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Each week cousins and music journalists Brian and Luke LaBenne present their favorite new music and have some laughs along the way.

Each week cousins and music journalists Brian and Luke LaBenne present their favorite new music and have some laughs along the way.


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Each week cousins and music journalists Brian and Luke LaBenne present their favorite new music and have some laughs along the way.




BSE 119: Reks, Lunchbox, Young Guv, Lomelda, Helenda Deland and Daniel Romano

“Taylor Swift Ended You.” Luke talks about his journalistic pursuits and plays a clip from his interview with Reks. He talks about a Kanye tweet comment section and reveals the best comeback response ever. Not to mention he plays an amazing playlist of songs that have epic explosions of sound and examine the things (or T.H.I.N.G.S.) that define a person. Songs played in this episode: Reks - T.H.I.N.G.S. from T.H.I.N.G.S. (The Hunger Inside Never Gets Satisfied) out now on Brick...


BSE 118: The Beths, Phil Augusta Jackson, Anjimile, Jonsi, Samia and Jyoti

“Ditch the No-Host and Switch to the Co-Host.” On this episode Luke is flying solo, so he tries to fight his loneliness by listening to songs about feeling alone. He talks about seeing things from a new perspective, expectations vs. reality and how to not win an argument. He talks about classic works of art and nostalgically analyzing your past mistakes. Luke plays a clip from his interview with Georgia Anne Muldrow aka Jyoti, and plays a phenomenal selection of songs from amazing...


BSE 117: Alex Izenberg, Pottery, Jade Hairpins, Discovery Zone, and Angelo De Augustine

“Oozy, Oozier, and Lil Oozy Vert.” On this episode we talk Lake and Bakes, 4th of July, and patriotic dips. Luke plays a clip from his interview with Alex Izenberg. We talk about learning from our regrets and reminisce about childhood field trips to science museums. All while playing an awesome playlist of breezy tunes. Songs Played in This Episode: Alex Izenberg - Disraeli Woman from Caravan Château out July 31st on Domino Recording Co. Pottery - Hot Heater from Welcome to Bobby’s Motel...


BSE 116: Deerhoof, Hinds, feat. Jamila Woods, Kate NV, Run The Jewels and Shamir

“Those Things That Make God Laugh.” In this episode the LaBenne cousins talk about Luke’s 30th birthday message from Sisqo and parody songs with Sisqo’s name. We talk about The Last of Us Part II and how it’s bigger and better than ever. We talk about AOL Instant Messenger and making an exciting discovery. We talk about sexy songs that transport you to bedroom time. We talk about how we should stop using phrases like “Infectious” and “Viral.” We talk about god thinking plans are jokes. We...


BSE 115: Elaquent, Nation of Language, Seán Barna, Painted Zeros, Jacknife Lee feat. Open Mike Eagle and Kelly Lee Owens

“Those Prezzies Nice and Warm!” It’s the BEST SONG EVER BRIAN’S BIRTHDAY BONANZA!!! We take some calls from Brian’s favorite musicians, plus a special announcement about Daddy #3: Luke talks about his interview with hip hop producer Elaquent and plays a clip about him talking about his album Forever Is A Really Long Time. We talk about whale sounds and CD sample machines. We try to figure out New York geography with knowledge from Spider-man and Gossip Girl. We talk about our...


BSE 114: LA Priest, Naeem feat. Swamp Dogg and Justin Vernon, Bibio, Johanna Warren, Land of Talk and The Soft Pink Truth

“I Know Kung-Fu… Panda.” We walk about Baby Grimes-Musk, alien languages, and Brian makes Luke (aaaahhh) FREAK OUT! We talk about weird coincidences, deja vu, and living in a simulation. Luke plays a clip from his interview with LA Priest where they talk about Soft Hair, Britney Spears, and Tiger King. We talk about living in the city vs. living in the country. Luke tries to teach Brian how to pronounce Bon Iver. We talk about manipulative men and carrying the weight of the world. We talk...


