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UR 172: Recovery During the Holidays

On this week’s episode, Tray and Melody talk openly and honestly about how painful the holidays can be for those who are dealing with marital issues stemming from sexual brokenness. During the holiday season, everywhere we look we see smiling, happy families…out shopping, on the Hallmark channel, commercials that are non-stop. When we are experiencing a season of brokenness that overlaps with the holidays, things can really be magnified and our enemy…the accuser of the brethren…often loves...


UR 171: Overcoming an Eating Disorder - April McKinney

On this week’s Undone Redone podcast episode, Tray and Melody are joined by April McKinney of the 20,000 words podcast. April is a wife, mom, chef, podcaster, and believer. April bravely and body shares her story of overcoming an eating disorder in her younger years and how that impacted her faith journey and life. April shares her undone redone story in a transparent and vulnerable way which will impact and inspire everyone who listens. To learn more about April visit her website,...


UR 170: Preparing Kids For An Unfiltered World — Dina Alexander

On this week’s Undone Redone podcast, Tray and Melody welcome Dina Alexander back to the show! Dina is the Executive Director of Educate and Empower Kids, a Texas-based non-profit that provides resources to parents and educators to encourage deep connection with their kids through media education, meaningful family communication and intentional parenting. In this interview, Dina shares wisdom and insight for parents on media literacy, body image, positive self-talk, living in an image-based...


UR 169: Giving Thanks and What We've Been Up To Lately

Happy Thanksgiving! After a 2 month hiatus from the show, Tray and Melody are back with episode 169 of the Undone Redone podcast where they discuss their trip to Uganda with SOZO Children, celebrating the 10th anniversary of their remarriage in the Bahamas, the Open Your Purse gala, becoming empty nesters, recent speaking trips to Maryland and Georgia, and of course, thoughts on Thanksgiving. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider giving us a rating and review on iTunes and/or...


UR 168: Healthy Conflict in Marriage Part 2

Tray and Melody are back for part two of their two part series on healthy conflict in marriage. They dig more into what having conflict in a marriage can look like when it is healthy and how to handle conflict with grace. Tray and Melody discuss how loses yourself in your coupleship can often times lead to more issues and more conflict because if you are properly inmeshed your spouse should understand. The problem with that is that when you think that your spouse is thinking the same thing...


UR 167: Healthy Conflict in Marriage Part 1

Tray and Melody kick off a two part series discussing healthy conflict in marriage and how to deal with conflict in a Godly relationship. When you put two broken people together you will have conflict regardless of what you do. You ultimately cannot avoid conflict, but rather you need to learn how to work through conflict in a healthy manner. Avoiding conflict leads to more conflict because at some point everything that is constantly pushed down comes bursting to the surface. Tray and Mel...


UR 166: MySecureFamily and Open Your Purse

Tray and Melody are talking My Secure Family and the event benefitting MSF called Open Your Purse happening September 21st. Listen to hear more about what Tray and Mel are doing to prepare and equip parents with the tools and knowledge to protect their children in the world of technology. There will be a ladies only event at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Mountain Brook, Alabama. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather with a community of women at a dinner benefitting a incredible...


UR 165: Healing From Betrayal Trauma — Catherine Etherington

Melody is joined by Catherine Etherington all the way from Northern England to discuss betrayal trauma, her unique insight into addiction of all types, recovery and the beauty of grace. Catherine and Melody talk their own journey through betrayal and finding healing through various resources and community. Catherine and Melody discuss how finding community, support and finding someone to process the pain with are the best first steps for women to take after facing betrayal. Self care is an...


UR 164: Keep Walking: Healing After Betrayal— Lynn Cherry

Melody is joined by Lynn Cherry to take betrayal, healing and the beautiful grace found in the gospel. Melody and Lynn share their personal journeys walking through betrayal trauma and how they got through the most difficult times in their lives. Lynn walks us through her own undone redone story including getting married, starting a family and discovering betrayal from her husband through pornography addiction. Lynn and Melody discuss her book. And how it is used as a healing tool for women...


UR 163: What Sex is Not — Jeromy Darling

Tray is joined by singer/songwriter, actor, speaker, and advocate against sexual exploitation in all its forms, Jeromy Darling of The Spokeman. Tray and Jeromy dive into a conversation surrounding his passions, abstinence, music, movies and the beauty of faith based relationships. Jeromy has his hand in a vast array of projects ranging from speaking engagements, music, films, writings and even tied martial arts. He walks us through these projects, why he is passionate about each of them and...


