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The "Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving" Podcast chronicles the band "Henry's Child" getting back together after 20 years. It's a truly compelling story about getting together and creating a new record.

The "Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving" Podcast chronicles the band "Henry's Child" getting back together after 20 years. It's a truly compelling story about getting together and creating a new record.
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The "Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving" Podcast chronicles the band "Henry's Child" getting back together after 20 years. It's a truly compelling story about getting together and creating a new record.






Episode 38: Soriah

Thom sits down with Soriah, a Tuvan Throat Singer who has played with an incredibly diverse group of folks, including Rob Wynia of Floater and David J from Bauhaus. The name “Soriah” is a spirit suit worn for performance: A state of trance and gnosis that he gets into during his performances. We both agreed that the feeling from performing music had the potential to become “spiritual” in the sense that there are few words that can describe the feeling it brings. We learn that his father was...


Episode 37: Logan Hawkes

Thom had a great conversation with Logan Hawkes. Logan was a part of the Henry’s Child family from almost the beginning, being the guy that booked and ran “The Rant” for Z-Rock in Eugene and Springfield. Logan talks about his start at KBVR and how he’d commute from Corvallis to Eugene to work the overnight shifts at radio stations. He shares a great story about how Nirvana’s 1991 release “Nevermind” permeated the different sub-cultures of his life and work, all on the same day. He explains...


Episode 36: Rex Morningstar

Thom sits down to talk to Rex Morningstar. Rex was the second vocalist for Henry’s Child from 1998 to 1999. Rex and Thom played music Henry’s Child before in a band called “Hack” that also included long-time personal friend Richard Miller. Thom and Rex discuss how they met in Photography class and reminisce about their friend Cory Empens. Rex tells the history of Cetus, his first hard rock band. We talk about Cetus being in the Elemental Sonic X-Plosion and how this was the first hard rock...


Episode 35: Jake Morton

Thom sat down with longtime friend Jake Morton to talk music. Thom and Jake have been friends for almost 30 years and Jake has crossed paths several times with Henry’s Child: First when his band Big Hippie would open for Henry’s Child at the WOW Hall and secondly by filling in for Doug Cramer’s absence after the reunion. Jake tells the story of how Big Hippie moves to Hollywood, broke up and how his second band “Theta State” started out of frustration not playing. We play the song...


Episode 34: October Shows

In today’s “Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving” episode Thom announces a show for October 20th at The House of Shadows. The House of Shadows is a haunted house located in Gresham and Henry’s Child will be playing with Othrys and VonDoom. Back in episode 15, Rich talked with Sebastian Phoenix from Othrys and we played the song “Retrograde”. Since that recording, Tobby Lugo has officially joined Othrys, so he’s gonna have double-duty that evening. Enjoy this short but sweet update from Thom and...


Episode 33: Andre Hagestedt

What do Ghosts in Independence, The Statesman Journal in Salem and the beach town of Manzanita have in common with Henry's Child? It’s Andre Hagestedt. Andre was an entertainment writer for the Statesman Journal and is a close friend of the band. He was a champion of Henry’s Child since the early days and in today’s episode, Thom sits down to catch up with Andre. They go from talking about the music scene in the 90’s to talking about coastal geology in this fun an informative conversation...


Episode 32: Daniel Riddle

In today’s episode I interview a musical legend: Daniel Riddle of King Black Acid. Daniel is a very cool, intelligent guy who is a self-described “lifer” in music. And when you hear his history, it will all make sense. Daniel talks about his first band, the “Indigo Zeros”, and how he ended up relocating to Portland from the San Francisco Bay area. He talks about the inception of “Hitting Birth” (and a legendary show they played with Nirvana at Satyricon). He tells how “King Black Acid”...


Episode 31: Darren Linder

On today’s Podcast, Thom talks to Darren Linder. Darren plays drums in a band called “The Shrike” and played with Henry’s Child at places like the Westside Station with his band “Multiple Sarcasm” back in the 90’s. They talk about touring different parts of the year, venues in Portland and what life was like growing up in Eugene. They came to the conclusion that the scene is less competitive now than it was in the 90’s, with music at an older age being more of brotherhood. They play the...


Episode 30: September Shows

In today’s “Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving” Podcast, Thom announces two shows that are happening at the end of September. One show is on September 22nd, in Portland at Dante’s opening for “Bullets and Octane”. Thom plays the song “Pirates” from Bullets and Octane. The second show is September 27th, in Eugene at the HiFi Music Hall opening for Floater. Bullets and Octane Official: Floater Official: Henry’s Child Official: Official Website...


Episode 29: Howard Libes Part 2

In today’s “Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving” Podcast, Thom and Howard continue their conversation, discussing Howard leaving the music business (for the first time) and moving to LA. Once in Southern California, Howard pursued his original profession of being a writer. He wrote for LA Times Magazine and worked as a collaborator and interviewer on a book, meeting with some pretty famous folks along the way. Realizing that he enjoyed his community of friends in Oregon, he moved back to Eugene...