BSE 113: Hala, Phoebe Bridgers, Momma, default genders, STRFKR and Coriky

“#AllDayDoobers.” We talk quarantine drinking, contact-free pee and the haziest high holiday, 4/20. We talk about money troubles and Brian questions the message of the Animal Crossing games. We talk about imposter syndrome and self-doubt. All this while playing a fantastic lineup of breezy and bouncy tunes. Songs Played In This Episode: Hala - Somehow from Red Herring out May 1st on Cinematic Phoebe Bridgers - Kyoto from Punisher out June 19th on Dead Oceans Momma - Double Dare from Two...


BSE 112: Tennis, Protomartyr, Swamp Dogg, Half Waif, En Attendant Ana and Shabazz Palaces feat. Purple Tape Nate

“Punk Rock Bezos.” The LaBenne cousins investigate the source code of famous peoples’ websites and make some shocking revelations. They talk about their favorite albums from Q1 of 2020. They talk about Tiger Kings and Kings of Rock ’n’ Roll. Luke tries to teach Brian the difference between Snoop Dogg and Swamp Dogg and talks about crying in a Panera Drive-Thru. Brian reveals his shaved head to the world and tells the story of how he went from Mess Head Boy to Punk Rock Bezos. They also talk...


BSE 111: Dirty Projectors, Nap Eyes, Squid, Louis Prince, Jordana and Disq

“Switcheroo Hullabaloo.” It’s a Switcheroo Hullabaloo on this episode as the cousins LaBenne trade songs during isolation. Luke talks about the cruise he just went on and the playlist Brian made to help calm his fears. We discuss having a beginner’s mindset, people assuming that they’re experts and Brian tells Luke to drink Essential Oils. We try to figure out if Mark Zuckerberg is a ghost, alien or robot and what the heck he does with all that sand!?! Brian sh*t talks a band he’s playing...


BSE 110: Yves Tumor, Star Parks, Soccer Mommy, The Undercover Dream Lovers, Thundercat and JUICEBOXXX

“Brian LaBenne: Dense and Difficult.” This week the guys play a game about Nicolas Cage and Samuel L. Jackson called Not The Bees or Motherfuckin’ Snakes. They have a Chardy Party and discuss their wine preferences. They talk about feeling like a failure, nostalgia for childhood and changing as you grow. They talk about having friends on the track and Luke shares his history with durags. All this while playing amazing songs from artists who do it their damn selves. Songs Played In This...


BSE 109: Austra, Ethan Gruska feat. Phoebe Bridgers, 070 Shake, The Districts, Westerman and Gladie

“Send.” It’s the first BSE episode of 2020! The guys chat on a cutting edge, voice-controlled social media device and try not to talk about the Big Game. They discuss loving yourself and living in the moment. Luke learns what a Bellini is and that zip codes can have 3 digits. All this while playing a super playlist of amazing tunes. Songs Played in this Episode: Austra - Risk It out now on Domino Ethan Gruska feat. Phoebe Bridgers - Enough For Now from En Garde out now on Warner...


BSE 108: Dan Deacon, Xenia Rubinos, Your Smith, Thyla and Black Marble

“Most Daddiest Daddy.” It’s list season so the guys play a game called Most Streams or Bad Dreams, and then they brainstorm ideas for a new podcast called Talkin’ Lists. They talk about numerical paradoxes and Luke gets confused by simple math. The guys do funny dances and they jam out to a playlist that puts all other lists to shame. Songs Played In This Episode: Dan Deacon - Sat By a Tree from Mystic Familiar out January 31st on Domino Xenia Rubinos - DIOSA from DIOSA vs. BUGEISHA out...


BSE 107: Sløtface, The Homesick, Wished Bone, Emily Yacina, Berhana and Basic Plumbing

“I Would Like To Recognize Myself.” The guys catch up after being away for a few weeks and Luke shares his secret identity. They talk about the Impeachment hearings and the eyes and asses involved with that process. They discuss being overworked and the culture that promotes it and Luke gives his theories on what the acronym S.U.C.C.E.S.S. could mean. They talk about the importance of emphasis and the terrors of sleep paralysis. Finally, they break down their need for constant attention and...


