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Wheeler in The Morning – May 23rd 2018

If you haven't seen the video that everyone is talking about, Childish Gambino - "This is America" (https://youtu.be/VYOjWnS4cMY), watch it, as the gang takes a deep dive into the meaning behind Donald Glovers offering to the world. Craig Gass is in with his friend (impression) Tracy Morgan. The gang makes good on their bet with The Las Vegas radio morning show (BS in the Morning), and go over the details of the 'Wheel of Punishment'. Rena's mom makes an appearance for 'The Secret Game' and...


Wheeler in The Morning – May 22nd 2018

Busy show coming off the long weekend. The crew welcomes in comedian and impressionist Craig Gass to the show, who will be performing this weekend in Winnipeg (teep://www.getgass.com), make sure to get tickets! Slayer is in town tonight.


Wheeler in The Morning – May 17th 2018

The bet has officially been made with the rival morning show in Loss Vegas on the Stanley Cup Western Conference Finals! Joe List (https://youtu.be/WQHUX1oK4ZM) joins to the show to talk about his good friend Louis C.K. A woman (or something resembling zoo monkey) pooped on the floor in a Tim Hortons (https://youtu.be/jsSf2fjgJ-o), and K.B. reacts to it. The gang takes some calls on that odd looking intro to the hockey game in Vegas last night?!? And some winning with "Name that Superhero...


Wheeler in The Morning – May 16th 2018

The gang has laid down the terms of a bet with a Rock Morning show in Vegas (KOMP) regarding the Western Conference Finals, you can follow the crew on Twitter and Instagram to see the battle thus far (@Wheelerj28). Deadpool is still making headlines (https://youtu.be/nlozE2m-NMc), Turnbull reviews the Cavalia show (https://youtu.be/qzJYeWE0i8Q), Rena talks some slow-pitch and how she got in some hot water with the umpire. The new Bohemian Rhapsody teaser trailer is out:...


Wheeler in The Morning – May 15th 2018

Test Market Tuesday seems to be turning into an excuse for the gang to eat food on Tuesdays. That trend continues as The Gotham Grill (no Batman connection), is on the hot seat (no pun intended), to cook burgers; apartment style! Dave Grohl had his daughter sing with him at a benefit concert (https://youtu.be/-aXOaAUItaw), If you haven't seen the new Google A.I. assistant at work: (https://youtu.be/JvbHu_bVa_g), it's some pretty impressive tech, what's more impressive is the star power...


Wheeler in The Morning – May 8th 2018

Kelly Butler brings in flavoured seaweed for Test Market Tuesday, Wheeler tells a daunting story about his drive through window experience this morning. The gang weighs in on what exactly is 'White Privilege', and KB tries his hand at 'What's for Dinner' to win Slayer tickets. This is the weeks last show, as the gang is off to Toronto as they are nominated for Morning Show of The Year in Canada at Canadian Music Week. We wish them luck, and point out that this is a great opportunity to...


Wheeler in The Morning – May 7th 2018

Rena Jae is still away in Dallas TX, Wheeler's wife Candace Rae fills in for her. They try and phone down to Dallas Metro Police to make sure Rena hasn't made her way through the system yet. Former Manitoba Moose (and current New Jersey Devil) Cory Schneider joins to the show to weigh in on the Hellebuyck/Rinne showdown in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Jets trainer Shocker also pops in with his prediction. Slayer tickets are handed out by playing "What's for Dinner", and brand new music...


Wheeler in The Morning – May The 4th Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day Everyone! Don't worry, Wheeler doesn't get too overboard on today's cast, as a matter of fact, Turnbull stick it to him with some Star Wars trivia towards the end of the cast. A liver performance from Ex Omerta (https://www.facebook.com/ExOmerta/), Mark Neufeld from City News (and formerly from Wheeler In The Morning The TV Edition) fills in for the vacationing Rena Jae, and Dave Turnbull has a review of 'A Quiet Place'. Have a great weekend and GO JETS GO! Last Words:...


Wheeler in The Morning – May 3rd 2018

Is the rest of the country cheering for The Winnipeg Jets on this NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Run? The gang calls around to NHL cities to ask who's in and who's out! America's Got Talent alumni and st-st-st-stand up comic Drew Lynch joins the show. Rena Jae is embarking on a Big 'D'estination trip, Kelly Butler has an Gala Event he's hosting and emceeing this weekend adjacent to the Winnipeg Jets #WhiteOutParty on The Runway, and Dave Turnbull tackles P.K. Subban on Load Of Bull. Slayer...


Wheeler in The Morning – May 2nd 2018

McHappy Day today, Turnbull is outside handing out McHappy meals supporting Ronald McDonald House. The Jets game last night was off the hook, we discuss the Jets, the overhead Jets that flew over the White Out Street Party! Some new songs on the BONE Phone for The Jets too. Wheeler calls his wife and tells her he's getting botox instead of her, and the Scavenger Hunt of a lifetime for Jets tickets starts this morning. Last Words: "...see you guys tomorrow."


