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Episode 192 - Stone Temple Pilots "Every Album in a Row"

In this episode we cover Stone Temple Pilots in the “Every Album in a Row” series. Brandon Dingler of Dryvr joined us as we listened to STP's entire discography, covering 93 songs over 7 studio albums, 1 EP, and 5 tracks from compilations. We’ve all heard these songs many times, but listening to everything in order gives us a chance to not only talk about our favorite tracks, but see how the material progressed over time. We discuss the amazing debut of "Core" and great follow up of...


Episode 191 - Zen Hipster

In this episode Trent is joined by all 4 members of Zen Hipster. ZH is reuniting to hit the stage for the first time in 5.5 years at Thunder Underground Fest. We talk about what brought them back together, their sound, how the name became ironic, the underrated musical genius of Eric Reese, their beginnings, writing, songs from their catalog, past gigs, what we can expect moving forward, and more! We also play some ZH music, talk Son Volt at Guthrie Green, and look ahead to TUFest. This...


Episode 190 - Steve Ray

In this episode we are joined by Steve Ray. Steve talks to us about the Oklahombres breaking up, how close Pit Bulls on Crack were to reuniting, him hosting Thunder Underground Fest 2018, and then Steve turns the table for the second half of the episode and interviews us. He asks us about the start of the podcast, contacting artists, interviewing Gene Simmons, animals, and more! We kick the episode off with talk about excellent shows we saw: Slash / Myles Kennedy in Tulsa, Billy Idol in...


Episode 189 - Alice in Chains, Tantric, live shows

In this episode we talk about the forthcoming album from Tantric, “Mercury Retrograde.” (Released Oct. 5th) We also talk about Alice in Chains new album “Rainier Fog”, AIC at the Brady Theater, Motley Crue recording new music, ModernMyth at Vanguard, Upon a Burning Body and Neckrogoblikon at 89th Street in OKC, Machine in the Mountain and Billy Joe Winghead at Vanguard, Screaming Red Mutiny / Less Than Human / Sign of Lies and the insane Tallah at Venue Shrine, and we play new music from...


Episode 188 - Night Demon

In this episode we are joined by all 3 members of Night Demon. They talk to us about the new live album, Live Darkness, why there is a live album this early in their career, thoughts on other live albums, coming back to touring America, playing festivals in Europe, Wacken, calling out ‘fans’, their timetable for the next studio album, plans for release shows in the US in 2019, youtube, Accept, Pantera, Tulsa, reggae, and a ton more. We also talk about the show at the Vanguard that featured...


Episode 187 - Robert Davis (Animal Waves)

In this episode we are joined by Robert Davis of Animal Waves. We kick the show off with reviews of the stunning new Alter Bridge concert film, and the fantastic new album from Clutch - both of which come out this Friday. We then get into our talk with Robert, and he discusses the forthcoming debut EP from Animal Waves (Sept 28th), how the sound developed, working with Nathaniel Cox, what Charles Salvaggio and Matt Zavorski bring to the band, how the Led Zeppelin / Tom Petty mashup came...


Episode 186 - Kevin Martin (Candlebox)

In this episode we are joined by Kevin Martin of Candlebox. Kevin talks to us about the 25th anniversary shows with the original lineup, performing deep cuts, what the current lineup brings, Dave Krusen’s drumming, working with G4L Records, how he started working with Marcus, his goals as Head of A&R, the bands he is working with, his experience with A&R guys like Guy Oseary, his thoughts on the current digital age, how he maintains his voice, can we expect a 25th anniversary of Lucy...


Episode 185 - Dakota Harrington (Suicider)

Episode 185 - Dakota Harrington (Suicider) by Podcast from Thunder Underground


Episode 184 - Slayer Tour Extravaganza

In this episode we go over 2 of the recent shows from Slayer's final tour. We talk about the blistering sets from Slayer, thrash titans Anthrax and Testament, the mighty Lamb of God, and the pummeling opening set from Napalm Death. Each band brought it 100%, and we discuss it all here. We kick the episode off with a tribute to the loss of the amazing voice and presence of Huntress, Jill Janus. We get into talk about a great show from Faster Pussycat / Don Jamieson / Dead Metal Society at IDL...


Episode 183 - Frank Hannon (Tesla)

In this episode we are joined by Frank Hannon of Tesla. Frank talks about his “From One Place… to Another” albums, choosing the songs, the status of Vol 3, his solo output throughout the years, a vinyl reissue of his first solo work, the MOR Cruise, the Moody Blues cruise, working with Jared James Nichols, Phil Collen producing Tesla, when to expect the new Tesla album, touring with Def Leppard, Styx, Mike Araiza and Jeff Sandoval, his Kawai guitar, Universal music, and a lot more. We kick...


