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The Meaning of Rittenhouse

In this episode, Stephen reflects on the Kyle Rittenhouse case and what the verdict means for our society. There are some philosophical questions to ponder: do we want a society in which individuals can walk around with AR-15s? Do we want a society in which 17 year-olds can openly carry weapons into violent and contentious [read more]


The Thanksgiving Story

Do you know the true, historically accurate Thanksgiving story? The Pilgrims are often under attack these days, but these godly men and women sacrificed much, giving their lives to bring the Gospel to the new world. They laid a foundation our nation would do well to remember. Tune in and recall the heritage and the [read more]


Sane Conservatism

Many conservatives have deep concerns about Donald Trump and how his politics may affect upcoming elections and the future of the GOP. While Trump has done some good things, some of his beliefs and policies have also damaged the Republican Party and alienated potential voters. In this episode, Stephen recaps several recent conservative victories outside [read more]


Knowing Religion

A lack of religious knowledge has plagued our society for years, causing great devastation at home and abroad. Many people, for example, don’t know the difference between a Muslim and a Sheikh or an Evangelical and a Catholic. Very few have ever had a comparative religion class. In this episode Stephen presents a challenge and [read more]


The Disturbing Pope

Pope Francis and President Biden recently met. The Pope declared Biden a good Christian and Catholic and said he should continue receiving communion. As someone who is pro-life and slightly right of center, Stephen is concerned about the Pope’s public statements regarding moral issues. Are we are headed toward a crisis in the Catholic Church? [read more]


American Wasteland

While spending the past few days in Arizona, Stephen met a number of people who recently moved to the Copper State from California, Washington, and other blue states. Rapidly increasing crime rates, sky-high taxation, a shrinking law enforcement presence, and left-leaning policies have driven these families out of their hometowns. Join Stephen in this episode [read more]


A Warning: Inflation

Inflation is essentially government theft. Let’s talk about it. Inflation occurs when government expands the money supply. The greater the supply, the less scarce – and therefore valuable – something becomes. In our economy, the federal government can expand the money supply through policy. We currently have an inflation rate around 5.9%. In this episode, [read more]


The College Debt Plague

Borrowed Future: How Student Loans are Killing the American Dream is a new documentary from Ramsey Solutions that uncovers the dark side of the student loan industry and exposes how the system is built to work against students. Stephen recently had the opportunity to watch this film, which is available on Google Play, Apple TV [read more]


On Christian Statesmanship

Travis asks, “What is Christian statesmanship?” In this episode, Stephen shares several Biblically-based answers to the question through addressing foundational Christian theology and reflecting on great leaders and events from history. Discover why Christian statesmanship matters and why it should be understood by people of all backgrounds. This episode originally aired on July 10, 2019.


About Monopolies

Did you know that three companies control 95% of all credit cards? Or that three companies also control 80% of all mobile telecoms? Stephen is pro-business and fully supportive of free markets, but he is also fully opposed to monopolies. Dive into this episode to learn more about the dangers of monopolies, the advantages of [read more]


The Leadership Vacuum

Here is a truth of leadership: if you don’t fix it, somebody else is going to. And they’re probably going to fix it in a clumsy and heavy-fisted way. The AMA failed to address our healthcare issues, and so we got Obamacare. Several administrations failed to address trade issues, and so we got the Trump [read more]


The Two Americas Abroad

We often think of America as a force of good in the world. Our nation provides foreign aid and spreads democracy. Certainly, America does much good. Yet there is a dark side of American influence abroad. In this episode, Stephen examines the dual America: the noble, generous, value-driven America of Ellis Island, and the America [read more]


Texas and the End of Roe

Through Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization the Supreme Court will have to determine if it is going to overturn or uphold Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that legalized abortion throughout America. In this episode, Stephen discusses The Texas Heartbeat Act and the political genius of this legislation, which was crafted so that private [read more]


The Great Resignation

According to US Department of Labor, 11.5M workers quit their jobs in April, May and June. This has been confirmed by a recent survey of 30,000 workers. What’s happening? People are looking honestly at their job dissatisfaction. COVID-19 caused 74% of people to rethink their work life. Now, many are looking for better bosses. Employees [read more]


The Virtue of Tempered Capitalism

Many in our current class of Congress are proponents of socialism. They point at our warped version of capitalism and say, “Capitalism doesn’t work! We must throw it out and do something different!” Of course, the system we have today is not a free market economy with a fair playing field. (Warren Buffett’s secretary pays [read more]


The Stench of Our Withdrawal

Our bungled retreat from Afghanistan will have a profound impact on the trajectory of our country and the configuration of the world. The way the Biden administration left Afghanistan has been unbelievably disastrous. This has been a sign of American weakness and we’re going to see our enemies emboldened in the years ahead. If we’re [read more]


A Free Enterprise Victory

True private enterprise should create a just and strong society. In this episode, Stephen discusses the $15/hr minimum wage and how we are seeing this economic and social issue play out in legislation and the free market. If business leaders don’t make changes on their own, then the government often steps in to fix the [read more]


Planning for Economic Turmoil

No, the world’s not coming to an end. But economic turmoil is always a real possibility. Fortunately, it’s something we can prepare for and protect ourselves from. In this episode, Stephen shares practical tips to help get your family on firm footing. Learn about “The Grandmother Strategy,” the connection between generosity and prosperity, and a [read more]


Smart Fiction

Stephen is often asked how he gets the information that he needs. How does he learn? How does he stay on top of trends? One of the ways, of course, is by reading. Non-fiction certainly isn’t the only type of reading that can teach you about the world. In this episode, Stephen shares how “smart [read more]


The Coming Cuban Moment

Sunday, July 11, 2021 could go down in history as the date in which a nation began to change. Something special is happening in Cuba. The 62-year-old Communist regime was rocked for the first time with popular uprising around the entire nation. In this episode, Stephen shares a brief political history of the nation, and [read more]