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WDW 018 – What’s Your Forbidden Fruit?

What’s your forbidden fruit? The thing you just can’t seem to shake. The thing that has you under its total control – that’s if you’ll willing to be honest about it. It could be a person who has now become a “soul tie”. The desserts you can’t say “no” to. Or the mindset that you […] The post WDW 018 – What’s Your Forbidden Fruit? appeared first on Work Dat Word.


WDW 017: Can Anyone Even Tell Your A Christian?

What kind of Christian are you? How would your answer differ from those who know you? Are you so busy in someone else’s business that you have disconnected from God? How much of your day is spent with God or are you so busy passing judgement on others? If takes a brave person […] The post WDW 017: Can Anyone Even Tell Your A Christian? appeared first on Work Dat Word.


WDW 016: Dating & Marriage Outside Your Faith!

Why do people date & marry outside of their faith? Most religions recommend that people marry someone who has the same beliefs they do. Most cultures promote marrying within their own kind. So, if the mainstream speaks against it, why are people doing it? Even the bible speaks of not being evenly yoked with unbelievers […] The post WDW 016: Dating & Marriage Outside Your Faith! appeared first on Work Dat Word.


WDW 015: What’s the Difference Between a Male & a Man?

Do you know the difference between a male and a man? Why is it important to even know? It’s important because God has specific roles & assignments for each gender. You don’t have a choice in the matter if you want to live a spiritually productive life & have productive relationships! When you read the […] The post WDW 015: What’s the Difference Between a Male & a Man? appeared first on Work Dat Word.


WDW 014: Religion vs Relationship – Do You Know the Difference?

Do you go to church? If not, what keeps you from going? If you do go to church, how is that working for you? Does your life reflect what you hear in those church sermons or are you only going out of obligation or habit? That’s the whole plan of God – to show you […] The post WDW 014: Religion vs Relationship – Do You Know the Difference? appeared first on Work Dat Word.


WDW 013: Things Every Christian Should Know!

Have you noticed that even though people go to church year after year, they do not seem to have the same information. It seems that what you believe depends on the church you attend and what is taught there! That's crazy because every Christian church claims to use the same book - the Bible! Why don't we all have the same information? Come & listen to this podcast so you can get the information you need so that your foundation is strong no matter what church you attend! Topics...

WDW 012: Focus on the Promise, Not the Process!

Even though we encounter some great shocks & challenges in this life that are designed to break our focus, nothing that happens to us is a surprise to God! So since we say we trust Him, why do these things (attacks) have such a devastating effect on us? Why do they shake us so much that we can be taken out so quickly & easily? Don't we understand that our God is bigger & badder than any attack sent to stop us? We say we know this but many people are completely taken under by these attacks....

WDW 011 – Dating Do’s & Don’ts – Getting it Right!

Now that you're a Christian, have you changed your dating habits? Do you even know how to change them or what to change them to? What would you do if Jesus walked up on you on a date? Are you still having sex & your not married? Are you dating to just have sex? Now I know that you know a whole lot of Christians who are having sex out of God's order! Are you one of them? I was for a while, but, because I wanted to stay right with God just in case I needed something, I was determined to find...

WDW 010 – What Each Gender Wish The Other Knew!

RLIM has had it's Official Launch & we celebrated as we always do - with the best party ever! People came from far & wide (all parts of the US) to be a part of what they knew would be the celebration of the year! So come & join the party! But we didn't forget about you! We have tackled one of our most requested topics! Why do we make life with the opposite sex so difficult? We tackle this in the latest episode of the WDW podcast. Segment 2 of this podcast was recorded at the Official...

WDW 009: What Every Pastor Wish You Knew!

What is the thing every Pastor wish you knew? The job of a Pastor is to make the building of your personal relationship with God easier by showing you how to work the word of God in your daily lives. So, we are required to teach many different things to cover all the facets of this life. But if we could only teach you ONE thing, what would that thing be? In this episode of the WDW podcast we discuss this very subject. In Segment 1, I teach & discuss what that one thing is & why it's vital...


WDW 008 – Working With What U Got!!

Why do we find it so hard to work with what we've got? Why aren't we satisfied with what God gave us? We're still in the first quarter of a new year (2016) and many people have made their New Year resolutions and already quit by now! So just in case you're one of those who have already quit, let's get to the heart or core of the problem! All of us have things about ourselves that we just don't like! So in this WDW Podcast episode we lay out what those things are, why we don't like them &...


WDW 007 – The Power of Forgiveness – As Only God Can Do!

I know you've been hearing all of life that you have to forgiveness is important & you have to forgive those who do crappy crap to us! But have you ever stopped to investigate why? The world says we should "forgive" others because it's good for us, but why is it good to let those who have harmed us "off the hook" so to speak? How does your definition of :forgiveness" defer from God's? In this episode of the WDW Podcast we uncover & revel the questions above. We also dig into what God says...


WDW 006 – Is Giving REALLY Better Than Receiving?

Now that we've made it through another holiday season, how was it for you? Did you get everything you wanted from Jesus or Santa depending on who you believe in (smile)? In this WDW podcast episode, we dig into the question - Is giving REALLY better than receiving? I'm not sure about you, but I love to get gifts but is that I bad thing? Don't you love it when someone gives you a gift you want? Have you ever thought about the following: Why people & you don't want to give. The demon & roots...

WDW 005 – Can You Handle The Truth?

Hey Guys: Can you handle the truth about yourself? In this episode of the WDW Podcast, we dig into this very subject. Don’t you want to be and do your best with your life? What about the lives of those you love? Don’t you want to see them live the best life possible? Of course […] The post WDW 005 – Can You Handle The Truth? appeared first on .

WDW 004 – You’ve Still Got Time To Finish Strong!!

I know we only have a few weeks left in the year, & I know you may not have met every goal you set for yourself last January. However, with the help of God you can still finish out this year strong! So if you feel like the lady in the picture, you do have […] The post WDW 004 – You’ve Still Got Time To Finish Strong!! appeared first on .


WDW 003 – The Challenges of Being A Single Christian

Why are there so many challenges being a single christian? It doesn’t have to be hard, lonely, frustrating nor painful! The word of God lays it out in a simple & direct manner. Is your flesh making it harder to be a single christian than it has to be? In segment 1 of this podcast […] The post WDW 003 – The Challenges of Being A Single Christian appeared first on .

WDW002 – Prayer Basics!

In this episode of the WDW Podcast, we cover the basic components of prayer. You can’t afford to take for granted that you know how to pray because prayer is one of your greatest weapons. So you must know how to use it properly! There is a real enemy coming after your life and everything […] The post WDW002 – Prayer Basics! appeared first on .


WDW001: What’s the WDW Podcast? Our Introduction to You!

This is the very first WorkDatWord Podcast! Yeah! Praise God! Each podcast episode is comprised of two segments: Segment One – The Topic Lesson Segment Two – Group Discussion of the Topic so you can hear how real people are working the Word of God everyday and how they do it! In this episode we […] The post WDW001: What’s the WDW Podcast? Our Introduction to You! appeared first on .