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Humble and Fred are back to wreck the Internet!

Humble and Fred are back to wreck the Internet!


Fort McMurray, AB


Humble and Fred are back to wreck the Internet!




May 29, 2020: Phil And Nancy

On the Friday Podcast extra Humble and Fred get an update of Phil's wedding situation / Nancy Ball lives in Wasaga Beach and explains her experiences with citiots before and after Covid / Humble and Fred are having bad hair days.


May 28, 2020: Ralph Benmergui

Ralph Benmurgui talks about the long term care embarrassment in Ontario / The cops kill another black man in the States / Dan Duran weather, and the cancelled space launch / The Toronto laser jerks / You can go to the dentist again / Intern Sean makes his return / Citiots / Leora Eisen, producer of Rescuing Rex on TVO / Podcast extra - The Two Popes


May 27, 2020: Jay Michaels

Jay Michaels of Newstalk 1010 talks Covid, family and the job / Out of our comfort zones / Dan Duran's analysis of the heat wave / The NHL's latest plan / Air Canada's latest plan / The Retirement Sherpa / Trump is evil to the core / Podcast extra - Ivar Hamilton had a Covid test.


May 26, 2020: Tara Sloan

Tara Sloan from Hometown Hockey talks about her spiritual dealings with Covid and Budweiser Stage at Home / Too cold too hot / Dan Duran weather / NBA at Disney / Intern Josh gets a backyard haircut / Goodbye urinals / Howard writes for / Japan wants tourists / Networth of big time athletes / A covid poll / Barb from CDN Technologies / Podcast extra - Our daily dose of Trump.


May 25, 2020: Don Landry

Former Fan 590 morning host Don Landry / Pat Marsden was a good fella / Humble and Fred want to be on Tic Toc / Dan Duran weather / Heavy duty face shields / The goof balls at Trinity Bellwoods / More Trump nonsense / Football guys playng golf / Mike and Jake from / Podcast extra - Stan has bad nerves and pet grooming.


May 22, 2020: Steven Goldstein

Steven Goldstein is CEO of audio inoovation firm, Amplifi Media. Steven wrote the article "Everyone's home but with no radios."


May 21, 2020: Jeff Marek

Jeff Marek from Sportnet talks about his history with Humble and Fred and gives an update on the NHL / Phil is recognized in public / Covid and the economy / Dan Duran weather / Johnny Jumpshot beats Papa / Andy Donald from / Comic Steve Patteson does a Zoom show / Demitra Turnbull CEO of Chalkboard Solutions / Podcast extra - Phyllis George is dead / Women should rule the world.


May 20, 2020: 100 Years Of Radio

Humble and Fred celebrate 100 years of Canadian radio / We still have clock radios / Dan Duran weather / The NHL scrambles for a comeback / The Retirement Sherpa / Comedian Graham Kay talks about his autism podcast / Trumps racist base / We should have bought Zoom stock / Florida is fudging the numbers / Bernard Frazer from Church of Trees / Podcast extra - tough times in Nova Scotia.


May 19, 2020: Red Green

Steve Smith aka Red Green has a new podcast / Friend of the show Dave White talks about his good friend and Snowbird Jenn Casey / Dan Duran weather / Does Trump have Covid-19 / The price of travel could skyrocket / Mark Carey is going to run around Toronto / The Canadian Isolation Short Film Festival / Podcast extra - Fred Willard and Ken Osmond are dead / Howard Stern goes after Trump supporters.


May 15, 2020: Rob Baird

Rob Baird is Co-President at Disney/Blue Sky Studios and a former writer at the Edge / The province has opened up a bit / Golf and the Tin Palace.


May 14, 2020: Bob McCown

What's Bob McCown been up to - Humble and Fred find out / Beer bottle shortage / Michael Jordan prick or pal / Dan Duran weather / The province moves to open up / The Retirement Sherpa / Sports and Covid logistics / Podcast extra - Andy Palalas from High Tide/Canna Cabana.


May 13, 2020: Lisa Laflamme

CTV National News anchor and editor Lisa Laflamme thinks Humble and Fred are a gift / Lou Schizas with some independent thinking / Bob McCown will be on the show tomorrow Our moms are dead / Dan Duran weather / Is Brian Adams a racist / Podcast extra - making American bucks / Donald Trump shits himself daily.


May 12, 2020: Pinball Clemons

Pinball Clemons talks Covid, Life, The Argos and the CFL / Major League Baseball is poised to return / Are we on the verge of an Alien invasion / Dan Duran weather / Trump is Pig / What is Obamagate / Barb from CDN / Phil's Covid song / Podcast - Binging / We eat too fast / Intern Josh has a fun fact.


May 11, 2020: Frank Costanza Is Dead

Jerry Stiller is dead - what a drag / Listener e-mail / The Polar Vortex / Dan Duran weather / Bobby's big one / Covid in the White House / Andy Donald from our new sponsor, The Health Depot / Zoom fatique / Jason Agnew from Newstalk 1010 / Brian May's butt / Podcast extra - visiting the inlaws / Covid risk management / The Butthole song.


May 8, 2020: Tony Clement

Tony Clement is Humble and Fred's poliical corresponsdent / Covid / Commerce / Cottages / China / The Orange Pig / The Ahmaud Arbery Story / Don't compliment Adele


May 7, 2020: In Canada They Trust

Americans trust Canadians more than they trust themselves / Afrim Pristine of the Cheese Boutique talks about small business and the virus / The polar vortex / Dan Duran weather / The comfort of Doug Ford / Kimberly De La Cruz on the subject of Sugar Momma's and Daddy's / Podcast extra - Neflix / Seinfeld / Masks / Intern Josh


May 6, 2020: Richard Syrett

Richard Syrett of the Conspiracy Show makes his monthly visit / Leslie Depoe is a front line medical worker / Covid problems in Quebec / Listener e-mail / Dan Duran weather / More on the murder hornet / The hopeful return of Toronto sports / The Retirement Sherpa talks insurance / Podcast extra - more with Leslie.


May 5, 2020: Gene Valaitis

Broadcaster Gene Valaitis talks his Jesse and Gene days, Toronto radio, and his perspective on Covid-19 / Mulching / Humble's Harvey's incident / A+W is good / Dan Duran weather / Don Shula is dead / The bubble concept / More relaxation of the rules / Lawyer Phil Millar talks about Covid-19 Panic Porn / Pocast extra - Intern Josh on the Fauci bobblehead


May 4, 2020: Bill Brioux

Bill Brioux with five binge worthy shows / We have a zoom intern / Saving money through covid / Dan Duran weather / Humble visits Dan / Fred's first of May song / Outdoor f'in / It's unworkable for the NHL / Andy Donald, CEO of / Podcast extra - Trump is mentally ill / Intern Josh explains murder hornets.


April 30, 2020: Paul Bogner

Paul Bogner is President and COO of Service Inspirted Restaurants - he gives an update on the frightening state of the industry / Zoom pranks / Don't Covid my space ya jerk / Dan Duran weather / Testing take-out / We're not spending any money / The majors leagues keep changing their plans / Joanne Natale checks in from Milan, Italy / Podcast extra - Foodora is done / Swing Thoughts has a special guest / Fred's trailer inspection / Charlie is glad to be home.