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UR 155: Porn Kills Love — Clay Olsen

Tray is joined by Clay Olsen for episode 155 to discuss Fight the New Drug, Fortify, and why fighting the addiction of pornography is so important. Clay is a passion fueled idea machine with a clear vision to impact the world. In college, he founded Fight The New Drug with a few like-minded friends. Since then, it has grown into a worldwide movement. Over the years, Clay has presented to more than 100,000 people on the harmful effects of pornography and other forms of sexual...


UR 154: Mom, Dad... What's Sex? — Jessica Thompson and Joel Fitzpatrick

Tray and Melody are joined by siblings Jessica Thompson and Joel Fitzpatrick to discuss talking to your kids about sex and their new book, Mom, Dad… What’s Sex? Jessica and Joel discuss what prompted the brother/sister duo to write a book on sex and what gives them a unique perspective on the topic. They wanted to put out a resource that they could use in their own parenting as well as provide parents with a source of guidance with a gospel approach. By diving into various aspects of our...


UR 150: Pain as the Pathway to Healing — Jay Stringer

Tray is joined again by Therapist Jay Stringer to discuss how we can go into our pain and that can be a roadmap to our healing. Jay talks about his work with men and women in diving deep into the root of where issues might come from. Jay discusses how diving into this pain often puts you on the path towards direct healing.His first book Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing, will be released in the fall of 2018. You can read the first chapter and pre-order your copy...


UR 152: Beggar's Daughter— Jessica Harris

Tray and Melody are joined by Jessica Harris who is the founder of Beggar’s Daughter and an author. Jessica tells her story of struggling with pornography and ultimately her addiction to it. She brings us into her journey into the shame she felt and her forgiveness through grace and the gospel. She reflects back on her journey and healing process and how she is still healing through grace from this. Her passion now is to create a community for women to be open and hopeful that this isn’t...


UR 151: Accountability That Flows From Community — Sam Black

Tray and Melody are joined by Sam Black from covenant eyes to discuss the need for filtering and accountability online, authentic community, intentionality and living a life of freedom. Tray, Melody and Sam discuss the importance of having not only accountability partners in life but the benefits of utilizing tools that Covenant Eyes provides. These tools not only allow you to put filters in place for your children but also allow their internet history to be sent to you in a report...


UR 150: The Long Road Back — Stephen Mizell

Tray and Melody are joined for the 150th episode of the Undone Redone Podcast by author, speaker, pastor, and entrepreneur Stephen Mizell. Tray, Mel and Stephen talk the messy stories, his own undoing and coming back from the mess through grace. Growing up a Pastor’s kid, Stephen’s father urged him to try other things before settling on ministry and Stephen did just that. After trying a slew of jobs and businesses Stephen felt God stirring in his heart in 1995 to go into ministry. He...


UR 149: The Making Of A Sword — David DelaGardelle

Traylor is joined by artist and craftsman David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge to discuss the journey to becoming a full time craftsman, God fulfilling dreams, marriage, and sword making. David takes us through the journey of starting sword making as a hobby in high school to now doing this full time. He reflects back on how God provided him with everything he wanted and dreamed and that made him realize these physical and earthly things do not fulfill you. He walks us through the...


UR 147: Building a Custom Parenting Plan — Bethany Meadows

Traylor and Melody are joined by Bethany Meadows to talk parenting, faith, adoption, and the great news of the gospel. Bethany worked in youth ministry as a mother of one daughter and fell in love with teenagers. She called herself a mother to one with the heart of a big family. She ended up reading an article about an organization which ultimately led her to feeling called to adopt. Bethany and her husband ended up adopting 4 siblings despite being overwhelmed and lining up every...


UR 147: Party of One: Celebrating Singlesness — Joy Beth Smith

Traylor and Melody are joined by author Joy Beth Smith to discuss her book, Party of One, celebrating seasons of singleness, and finding other joys in life. Joy talks through her upbringing and various aspects of it that have impacted who she is as a person, a christian and a single. She discusses how she has had a desire to have a husband throughout her life, but she also appreciates her singleness as its own beautiful, life giving time on its own. Joy emphasizes that a season of...


UR 146: Your God is Too Glorious — Chad Bird

Tray is joined by returning guest Chad Bird on episode 146 of the Undone Redone Podcast. They discuss Chad’s new book, Your God is Too Glorious, his own undoing and redoing, and the good news of the gospel. Chad discusses his story of undoing and the grace of God that brought him out of it. Chad discusses his new book focusing on seeing God work in our everyday lives. Our lives are boring and regular, but those are the lives that God is excited to get involved in. Chad reflects on how...