Wheeler in The Morning – May 1st 2018

It's Jets Game Day!! First time The Jets have had a home game in Round 2 since 1988... 30 YEARS IN THE MAKING! The gang hands out a pair of tickets by smashing a Predators Pinata. Dave Turnbull has a Load of Bull on the NFL Draft, and Slayer tickets are handed out with some Pig Squeal Metal. Thanks for rating and reviewing the show as always. Last Words: "...GO JETS GO!"


Wheeler in The Morning – April 30th 2018

Avengers: Infinity War made Box Office History over the weekend, Wheeler went and saw it 3 times! That sparked a convo about 3D movies and if they're worth it or not?! Rena WATCHED AN ENTIRE HOCKEY GAME over the weekend; she gives a review. There are a few scheduling changes on the cast that the gang explains, and Dave Turnbull recaps the month of April with today's BONUS TRACK at the end of today's cast. Please rate and review the show where ya can! Last Words: "...remember you fondly."


Wheeler in The Morning – April 27th 2018

Doing the show curbside this morning as the gang hands out old hoodies to people walking by! Last GP draw for Get The Hell Outta Here: Foo Fighters in Seattle. Mayor Brian Bowman popped by the wrong studio today to say "hello", so he phoned in instead. Go Jets Go! Have a great weekend! Last Words: "...cleaning clothes."


Wheeler in The Morning – April 26th 2018

The gang sends Turnbull out for some early morning Slurpees (it's spring after all)! Avengers: Infinity Wars premieres tonight and the gang has tickets to hand out with some MCU trivia. NHL Playoffs Round 1 are over, and the gang recaps with the help of Stompin' Tom Connors. Turnbull tackles the Jets/Preds matchup with A Load of Bull. Thank you for sharing and rating the show! Last Words: "...I'll use it first."


Wheeler in The Morning – April 25th 2018

LOTS of winning on the show today, premiere passes for The Avengers: Infinity Wars, Direct Liquidation, Rod-O-Rama, MORE Infinity Wars premiere passes (we'll have more tomorrow morning). A Live performance from Moon-Tan (this is the last Live @ The Roslyn Performance of the season), and we continue the conversation about calling our Litter Bugs. Last Words: "...not an accident."


Wheeler in The Morning – April 24th 2018

Rena spoils the crew with some treats for Test Market Tuesday! Avengers: Infinity Wars opens on Friday, and the gang gets into a deep dive on Superhero Culture. The vehicular massacre yesterday in Toronto is discussed, and The Smashville Predators are making it hard for Jets fans to see games in Bridgestone Arena, what ever shall we do?! Thanks for rating and reviewing the show, make sure to check out the condensed version of 'Wheeler in The Evening' as a podcast. Last Words: "...woooo, yup."


Wheeler in The Morning – April 23rd 2018

Over The Top Environmental Guy stops by with some tips for saving the Earth the day after Earth Day! A God of War is handed out as Dave Turnbull plays some video game trivia. More video game talk (We know, we know...) as Wheeler updates us on how he did this weekend at the Tetris Tournament. Some new songs on the BONE Phone inspired by The Winnipeg Jets, and Jay Z, Beyonce and Kanye, might make up the new Holy Trinity. Last Words: "...not so much."


Wheeler in The Morning – April 20th 2018

It's the last 4/20 where Marijuana will be illegal! It pairs well with the Winnipeg Jets #WhiteOutParty happening tonight on the Runway adjacent to Bell MTS Place. The gang issues a challenge for tickets to see the Jets live! Cheap Trick tickets to hand out, Moose tickets for their opening playoff series, and Stick Up with PNP Games gives someone a shot at a copy of God Of War 2. The gang hands out another pair of plane tickets to go to Seattle with WITM to see The Foo Fighters play Sept...


Wheeler in The Morning – April 19th 2018

Lots of winning on the show today, starting early with some Direct Liquidation "Let's Make A Deal" style gaming. Cheap Trick Beat The Box Office Tickets up for grabs with another round of 'Mouth Music'. Kelly Butler weighs in on the Jose Bautista signing a 'AAA' contract with Atlanta. American comic Daniel Kinno joins the show to talk murder, and another qualififers name gets called for GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE: FOO FIGHTERS IN SEATTLE! Thank you for reviewing and rating the show! Last...


Wheeler in The Morning – April 18th 2018

Wheeler has committed himself to hard training for this weekends TETRIS TOURNAMENT!!! (ahem... he's the only one who thinks it's cool). A live performance from "The Treble" as part of the Live @ The Roslyn Series. Cheap Trick BTBO tickets and The Jets 3-1 lead over The Wild is discussed. Last Words: "... the entire crew."


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