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Episode 14: Sargon of Akkad vs Britney Simon: Intersectionality and Social Justice

Today we are going to be talking about social justice and intersectionality…two really broad topics, I know, but let’s just kick this off with a little summary of what these things are. Social justice issues are divided into two broad categories: • inter-social treatment (so how we treat each other) and • unequal government regulations (how the government applies laws to people). Inter-social treatment can be based on a variety of factors: race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion,...


Episode 13: Is Religion A Positive Influence? A Debate Between Matt Dillahunty & Inspiring Philosophy

A debate featuring Matt Dillahunty and Inspiring Philosophy's Michael Jones on the question "Is religion a positive influence on society?" Matt Dillahunty is an American public speaker and Internet personality. He was the president of the Atheist Community of Austin from 2006 to 2013. Matt has hosted the Austin-based webcast and cable-access television show The Atheist Experience since 2005 and formerly hosted the live internet radio show Non-Prophets Radio. He is also the founder and...


Episode 12: Irreverent: A spirited discussion about the spiritual with Rev. Stephanie Clarke

Rev. Stephanie Clarke started the first multi-racial, metaphysical, community in Johannesburg in the year 2000 with the intention of healing the wounds of Apartheid. It was totally successful but, as a one-woman show, I burnt out and left S. Africa. From 2005-2015 I taught and marketed English language programmes in Europe and Japan until Spirit called me back to S. Africa to take care of my elderly parents. That was in 2015. I am delighted to be home and to be back in the spiritual saddle....


Episode 11: Existence: Dr. Richard Carrier and Dr. Kenny Rhodes on the Evidence for Jesus

A Live stream with Dr. Richard Carrier and Dr. Kenny Rhodes on the Evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ. Richard Carrier is a world-renowned author and speaker. As a professional historian, published philosopher, and prominent defender of the American freethought movement, Dr. Carrier has appeared across the U.S., Canada and the U.K., and on American television and London radio, defending sound historical methods and the ethical worldview of secular naturalism. His books and articles...


Episode 10: Rocketman: The Mad Mike Hughes Interview on Flat Earth & NASA Conspiracy

In 2016 Hughes launched a failed fundraising attempt for a rocket that earned only $310. After converting to believe in a flat Earth later that year, Hughes gained support of the flat-Earth community. His post-flat-Earth fundraising campaign made its $7,875 goal. He intends to make multiple rocket journeys, culminating in a flight to outer space, where he believes he will be able to take a picture of the entire Earth as a flat disk. He claimed in November 2017 that the Bureau of Land...


Episode 9: Questioning: A Tale of Concrete Revival with Street Epistemologist Anthony Magnabosco

Anthony Magnabosco is a worldwide promoter and practitioner of Street Epistemology, which is a conversational method for respectfully challenging claims by asking probing questions to uncover the reliability of one’s belief formation process. He has appeared on The Thinking Atheist, The Atheist Experience, The David Pakman Show, Cognitive Dissonance, The Friendly Atheist Podcast and blog, as well as several other podcasts and shows. Anthony has inspected hundreds of people’s beliefs using...


Episode 8: Discussion: Aron Ra meets Kent Hovind to discuss the evidence for evolution over creation.

Aron Ra and Kent Hovind have their long awaited discussion today, March 2nd (for real!)to discuss evidence for evolution vs creationism. We invite all to listen live to this historic event as well as to share the watch link, like and subscribe. (Hosts: Kyle Curtis and Steve McRae). Special Guests: Aron Ra and Kent Hovind.


Episode 7: Renegade: Philosophy's Man in Black

Aron Ra has been an political activist for more than a decade. He is an international public speaker, advocating science education, skeptical thinking, humanist values and secular policies all over the country and in twenty other countries--as a former regional director of American Atheists and now president of Atheist Alliance of America. He has over 144,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, which has millions of views. He hosts the Ra-Men podcast, spotlighting progressive...


Episode 6: Candid: Nothing But The Truth

We've all had thoughts, felt desires and committed sins we would never speak of. We bury these skeletons so far deep in our cerebral closets that we almost forget they ever existed in the first place. The thought of them ever being resurrected from memory's abyss is enough to make us curl into the fetal position... Unless your name is Alex Botten. Special Guest: Alex Botten.


Episode 5: Thinking: A Devout Doubt - Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist Podcast

The Thinking Atheist shares his journey from christian broadcaster to atheist activist in this inspirational interview on doubt and how it can lead you to truth. Seth Andrews, a former Christian broadcaster and believer for 30 years, ultimately escaped the bonds of superstitious thinking to embrace the more satisfying explanations that science provides. A professional video producer and host of one of the most popular atheist communities on the internet, Seth Andrews brings a polished...


Episode 3: Visionary: Sight on Demand

Facing the prognosis that he will eventually lose his sight, Hans Jørgen Wiberg sets his sights on an idea that would change everything... Be My Eyes is a free mobile app designed to bring sight to the blind and visually impaired. With the press of a button, the app establishes a live video connection between blind and visually impaired users and sighted volunteers. Every day, volunteers are lending their eyes to solve challenges both big and small in the lives of the blind and visually...


Episode 2: Punchline: A Sit Down with Stand-Up.

Go beyond the stage with an intimate look at stand-up comedy through the eyes of two of the industry's staples, Tony Deyo (Conan, CBS The Late Late Show, Sirius XM, HBO) and Steve Lesser (Executive Producer-North Carolina Comedy Festival / Idiot Box Comedy Club). We explore the process of turning an idea into a laugh as well as style, writing material and working the live performance. This episode is filled with great advice for anyone looking to take the stage, or those who love the art...


Episode 1: Genesis: Evolution or Creation?

The NonSequitur Show presents a spirited and passionate debate between Dr. Herman Mays and Kent Hovind on the evidence for a common ancestor. Herman Mays Jr. received his bachelor of science degree from the University of Kentucky in Biology with a minor in anthropology in 1992 and his PhD from the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Kentucky in 2001. Dr. Mays has developed a significant public outreach program in natural history and evolutionary biology with numerous...