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Come for the love, stay for the money!
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Come for the love, stay for the money!






An Amicable Divorce- Is it a Myth?

With the divorce rate hovering around 50% for the past several decades, divorce dramas are now common in the media as well as in many of our personal lives. If we haven’t gone through a divorce, we probably know a few friends or family who have had one. And the costs are not only personal and psychological, but often financial. In this episode, our friend Wade talks to us about his own experience going through an “amicable divorce”. If you haven’t heard of this term, you are not alone. Joel...


Money Languages: How To Communicate With Your Partner About Money

Do you ever feel like you and your partner speak different languages when it comes to money? You may very well be right! In this episode, our guest and author Tarra Jackson, a.k.a “Madam Money”, talks to us about her new book “The 4 Financial Languages: The secrets to communicating about Money”. Tarra believes that there are different financial languages and that we all have a single dominant one which motivates how we manage our finances. Problems and money fights arise when a couple...


Strengthening Your Relationship On The Road To Financial Independence

As FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) spreads through mainstream media, many couples are wondering if they should quit their jobs, cut their spending to the bone, sell most of their belongings and move into an RV to escape their 9 to 5s. In this episode, our guests Adrianne and Adam did just that. They quit their jobs, sold their house and cars and escaped their suburban life. Now, they are living their dream and traveling the country in an RV. We talked to Adrianne and Adam about...


Can a Spendy Partner Ever Change?

A lot of couples tell us that there’s often an imbalance between who spends more and who saves more in a relationship. And for the partner who may be more financially responsible, it often feels hopeless that the other person will ever change their spendy ways. In this episode, we put my co-host Joel on the hot seat. At the beginning of his relationship, he was the spendthrift partner. But over the years, he’s made the dramatic transformation into the responsible financial guru he is today....


Why Won’t She Pay for Dates?

If you are single in this day and age, you’re probably going on a lot of dates to hopefully find your soulmate. Everyone is swiping left or right on at least one (or a dozen!) dating apps and if you want to be in the dating game, you have to do it too. It’s called high volume dating, and it can put a significant dent in your wallet. In this episode, one of our listeners is understandably burned out from it all. He’s been dating for five years and hasn’t found “the one”. What he HAS found is...


Wedding Secrets: Advice From Two Frugal Wedding Planners

In the age of Pinterest and Instagram, the price for love seems to keep rising higher and higher as couples try to achieve the look of the perfect wedding. In this episode, our friends Joe and Katie give us a behind the scene look at the wedding planning business. They go into detail about the various costs of weddings and the best kept secrets on how to save money if you’re planning one! The best twist to this is that they are on their own journey towards financial independence and early...


Ask In Love and Money: Is It Fair That He Wants Me to Pay Half?

Welcome to our first “Ask In Love and Money” episode! We’ll be answering a love and money question from a listener. Do you think that it’s always fair for partners to split living costs 50/50? What if one partner is struggling with debt? What if one partner makes a significantly larger income? This is exactly the dilemma that one of our listeners is in right now. Her boyfriend asked her to move into his condo and expects her to pay for 50% of the cost. She doesn’t think this is fair since...


Is Debt in a Relationship a Deal Breaker?

We’ve all heard of the ever increasing debt crisis that is crippling the personal finances of most Americans. Nestled in all of this is the ballooning student loan debt crisis which seemingly affects almost every young person graduating from college or university. Meanwhile, millennials today, more than any generation before, consider financial health one of the biggest factors in love and marriage. In this episode, we interview our good friends Sammi and Kyle, a young couple who came into...


Two Become One: Merging Finances as a Couple

Every day, couples are entering new relationships or trying to navigate their current ones. And whether it's a new or established relationship, the issue of how to manage finances will inevitably come up. In this episode, we interview Joanna Zarach, a self-professed tax nerd and a DIY financial guru. Joanna talks to us about how she became the financial manager in her marriage and the lessons she’s learned along the way. We also discuss how shifting gender roles have changed the dynamic in...


The Day of the Supportive Partner

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!! Or as we call it around here on the podcast- The Day of the Supportive Partner. ❤️ In this episode, we introduce you to the cutest couple we know, MK and Jason! They’ve really mastered the art of mutual support in their near decade long relationship, and they have used these skills to achieve big personal and financial goals. MK and Jason show us how they prioritized their relationship while pursuing their ambitious future plans. Jason discusses how he...


Independent Woman - Financially and Otherwise

For the past decade, more and more Americans are living the single life, whether by choice or by circumstance. 45% of adults over the age of 18 are currently single and this number is rising every year. As it happens, the majority of these singletons are women. And these women are managing their own finances independently of a life partner. In this episode, our friend Marla Taner discusses her journey towards financial independence as a single person. A lifetime of good money habits allowed...


Lessons in Love & Financial Incompatibility After a Breakup

How do you reconcile the search for love with the pursuit of financial independence and early retirement? That’s just what our guest will be talking about with us on this episode. Our friend Gwen is a young woman in her twenties who has her finances all in order. She had a well-paying job, a house which she owned and rents out to her friends, and a hefty savings plan. But then love came along and she found herself quitting her job, selling her house and moving across state lines to be with...


Modern Love - Do I Need a Prenup?

We’ve all heard the statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce. Yet, how many people who are married or planning to get married actually make provisions for the possibility of a future breakup? Even though divorces can be contentious, when it comes to separating finances and dividing assets, most couples simply don’t think ahead enough to make plans for this possibility. However, there seems to be a shift recently. Although prenuptial agreements are still uncommon, their rates have...


In Love and Money - Pilot

Welcome to the pilot of the “In Love and Money” podcast, where love and money intersect! We’re your hosts Joel and Lauren. In this pilot episode, you’ll learn how we came up with the idea for this podcast, our relationship and money history, and our goals for this new venture. We first met through the financial independence community, and our roots are based in the tenets of saving, investing and retiring early. With a pretty good grasp on money, we’re hoping to use this knowledge to...