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Episode 638 - In Conversation with Charlie Cawood of Knifeworld, Tonochrome, Lost Crowns, My Tricksy Spirit, and more

This week on Prog-Watch my special guest is multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger, Charlie Cawood! Charlie and I chat about his roots, his involvement in so many bands and projects (Knifeworld, Tonochrome, Lost Crowns, My Tricksy Spirit, Mediaeval Baebes, and more!) and his brand new album, Blurring Into Motion! Musically, we'll hit on all of Charlie's major projects, and hear some great selections from his first solo album (The Divine Abstract) and his new one!


Episode 637 - Variety

This week on Prog-Watch​: straight up Variety! With lots of new music from Before Fire, Izz, This Winter Machine​, Mark Rowen​, George Arriola, Jordsjø​, Jordan Rudess, SubLunar, Pattern-Seeking Animals​, and In Continuum​, plus a classic from Ambrosia!


101 Dimensions August 2019-2

Hello to all my friends out there in Progland! This is Big Tony and I'm back at the helm of 101 Dimensions! Here's what I have for your listening pleasure: 1. Vangelis – Spiral (6:57); Ballad (8:31); and Dervish D (5:15) (from the album Spiral, 1977) 2. Tony Levin – Chasms (5:21); We Stand In Sapphire Silence (5:44); Etude In The Key Of Guildford (3:12); and Heat (6:30) (from the album World Diary, 1995) 3. Systems Theory – Riverrun (Harmelodythm) (6:38); Spamivore (10:35); and Car Crash...


Episode 636 - In Conversation with Mark Trueack of Unitopia and United Progressive Fraternity, Pt. 2

On this week's program I'm finishing up my coverage of the Australian composer and singer, Mark Trueack, of Unitopia and United Progressive Fraternity (UPF)! Hear more of my chat with Mark, and lots of great music from both of his bands! (If you missed Part One, check out Prog-Watch 622!)


Episode 635 - Variety + Lost In Thought on Progressive Discoveries

This week's Prog-Watch is a Variety program with music from ELO, Dhani Harrison, Lucifer's Friend, Iamthemorning, Axiom, Mindspeak, Tom Slatter, and Roine Stolt's The Flower King. Plus, Dr. Rob Fisher will be taking us on a voyage of Progressive Discovery with the latest album by Lost In Thought.


Episode 634 - In Conversation with Mark Zonder and Gary Wehrkamp

This week on Prog-Watch my special guests are Mark Zonder and Gary Wehrkamp who have formed a new project called Zonder-Wehrkamp! (Mark is perhaps best know as the drummer for Warlord, Spirits Of Fire, and Fates Warning. Gary is probably best known as a member of Shadow Gallery, but has also worked with Arjen Lucassen, James Labrie, Doug Rausch, and also contributed to the first Roswell Six album.) Tune in to hear some of our chat, some music from the guys' pasts, and some from their brand...


101 Dimensions - August 2019-1

For my first turn on 101 Dimensions this month, I have selected some (mostly) newer stuff that I hope you will enjoy! Here's what I have programmed for our time together: 1. Nik Turner – Ghost Dance (6:41); Watching The Grass Grow (4:46); D-Rider (9:00); and Master Of The Universe (8:35) (from the album Space Ritual 1994, 1995) 2. Gunship – Symmetrical (3:32); Cyber City (5:59); and The Gates Of Discord (5:44) (from the album Dark All Day, 2018) 3. Malcolm Galloway – Pattern Jugglers (7:40);...


Episode 633 - Variety with Guest DJ Selections

This week I have more awesome Prog Rock variety, with Guest DJ selections from a listener and friend of the show by the name of Simon Forrest of Hove, UK. We'll hear music from George Arriola, Marillion, ELO, Cirkus, Anathema, Rush, Nomadic Horizon, Fish, Porcupine Tree, SubLunar, and Cairo!


Episode 632 - Shhhh

This week's Prog-Watch is a themed special, and the theme is “Shhhh”! Every song relates to silence or quiet. We'll hear music from great classic and contemporary artists including Mike + The Mechanics, Unitopia, Chris Squire, Paul Draper, Spock's Beard, The Flower Kings, Sanguine Hum, Queensryche, Dave Kerzner, RPWL, The Barock Project, and Genesis! Come along for a fun ride!


Episode 631 - ALL NEW Variety + Cyril on Progressive Discoveries

This week's Prog-Watch is an ALL NEW Variety program with lots of great stuff from some artists who are new to the show and some returning favorites! We'll hear new music from The Gift, Rob Cottingham, Lazleitt, iamthemorning, Mindspeak, We Are Kin, and Nomadic Horizon! On top of all that, we will also have a house call from THE DOCTOR, Rob Fisher, who will be taking us on a voyage of Progressive Discovery with the latest album by the German band Cyril!


