ talks college 45 news 2 47 if they can do it we can too 50 equivocation fallacy 52 EJ takes Eric to task over Jelly 58 how do you feel about beards? 00 we get mail 05 EJ wont let it go regarding approximation "fuck you! you pedantic asshole." 08/09 EJ is not getting defensive about their age. You're getting defensive! 15 root beer in square cup *15 THE HILL...


The Non-Prophets 17.07 with Russell Glasser, Denis Loubet, & EJ Sorrell

Flat-Earther launches self in rocket, Conspiracy theorists, Self vs soul,"Scientism" [Sh!t Internet Apologists Say!!] "Will America's grade schools become transgender mills?"Have all the gay sex you want! (Even if that amount is zero.)Being trans[gender] is f*cking hard! It's not something anybody does to be cool or trendy. [Reader Mail] Would you rather have religious people with staunchly rigid beliefs or with extremely flexible, liberal beliefs?Pope hugging a boy from a Catholic family...


The Non Prophets 17.06

Jeff-less show, Denis has a new tablet computer, Jamie was in OKC at the American Atheists National Convention this weekend, Street epistemology, rnHugh Laurie at AA Natl Convention, So many mass shootings in spite of so many people praying (because Satan), Christian fundamentalist dialect, Bill banning abortion with no exceptions, [Email] Anesthesia & lethal injection, [Shit Internet Apologists Say], Daniel King (King Ministries) wrote article about attending the AA Natl Convention:* Sam...


The Non Prophets 17.05

Guest Ciera Ramirez. Stephen Hawking dies at 76. The hosts reflect on his life. The Kelly twins have different gene expressions. Ciera was asked to be a Nun, when she is actually a none. Austin bomber done blew himself up. He was home-schooled. Fuck al Queda! Chick Tracks memory lane. 89 year old nun dies in court while fighting Katy Perry's purchase of nunnery. Katy Perry kiss on American Idol assault? Moving toward a post-religion Europe. Czech Republic 91% unaffiliated. If mass...


The Non Prophets 202302



The Non Prophets 17.04

* Voicemail?rn* FFRF - "Johnson amendment under attack from religious right" (Prevents 501(c)(3) non-profits endorsing/opposing political candidates)rn* Atheist Experience and Talk Heathen at American Atheists convention (Oklahoma City, OK on Easter weekend)rn* Bayview, MI - Only practicing Christians can buy houses or inherit them. Require letter from their minister verifying their active participation in the church. Christian-only clause was introduced together with a white-only...


The Non Prophets 17.03

* Jamie sitting in for Russell * [News]- Billy Graham died - Florida "In God We Trust" in every school * [Listener mail] On religious hypocrisy: - "People accused of hypocrisy are being accused of not being christian enough" - "If religion did not claim moral superiority over humanism, then religious hypocrisy would not matter" - Pleading hypocrisy in self defense - "Your examples [of hypocrisy] had too many confounding variables" - Not all hypocrisy! ( bad) * [News] Mike Huckabee:...


The Non Prophets 17.02

* Atheism statistics - atheism is going up, esp. among teens (double the increase of adults), Christianity waningrn* Christians are the biggest hypocrites/jerksrn* Ignoring/forgetting the history of arguments about religion, esp. refutationsrn* Pope story - when is Pope Francis going to take a strong stance against sexual abuse of minors within church and the perpetratorsrn* Believer arguments that atheists are atheists because they "hate god"rn* Motherfuckers running the religion are the...


The Non Prophets 17.01

Movies: "Downsizing", "Coco", & "Jumanji" * Hemant Mehta on a 10 Commandments statue at a Texas mall.* Daniel Staats, spokesman for Georgia Secretary of State accused of sexual assault and practicing counseling without a license * Star Trek transporter, what is the "self"? * You should play the game "Soma" SHIT Internet Apologists Say! * Bangalore Mirror (Indian newspaper): "There are no false gods in Hinduism" * Ganesh statue brought into a Christian church and pastor forced to resign *...


The Non Prophets 16.22

* Cow vigilantes in India, Hindus murdering Muslims for eating cow meat * War on Christmas? Shut up and do what you want. * Okay for Atheists to participate in religious pageants/plays? * Spotlight (movie). Cardinal Bernard Law died this week. * Flat-Earthers: Show us your map! * Banned words at the CDC? Actually just a suggested list of words to avoid when communicating with republicans on climate change * "[Jeff's] arguments are dumb!" * Uploading consciousness to a computer. The perils...


The Non Prophets 16.21

Listener mail: Does hating faith healers make me a bad person? Roy Moore: Project Veritas (James O'Keefe) failed attempt to dupe Washington Post with fake Roy Moore accusation, Church sign "They falsely accused Jesus! Vote Roy Moore". Listener mail: Fine tuning argument, Sexual harassment: Al Franken, Louis CK, Mozart, Abusive & "Ablist" terminology: Changes to ACA rules of conduct in online fan forums, Patton Oswalt, YouTube comments Ravi Zacharias (christian apologist radio host):...


The Non Prophets 16.20

More Roy Moore, Australian vote on Marriage Equality, back to Roy Moore, Cow Vigilantes, double-back to more Moore arguments, flat earth convention in North Carolina, does gawd change the past in reaction to prayers?, detour back to Marriage Equality in Australia - democracy or mob rule?, trans humanism, the transporter conundrum, flat earther web site FAQ nuclear face palmage, Denis question about fear- Do Christians fear gawd? Do they fear jebus? Why?, readers respond to massless ghosts,...


The Non Prophets 16.19

Welcome to our rootin' tootin' after Halloween show. Rudy gives bad advice on Stranger Things and unrealistic aspects of the show. Kim Davis court fees. Who should pay? News: Scott Pruit quotes the Bible and asks scientists to advise the EPA for free. How do ghosts stay in place. Consequences of granting person hood to fetuses. Babies in prison. Challenging Church's tax privileges. Shit Internet Apologists Say... Wolfenstein has Crocoduck!


The Non Prophets 16.18

We are not having a show. Or are we? Twitter to go to 80 characters. Should we do a war on Christmas episode? Viewer mail The game "Populous". Balance the science on Star Trek with religion and balance the star ships with monster trucks! The Atheist Experience is celebrating 20 years with a special episode directly after the regularly scheduled live broadcast on the 22nd of October. Your Reiki, Reiki Heart. Something going on in the Australian Parliament. Devil story elements that don't...