UR 162: The Case for Christ — Lee Strobel

Tray is joined by Lee Strobel to talk his story of going from atheist to Believer, his books, and the transformative power of Christ, the Gospel and Grace. Lee walks us through the thought process he went through in his journey of discovery of Christ and understanding his love and grace. Lee gives us some insight on his conversion and sanctification process which lasts a lifetime. He also gives hope to those who are struggling with shame of dealing with wrongdoings and it not being...


UR 161: Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot — Mo Isom

Tray and Melody are joined by Mo Isom to talk her books, Jesus, tough conversations, and her own undone redone story. Mo, Mel and Tray discuss parenting kids to have a healthy view on sex and purity. Mo talks through her undoing story of identity issues, eating disorder struggles, loss, grief and brokenness. She tells us of how she reached her rock bottom and from that moment forward God has totally changed her life and what she had planned. She lets us in on how she went through season of...


UR 160: Alone — Dave McIntyre

Tray is joined by Dave McIntyre who won season two of The History Chanels hit reality show ALONE. Dave talks his wilderness survival skills, relying on God during trying times, and a little bit about his own undone redone journey. Dave takes through his journey of finding a love for Christ and the wilderness and how he was able to open a wilderness survival ministry in Brazil. He was able to live both his passions together until he came face to face with his own undoing, which for Dave was...


UR 159: Protect Young Minds — Kristen Jensen

Melody is joined by Kristen Jensen from Protect Young Minds for episode 159 to talk her ministry, her books and faith based parenting. Kristen is the founder of Protect Young Minds and best-selling author of Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids and Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds. She serves on the Prevention Task Force of the National Coalition on Sexual Exploitation. She received her bachelor’s degree in English Literature and...


UR 158: Masculine Initiation — Chuck DeGroat

Tray is joined by seminary professor Dr. Chuck DeGroat to discuss masculine initiation, his books, his personal journey, and the shame that impacts everyone. Chuck gives us an insight on a significant moment of experiencing shame and how he took that specific moment to start a journey of looking at his sexual and emotional story. Tray and Chuck discuss the crisis of masculinity that faces our culture and society today. Chuck offers his opinion on how we need to address this issue and what...


UR 157: Changing Lanes — Brett Hendrix

Tray is joined by Brett Hendrix of Changing Lanes Ministries to discuss his story of grace, what his ministry is doing and his passion for change that happens in authentic community. Brett takes us through his journey of addiction and the impact that had on his childhood, marriage and continues to have on him today. After being exposed to the playboy channel at the age of 8, Brett suddenly found his identity engulfed by pornography for the rest of his years growing up. Fast forward through...


UR 156: Porn: A Living Nightmare — Ben Bennett and Jake Kissack

Tray is joined by Jake Kissack and Ben Bennett from Josh McDowell ministries to talk their own struggles with pornography, the shame that comes with that and how they are using their stories to make a difference now. They discuss their work with Josh McDowell ministries and how you can get involved. Ben grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia and met Christ at an early age. After being heavily involved in the campus ministry of Cru throughout college, and developing a great desire to see...


UR 155: Porn Kills Love — Clay Olsen

Tray is joined by Clay Olsen for episode 155 to discuss Fight the New Drug, Fortify, and why fighting the addiction of pornography is so important. Clay is a passion fueled idea machine with a clear vision to impact the world. In college, he founded Fight The New Drug with a few like-minded friends. Since then, it has grown into a worldwide movement. Over the years, Clay has presented to more than 100,000 people on the harmful effects of pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation....


UR 154: Mom, Dad... What's Sex? — Jessica Thompson and Joel Fitzpatrick

Tray and Melody are joined by siblings Jessica Thompson and Joel Fitzpatrick to discuss talking to your kids about sex and their new book, Mom, Dad… What’s Sex? Jessica and Joel discuss what prompted the brother/sister duo to write a book on sex and what gives them a unique perspective on the topic. They wanted to put out a resource that they could use in their own parenting as well as provide parents with a source of guidance with a gospel approach. By diving into various aspects of our...


UR 153: Pain as the Pathway to Healing — Jay Stringer

Tray is joined again by Therapist Jay Stringer to discuss how we can go into our pain and that can be a roadmap to our healing. Jay talks about his work with men and women in diving deep into the root of where issues might come from. Jay discusses how diving into this pain often puts you on the path towards direct healing.His first book Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing, will be released in the fall of 2018. You can read the first chapter and pre-order your copy of...