Frank Hannon Coming Soon to the Podcast

Frank Hannon Coming Soon to the Podcast by Podcast from Thunder Underground


Episode 182 - Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity)

In this episode we are joined by Mike dean of COC. Mike talks with us about COC's new album "No Cross No Crown," working with John Custer throughout the years, the writing process, touring, Pepper Keenan, Reed Mullin, what's it's like adapting to other drummers, touring with Black Label Society, gaining new fans, performing to crowds that may not know COC, playing Cody Jink's Loud and heavy Fest, recording Queen's "Son and Daughter," Earthless, Windhand, Mothership, and a a ton more. We also...


Episode 181 - CJ McClellan / Paullett Haase (We Are Tulsa Tribute)

In this episode we are joined by CJ and Paullett to talk about the We Are Tulsa Tribute show. Paullett and CJ talk to us about where the idea came from, the concept, the format, how bands reacted to the idea, where they hope to see the event go, Murdock Productions, The Plums, the bands playing, and a ton more. We play brand new songs from Travis Ford and the Rebel Souls and Jason Ford. We also talk about the performances from Let Slip the Dogs, Searching for Sanity, and Unwritten Rulz at...


Episode 180 - Let Slip the Dogs

In this episode we are joined by Let Slip the Dogs. Travis, Bryan and Onion Man join us to debut the 4 tracks from their new EP “We Raise the Leg.” These tracks are exclusive to the podcast, and can only be heard digitally for the next 2 weeks on this episode. LTSD talk to us about the EP, writing, recording, their formation, what Onion Man has brought to the band, David Castro Band, The Plums, the influence of Kings X, Clutch, love for Ugly Kid Joe, jamming, the live show, and a ton more....


Episode 179 - Jim Wilson (Motor Sister)

In this episode we are joined by Jim Wilson. Jim talks with us about his new solo album “Now Playing,” how he started working with Phil Jones, collaborating with Mike Campbell and Marc Ford, future writing and collaborations with Bernard Fowler, new music coming from Motor Sister, writing with Scott, John, Joey in Motor Sister, working with Rocco DeLuca, Henry Rollins reaction to the new album, working with Henry in the Rollins Band, the early days of Mother Superior, Spotify, and a ton...


Episode 178 - Gnarwolf

In this episode we are joined by Gnarwolf. We kick off the episode with talk about Trent's trip to Vinnie Paul's Memorial at Bomb Factory in Dallas, the fantastic 4th album from Night Flight Orchestra, the great return album from the Street Dogs, and we play a track from Dirty Rotten. Then all four members of Gnarwolf join us to talk about their upcoming national Kiss My D-Tour with Covina, playing shows outside of Texas, Bad Ass Renee’s in Tulsa, the intensity of their live shows, stage...


Episode 177 - Vinnie Paul Tribute / Pantera Every Album in a Row

In this episode we pay tribute to the mighty Vinnie Paul of Pantera / Hellyeah / Damageplan / Rebel Meets Rebel. We talk about Big Vin, and then get present our Pantera #EveryAlbumInARow for the first time via the podcast. The "Every Album in a Row" series started as a YouTube exclusive, but the time has come to make these available via the podcast as well, and this week makes no better time for the Pantera episode. We listened to every Pantera album from front to back in order (major label...


Episode 176 - CJ Pierce (Drowning Pool)

In this episode we are joined by CJ Pierce. CJ talks with us about As Above So Below, his brother Jacob Pierce, playing festivals, Rocklahoma, when we can expect new music from Drowning Pool, Jasen Moreno from DP, As Strange As Angels with Norman Matthews, working with the Sound Foundation, Pantera, Gene Simmons, writing, and a ton more. We kick off the episode with a song from Shadows Remain, Trent talks about going on the Booze Bars and Guitars tour with Sprout and Dusty Grant, Jason talks...


Episode 175 - Shaun McCoy (Bobaflex)

In this episode we are joined by Shaun McCoy of Bobaflex. Shaun talks to us about the band’s 8th album,‘Eloquent Demons’, a forthcoming vinyl single release, Third Man Records, vinyl, how the business has changed since their 1st album, when we can expect the next album, covering a band like Pink Floyd, constant touring, Diet Rite, being in a band with his brother, Daredevil, how his father influenced them into music, and a lot more. We kick off the episode with our review of the new album...


Episode 174 Rok 2018 Review

In this episode we talk about Rocklahoma 2018. We have made the trip to all 12 Rocklahoma events in Pryor, OK, and we look at what made this one stand out. The camp sites, the people, the behind the scenes, and of course the bands. We talk about the brand new albums and phenomanal ROK performances from Sevendust and Ghost, and we talk performances from Solidify, As Above / So Below, Cheap Trick stealing the show, Poison closing it out in style, Trivium always solid, The Cult as one of the...