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Just a single girl trying to explore the how to’s and I do’s of the people around her. Does a good relationship still exist?

Just a single girl trying to explore the how to’s and I do’s of the people around her. Does a good relationship still exist?
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Just a single girl trying to explore the how to’s and I do’s of the people around her. Does a good relationship still exist?




Episode 8 - Dating Isn't Always Funny Pt. 1

Meet Josh Nasar. A funny, caring, 47-year-old single guy living in LA. I would like to say he can do just about anything. He has gone from a businessman living in the Hollywood Hills to selling everything he owns to do what he really loves which is talking… Being a podcaster himself as well as an actor and stand up comedian. Josh has gone through a lot over the years including love addiction (yes it is a thing) and co-dependency issues. All of which he was brave enough to work on with the...


Episode 7 - Freedom Tour Pt. 2

Episode 7 finds us back with Leah Carey, a Sex Communication Coach from the Pacific Northwest. As I edited this week’s episode her words of wisdom could not be more true and even be interchangeable. Relationships and sex aren’t just one size fits all. You need to find your footing and some times that takes courage and some times you need a little help. I found myself needing a little help this week and reached out to a professional to help me wade through some of the “muck” I couldn’t quite...


Episode 6 - Freedom Tour Pt. 1

This two part episode introduces you to Leah Carey. She is a Sexual Communications Coach which is not to be confused with a relationship coach. She helps her clients “go there” in an open, supportive and constructive way. Leah took what she calls her Freedom Tour across the country to get her to where she is today. Leah has taken her life by the horns and found her own way to be comfortable in her skin day by day while helping others find their voice and body confidence. This might not be...


Episode 5 - Google Your Date - Pt 2 with Lucas

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Part 1, back up a second and listen and meet Lucas. As I continue my conversation with him in Part 2 we learn a valuable lesson…. to Google your date… But make sure you have the right person. Hear us laugh about the oddities of dating, men vs. women and learning lessons along the way. Check out Lucas’s podcasts on all platforms! Ride with Me, Drive with Me and soon to launch, Just Sway


Episode 4 - Lone(ly) Star State

Meet Lucas. He is single and living in the Lone Star State…. Texas. But that isn’t his story. His story is that he had made hundreds if not thousands of mini connections with people while being an Uber driver in the past but still finds himself looking for the one. He has been married (more than once), he has dated, he has swiped… So what has he learned? Does he still believe in finding love? Listen to this episode and meet Lucas. Tune into Lucas’s podcasts found anywhere you listen -...


Episode 3 - Millennial Advice

Freda Collins is a relationship coach from the East Coast. Though she doesn’t have YEARS of experience under her belt yet… She hears what young adults are saying and is helping them figure out their feelings. Freda has ridden her own relationship rollercoaster but finds herself at the final stop as she is engaged to a great guy. Listen to how she became a coach and to some young words of wisdom.


Episode 2 - For the Whim!

Meghan was ready to throw the towel in on dating. Feeling like swiping through apps and going on first date after first date just wasn’t working for her, Meghan decided to hit the pause button and do what a lot of women do…. find themselves before they find “him.” Cut to 6 months later Meghan attended her best friend’s wedding and caught the bouquet! But the fairytale is just beginning. On a whim still feeling the wedding vibes Meghan signed up for Who knows exactly what stars...


Episode 1 - Meet the Parents

In this episode listeners will get to meet my parents, Gary and Susan. They have been together since 1970 and married for 44 years. I felt like this was a good place to start this series so you understand where I came from and the type of relationship I admire. My parents lived together for 5 years prior to marriage in what was considered “sin” in the 70’s and have gone on to survive the ups and downs for 49 years. They share some advice, some stories and a few of their communication tools....


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Hey everyone! Hope you will join me on this ride listening to people talk about their relationships. How they met, the last big fight they had, best advice they have been given, what they are currently struggling with. But also, let's hear from those single ladies and men! We have stories to tell too! Subscribe to How Harry Met Sally Podcast and let's talk!