UR 145: Ordering the Chaos — Chris McAlister

Tray and Melody are joined again by Pastor, Professor, and Executive Coach Chris McAlister to discuss ordering the chaos, your identity, the impact of the #metoo movement, and healthy marriage. Chris discusses his views on the #MeToo movement and the positive and negative impacts it has on men and women. Discussing the difference within men and women’s identities and traversing the world of dating and romance within this culture. Healthy marriages need both individuals to be confident in...


UR 144: Former Model Talks Sex, Imitation Love, and True Beauty — Leah Darrow

Tray and Melody are joined by former model Leah Darrow to discuss sex, imitation love and true beauty. This conversation seemed from the recent awards show where influential people in Hollywood were standing up for the #MeToo movement and standing up against exploitation, but directly after this the trailer for the new Fifty Shades Freed movie was played. A movie that is entirely about abuse, imitation love and exploitation. Leah tweeted about the ignorance or compliance that Hollywood...


UR 143: What Brought Me Back To God — Philip Yancey

Tray and Mel are joined by Philip Yancey for episode 143 to discuss his story of leaving the faith due to the fundamentalist church he grew up with and what brought him back to Christ. Tune-in as one of the leading Christian voices of our day describes his journey from understanding God as a scowling super cop to a loving and gracious Father and the specific elements that God used to reveal Himself. Philip, Tray and Mel dive into a discussion of the beauty of sex in God’s plan for our...


UR 142: Dealing With Sexual Brokenness in the Church — Jacob Simmons

Tray and Mel are joined in studio by Jacob Simmons to discuss the often brushed aside topic of sexual brokenness and the Church. When it comes to sexual brokenness, the church remains silent on it because they often think, “Oh we’d never do something like that” and it becomes hard for someone to seek help form the church when they are comparing their shame to everyone else’s highlight reel. Tray shares some staggering statistics released by the largest porn site in regards to...


UR 141: True Spirituality is Desperation — Erik Guzman

Tray and Mel are joined by Erik Guzman to discuss spirituality, his new book, and have an honest conversation about the beauty of Christianity. Erik discusses how various people he has had the opportunity to speak with have impacted his life and put him on a path of discovery. Jesus takes us into not just the blatant stuff but the nuances of our brokenness and that really shows us the beauty and amazingness of Christ’s Grace. Erik discusses his mini book The Gift of Addiction and how...


UR140: We Would Have Been Married 26 Years

Tray and Melody spend episode 140 discussing the emotions and feelings that surround January 11th, which would have been their 26th wedding anniversary. As you may know Tray and Melody were married in 1992 and then their world unraveled when they divorced for 6 years before reconciling in 2008. Tray shares a story of feeling totally alone on Christmas Day and running into a groomsman in his wedding at the movies when he was in line to see a movie alone. This was the first time he was...


UR 139: A Theology For Suffering — Paul Dunk

Tray is joined by Pastor Paul Dunk to discuss his journey of grace, humility and growth. They discuss a theology of suffering, Tim Keller’s impact on his life and distinguishing the gospel of Christ and what people think of religion. Paul is the founding pastor of KW Redeemer in Kitchener, Ontario and a graduate of Knox Theological Seminary with a Masters degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. He is a content contributor for the Knox Seminary blog as well as Christ Hold Fast. He...


UR 138: What a Great Year It Has Been!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! On this the last show of 2017, Tray and Melody do a brief 'year in review' and look back on some of the milestones from 2017.


UR 137: Sexual Abuse in the Church — Boz Tchividjian

Tray and Melody are joined by Boz Tchividjian to discuss sexual abuse in the Church, grace and how we can assist in creating cultures of healing. God placed on his heart to take what you learn to train and equip his church to be the safest place for those who have been hurt to heal and for those that are doing the hurting. Boz, Tray and Mel discuss a topic that many people don’t want too discuss because it is messy and the victim has to live with the trauma for the rest of their...


UR 136: Breaking Free — Michael Leahy

Traylor and Melody are joined by Michael Leahy, the founder and CEO of BraveHearts to discuss sexual addiction, the grace of the gospel, and an upcoming online summit, called Breaking Free Summit. Michael grew up in a Christian home with all the markings of a “normal” childhood. After moving from LA to Spokane, Washington he began to feel like an outsider and was bullied. Michael looks back at the exact moment he was introduced to pornography on the playground at 11 years old. Once he...


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