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Unity in the Church | John 17:20-26

Sermon Description Unity is one of the more sought-after experiences in our culture. With Jesus, true unity is very difficult to achieve; without Jesus, it’s basically impossible. As Christians, our unity directly reflects our understanding and experience of the gospel. Discussion Questions Who do you know that is very different from you, but that you love and appreciate? How have you learned from them? How have they shaped and challenged you? Which “unity ditch” are you more prone...

Ask and Receive | John 16: 21-25

In the upper room discourse, Jesus invites his disciples to “ask anything in my name.” If Jesus is as truthful and powerful as he claims to be, then why do so many of us neglect to take Jesus up on this offer? Jesus wants us to pray, and gives us profound truth that helps us do so with confidence. Discussion Questions Where do you experience a wrong mindset when it comes to prayer? How can others in your life help you remember the relational foundation of prayer? Have you experienced...


My Father's House | John 14:1-4

Jesus spoke about being from heaven, about bringing heaven to earth, and about heaven and earth becoming one. But few subjects in the Christian faith are as often misunderstood as heaven. A right understanding of heaven enables us to experience Jesus, frees us from fear, and fuels us for mission. Discussion Questions Why do you think there are so many wrong ideas about heaven? How can we help one another to think biblically about this important subject. Why is it important that we...


The World | John 15:18-25

The word “world” (Greek: kosmos) is the second-most used word in the gospel of John. Needless to say, how followers of Jesus live and interact with the world is an extremely important topic, one that requires careful thought, intentional action, resilience, and Christ-like love. Discussion Questions Of the negative ways for a Christian to interact with the world, which are you most prone toward and why: non-engagement, going along with culture, or hostility toward culture? How does God’s...


Love and Obedience | John 14:15-24

Time and time again throughout the upper room discourse, Jesus makes it clear that there is a close connection between love and obedience. If this is true, why so often do we find it so difficult to obey him? Discussion Questions In general, why do you struggle with obedience: ignorance, pride, or injury? Expound and explain with your group. Specifically, where is God prompting you to respond to his love with obedience? Is there any partial obedience happening currently? What joy are you...

Vine and Branches | John 15:1-11

Jesus uses many metaphors and images to describe his ministry, but perhaps no metaphor is so deeply woven into the biblical narrative as that of a garden. God is the gardener, and Jesus is the true vine, the one whom we must be connected to in order to have life. Discussion Questions 1. Think through the storyline of the Bible through the lens of “garden.” Why is it significant that the story begins in a garden and ends in a garden city? How does God want us to think about our work in the...


The Holy Spirit | John 16:6-15

Many people—even many Christians—feel uncertain, confused, or even downright afraid when it comes to the topic of the Holy Spirit. But Jesus wants us to know the joy that comes from walking a life that is filled with the Holy Spirit! Discussion Questions When it comes to the Holy Spirit, where do you experience confusion or fear or other emotions like that? What experiences may have led to those emotions? Discuss the word paraclete. When you consider the various ways that it can be...


Jesus and Glory | John 17: 1-10

In John 17, Jesus talks about glory: that he glorifies the Father, the Father is glorified in him, and Jesus is glorified in us. If we are invited into this amazing experience of God’s glory, why do we so often seek glory from other sources? Guest preacher Justin Anderson teaches on this profound truth. Discussion Questions Does it feel wrong to ask to be glorified? What is the difference between seeking glory from God and seeking glory from another human? Jesus asks God to glorify him...


The Way, The Truth, The Life | John 14:1-11

In John 14, Jesus makes one of his most famous—and controversial—claims: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” If Jesus is the way, where are we trying to go? If he is the truth, what do we need to know? And if he is the life, why do we sometimes push back against this claim? Discussion Questions 1. Heaven and earth will ultimately be joined together, and we will be with the Father forever. Why is this such good news? Why do we sometimes forget this amazing news? 2. Where are you prone...

The Upper Room | John 15:12-17

Sermon Description “People should be more loving.” It would be hard to to find anyone who disagrees with that statement. But the problem is that we don’t do it, we don’t love others well. In the upper room, Jesus lets us know that the only way we can love others is if we first experience his love. Loved people will love people. Discussion Questions Generally speaking, how does our culture define love? How does Jesus define love? Why do you think we use the word “love” in such divergent...

People of Prayer | Matthew 6:9-13

God graciously invites us to regularly experience his presence and grace through prayer, but far too often we don’t take advantage of this incredible benefit of belonging to Jesus. In 2019, the elders of Sound City believe that God is calling us to grow as people of prayer. Discussion Questions How is the gospel the foundation for all our prayers? How does Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection make prayer possible at all? If prayer is so vitally important in the life of a Christian, why...

We Are The Witness | Luke 2:1-20

In this sermon Pastor Aaron explains how Jesus comes to be with us.

Magi | Matthew 2:1-12

The Magi are some of the most unlikely people to find bowing down at the feet of the Jewish Messiah. But God is always surprising us by bringing people into his family who don’t fit the part according to human standards. Discussion Questions Reflect on your own salvation: how is it surprising that you are part of God’s family? Without God’s grace, where would you be today? Share your reflections with your group. When have you felt like an outsider? How does Jesus invite all types of...

Advent | Shepherds (Luke 2:8-20)

Because of the brokenness of the world, people often feel stepped on, pushed down, and low. By announcing the birth of Jesus to a lowly group of shepherds, God makes the good news of the gospel clear: the Savior has come to lift us up to be with him. Discussion Questions Describe a time when you were looked down upon by others. How did that make you feel? How did you respond? What sinful ways are you tempted to respond when you feel low? How does the gospel free us and lift us up? What...

Advent | Prophets (Matthew 1:18-25)

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Denial, Betrayal, and Love | John 13:21-38

Our setting is at the Last Supper, where we see Jesus give a morsel of bread to his betrayer. Pastor Aaron digs into this passage of John where we see ultimately Jesus is faithful and worthy of our trust.


Washed By Jesus | John 13:1-20

Pastor Aaron continues our sermon series in John discussing Jesus washing Peter's feet and what that means for our daily cleansing in John 13:1-20.