BSE 106: Caribou, Destroyer, Matt Berninger & Phoebe Bridgers, Frances Quinlan, Porches and Girl Ray

“We don’t want Don’t-ets. We want Duets.” The guys talk about Star Wars and music plagiarism cases concerning Yellowcard and JUICE WRLD & Cece Peniston and Lizzo. They remember times when they had to go home and start over. They talk about the Between Two Ferns Movie, Comedy Bang Bang and put an end to The War of Duets. They discuss how they like their steak cooked and Brian talks about driving to a Creed concert in a Range Rover. All this in addition to the finest playlist of songs you’ve...


BSE 105: Wilco, Spearmint, Little Scream, Great Grandpa, Kiwi Jr. and Dry Cleaning

“Jared Leto-ing All Over The Podcast.” Luke is damaged as he talks about seeing Joker, complains about his Roomba and tells the story of Joker parade that he encountered. Luke tells a strange tale from his childhood and Brian talks about how he’s missing his childhood memories. They talk about making something beautiful out of your past hardships and play a beautiful playlist of songs to end your week on. Songs Played In This Episode: Spearmint - 24 Hours In A&E from Are You From The...


BSE 104: A Giant Dog, Georgia, L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae, Teebs feat. Panda Bear, Stevan and Bonnie Prince Billy

“Propensity for Flailure.” The guys celebrate the arrival of October by playing Hymn or Horror, talking about catholic weddings, Jesus impersonators and Luke does a dramatic reading of one particularly intense hymn. They discuss albums from previous eras that still have pertinent themes today. They talk about what to do when the world is crashing down around you and having a heart that’s too full of love. Also, hear a clip from Luke’s interview with L’Orange and Jeremiah Jae, full feature...


BSE 103: Brittany Howard, KAZU, DIIV, Field Music, Sis and Corridor

"Kiss Me Fatboy." Luke is angry that the government is going to take his guns and Brian may be possessed by Pennywise the Clown. They talk about the stigma around mensuration, male birth control and gene editing with CRISPR. They talk about their hopes for the year 2020, Tom Delong exposing aliens and Luke beats the clown out of Brian. All while playing an amazing playlist of funky and positive tunes. Songs Played In This Episode: DIIV – Blankenship from Deceiver out October 4th on...


BSE 102: Whitney, Hovvdy, Jamie Drake, clipping., Ezra Fruman, and Danny Brown

"Sex Jokes and Sail Ships." The boys are back in town as Luke returns from his honeymoon and fills Brian in on his time in France and Spain. Luke tells Brian about the best meal of his life and an incriminating video of him. The boys talk relationships, friendships, sail ships and bands that use VV’s instead of W’s. They talk about movies about dogs movies, Disney movies that scarred them as children. They get real and talk about gun violence and mental health. All this while playing the...


BSE 101: Lower Dens, Jenny Hval, Curtis Roach, Sampa The Great, Angelica Garcia and Natural Monuments

“I DRIVE TRUCK!!!” Brian calls in from his vacation and drifts through Lake Michigan as the guys talk about summer days, Tim Allen and Papa Roach. They talk about making your own family and being proud of where you come from. All while playing an incredible playlist of summer tunes from promising new artists. Songs Played On This Episode: Curtis Roach - You Got It from Lellow out now Sampa The Great - OMG from The Return out September 13th on Ninja Tune Angelica Garcia - It Don’t Hinder...


BSE 100: Tyler The Creator, Little Simz, Denzel Curry, Bibio, Weyes Blood and Kevin Morby

"There Will Be Bibbons." IT’S OUR 100TH EPISODE!!!!!!! We celebrate this momentous occasion by looking back at our time doing the podcast. Luke plays a song he wrote to mark the occasion and we do a year in review (so far), we play some of our favorite music of 2019 and have many laughs along the way. Songs Played In This Episode: Denzel Curry - CAROLMART from ZUU out now on Loma Vista Recordings Little Simz feat. Michael Kiwanuka - Flowers form GREY Area out now on AGE101 Music Bibio -...