Episode 28: Howard Libes, Part 1

Thom sits down to talk to his friend and mentor Howard Libes. Howard was the manager for the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies during the explosion of the Zoot Suit Riot album and the band getting signed to Mojo Records. Howard talks about why he ended up in Eugene and how the artist collective used to include a slew of anyone participating in creating art: Musicians, painters and writers. This got Howard into the musical circles with Steve Perry who formed the Daddies and went on to national success...


Episode 27: Getting Ready for GUTS

Thom does a quick between-isode in preparation for the Guitars Under The Stars Festival in Lebanon on July 28th at 2:00 PM. He tells you how to get tickets and how to sign-up for camping spots. There was such a good response from Episode 26, with Brian Forster, that we’re going to bring some Seven Second Circle discs (“Divide”). Thom plays the song “Bitter” and gives a preview of what’s coming up for the “Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving” Podcast. Henry’s Child Official: Official Website...


Episode 26: De-Constructing "Minding My Clarity"

Rich and Andrew sit down and deconstruct the song “Minding My Clarity” from the Henry’s Child album “Clearly Confused”. Andrew intended his lyrics to be about defining your own reality and creating your identity. Rich remembers a review for “Clearly Confused” where the author said that Henry’s Child “lulls you in and grabs you by the throat”, which is discussed by the crew in this episode. This extraordinarily simple song resonates with many fans, especially on a lyrical level because many...


Episode 25: Brian Forster

Rich and Thom down to talk with Brian Forster. Brian is the lead vocalist for Seven Second Circle, a band that is comprised of four members of Henry’s Child. Henry’s Child met Brian at the Westside Station in Salem, specifically through the bar manager Jason Coleman. Jason had a huge affinity for music and brought together the most many Eugene bands like Floater and Jollymon, as well as staples like Aggrobatch and, of course, Henry’s Child. Brain talks about how he got into music and how...


Episode 24: Carl Sundberg

In today’s “Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving” Podcast, Thom sits down with Carl Sundberg. Carl is an award-winning journalist, media veteran and executive director of a nationally-syndicated radio show based out of Portland, OR. He was the former program director, radio host and digital content director for the top-rated rock station KFLY-FM in Eugene, OR (2005-2015), He was the former vocalist of “We Have Guns” (2007-2013) and former guitarist and singer of “Hive” (94-99). Thom and Carl...


Episode 23: Jon Boldt & Elemental Records, Part 2

In today’s “Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving” Podcast, Thom and Andrew continue the conversation with Elemental Records creator Jon Boldt. This Podcast, being part 2, picks up where Episode 22 left off: Elemental Records had moved to Eugene, signed Floater and was on their way to blowing up. Jon tells the story of how Sonic X-Plosion came about, giving credit to Steve Woodward for the idea of having a contest to choose bands. Jon talks about signing Henry’s Child and the controversy around...


Episode 22: Jon Boldt & Elemental Records, Part 1

In today’s “Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving” Podcast, Thom and Andrew sit down with Elemental Records creator Jon Boldt. Jon Boldt ended up signing Henry’s Child to Elemental Records after they won the first Sonic X-Plosion in 1996. From then on, Jon has remained friends with the band and is considered part of the Henry’s Child family. In this first of two parts, Jon talks about the birth of Elemental Records. This all came from a genuine love of music that Jon demonstrated by being an...


Episode 21: Guitars Under The Stars Announcement

Today’s “Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving” Podcast is a between-isode. Thom announces the “Guitars Under The Stars” performance, which will be the only Festival Henry’s Child is playing this Summer. Henry’s Child Official: Official Website YouTube: Bandcamp: Facebook: Twitter:


Episode 20: Jarrett Holly: Commitment To His Craft Part 2

In today’s “Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving” Podcast episode we continue to explore the Jarrett’s history with Henry’s Child. Today’s episode starts with Andy Makin leaving to go back to the UK. After having completed the final Henry’s Child record “Satellite Trampoline 3” (in 1999), Jarrett left Oregon and moved to Arizona to attend the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. Part the requirement for Jarrett to graduate was to work in a Recording Studio. Jarrett chose to move to Los...


Episode 19: Jarrett Holly: Commitment To His Craft Part 1

On today’s “Am I Crazy or Am I Just Raving” Podcast episode, Rich and Andrew sit down to talk with Jarrett Holly. Jarrett is the Sound Engineer, Recording Architect and now Guitar Player, that helped Henry’s Child from 1995 to its present incarnation. Along the way there have been several other bands, like Attack Ships on Fire, First Sleep and Seven Second Circle that Jarrett has recorded and Produced. Some of those bands he also lends his Songwriting and Performing skills to. A quick...