101 Dimensions - July 2019 - Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Special

This weekend marked the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing in 1969! Since I happened to be at the helm of 101 Dimensions I decided to do something fun and a little different to celebrate the occasion. I broke from my usual format and stretched the bounds on the music quite a bit! Tune in to hear a wide array of music relating to our beautiful, awe-inspiring satellite and the Greek god whose name the NASA mission bore. Here's the playlist for those who want to come along for the ride: 1....


Episode 630 - In Conversation with Andrew Colyer of Circuline and 3.2 Live, Pt. 2

On this week's Prog-Watch I'm finishing up my coverage of composer and keyboard wizard Andrew Colyer (which began in Prog-Watch 314)! Andrew and I chat about many of his side projects, his upcoming tour with Robert Berry's 3.2, and what's next for his main band Circuline. Along the way there will be plenty of great music from Circuline, Andrew's solo and soundtrack work, and one from an album he did with the band Cell 15!


Episode 629 - Variety + Oak on Progressive Discoveries

I have a lot of great stuff lined up for you on this week's Prog-Watch! For starters, I'll be catching you up on some of the latest Prog Rock releases from Izz, Pattern Seeking Animals, Introitus, Jordan Rudess, and Terry Draper, formerly of Klaatu! Plus, I'll have a couple of listener dedications (Camel and U.K.), and there will also be a house call from THE DOCTOR, Rob Fisher, who will be taking us on a voyage of Progressive Discovery with the latest album by the Norwegian band Oak!


Episode 628 - Variety with Guest DJ Selections

This week's Prog-Watch is a wonderful variety program with lots of new music, plus some great selections from a Guest DJ by the name of David Graham of Hawick, Scotland! We'll hear music from Magic Pie, The Tornados, Thank You Scientist, The Moody Blues, The Gift, Genesis, Freedom To Glide, Pallas, Drifting Sun, Swallow The Sun, and Gandalf's Fist! All of that jammed into 90 minutes!


Episode 627 - In Conversation with Dave Oberle of Gryphon, Pt. 1

This week I'm in conversation with Dave Oberle of that most unique progressive folk band, Gryphon! Hear some of our chat and lots of great Gryphon music!


101 Dimensions June 2019-2

So the 101 Dimensions schedule has rolled around to me once again. And despite the fact that we have just experienced the longest day of the year, I have charted a bit of a darker course this time. Here's what's in store: 1. Shamall – Pong Tscha (6:52); The Whole Story Of The Turning (11:46); Monotonie (5:56); and Snowfall (4:51) (from the album Collector's Items (1986 – 1993), 1993) 2. Darkroom – Butterfly 2 (7:52); After Dark (9:28); and Dark Tomb (6:21) (from the album The DAC Mixes,...


Episode 626 - Epix, Vol. 5

This week's Prog-Watch is another edition of EPIX! Just five tunes will carry us through our time together and I'll play one from each decade of our favorite genre. Tune in to hear great music from Twelfth Night, Rocket Scientists, Genesis, Karfagen, and IQ!


Episode 625 - The Prog-Watch-TPA Best of 2019 (So Far)

The midpoint of 2019 is rapidly approaching! Which means that it is time for this year's Prog-Watch and The Progressive Aspect collaboration on Some Of The Best Of 2019 (So Far)! A dozen tracks from some of the best albums of 2019, as selected by Yours Truly and some of the top reviewers at TPA!


Episode 624 - Variety, Nikki Squire, and Damanek on Progressive Discoveries

This week on Prog-Watch I have a bit of a mixed bag! We'll hear great stuff from the likes of Surreal, Bjørn Riis, In Continuum, and Nad Sylvan, plus Dr. Rob Fisher will be taking a look at the latest Damanek album on Progressive Discoveries! As if that was not enough, I'll have a mini feature on Nikki Squire and her band Esquire! Nikki has a new track and she and I chatted about that and the future of Esquire!


101 Dimensions - June 2019-1

Fans of electronic/ambient music: I'm at the helm of 101 Dimensions again this week and as usual I've tried to dig up a few things a little out of the ordinary for your chilled listening delight! Here's what I have lined up: 1. Jan Hammer – Seeds (4:12); Too Far (3:27); Magic Theater (3:45); Sunset (3:11); Transformers (2:32); and Nothing But Love (2:57) (from the album Beyond The Mind's Eye, 1992) 2. Nik Turner – Prophecy (4:44); Watching The Grass Grow (3:01); Children Of The Sun (4:26);...