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Mister Swinger and The Swingers Wife answers your sex questions and talks about our steamy experiences with non-monogamy. No podcast swingers, swing more than us. We live to swing. To record a question for Mister Swinger and The Swinger's Wife to be answered in a later podcast, call and leave a voicemail 253-590-8500


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Mister Swinger and The Swingers Wife answers your sex questions and talks about our steamy experiences with non-monogamy. No podcast swingers, swing more than us. We live to swing. To record a question for Mister Swinger and The Swinger's Wife to be answered in a later podcast, call and leave a voicemail 253-590-8500






We confront our cyberbullies!

Steak and Tequila, Swingingalong69, Mart is a pineapple, no name girl named Blair. They released a ton of mistruths and outright lies with a bunch assumptions. No more rolling over for the cyberbullies. Support the show (


Last podcast

Have a good life, we know we will. Support the show (


Episode 44: Recap of New Years Eve

We had a blast New Years Eve and the day after. One of the guys that was playing with the girls we brought had an interesting issue come up that lots of men have had. We sit down and talk about it. Also joining us this weekend is MartisaPineapple linked on some of our other social media. Watch and listen next week for the fun we are having this weekend. Support the show (


Episode 43: Play party, New Years Eve Plans, Unicorn came over last night.

We had a cool 3some experience with a lady from india. We chat about our new party style, play parties. We also answer questions for the last half of the podcast which is the format we will be doing all next year. Call 253-590-8500 to ask your lifestyle or non-monogamous questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Support the show (


Episode 42: We film professional porn with professional talent.

We interview Alana Dro who we filmed with in LA and we talk about Misters two different filmed gang bangs he did. We chat about the last week or so. We also filmed with Alara Lamarr Both are mentioned our Misters Twitter since The Swingers Wife one has been deleted, thanks twitter. Support the show (


Episode 41: December plans, Unicorn came over, Mister Swingers 1st other podcast episode

So much stuff in the works, we also finalize our whisper review and you can hear about some dram between whispers and club 5150. Hear about our upcoming plans, some unicorns we had some fun with, some filming we are about to do. The second half is Mister Swinger's other podcast, we were a bit short on stuff to chat about so he gives you a sneak peak at what kind of stuff will be in the other podcast or maybe just keep it as a part of this one, what is your thoughts on this. Do you like his...


Breaking News!!

I announce a new venture for myself (Mister Swinger). Support the show (


Episode 40: We are changing how we play, we also interview a las vegas couple

We interview another Las Vegas non-monogamous couple and how they started and they tell us about their first time in a club. We talk about some las vegas clubs and the parties we have been too. We met someone pretty cool in one of the clubs and we tell you about that. Support the show (


Episode 39: Now in Las Vegas, Gang Bang planned, and solo guys in clubs

We chat about our favorite Las Vegas club, club 5150. We chat about how some couples are afraid of clubs that allow solo men and what they can do to enjoy those clubs. The Swinger's Wife has a planned gang bang find out when and where. Go find our Fetlife group, Reddit Group, or Facebook group to ask us questions for the podcast or call 253-590-8500 to leave a voicemail we can play on the podcast and answer. We chat about our last experiences over halloween, halloween filled with unicorns....


Episode 38: First couples interview.

We chat with a lovely couple about how they also do not drink or do drugs in the lifestyle. We discuss their interests including BDSM and Swinging. They are one of the few that do both. Cum join us for the sexy interview and the girls even flashed each other. Best interview yet. Support the show (


Episode 37: Gang Bang Night

We answer a question on why we like the lifestyle. We talk about the last couple parties including the gang bang we hosted and the truth dare or double dare party we had. Support the show (


Episode 36: Swingers Wife Story about coming out

Swingers Wife is back, We discuss our podcast reviews, please go leave us a review. It seems only people that do not like what we share review us. We answer a callers question. To have your question answered call it in 253-590-8500. We review our weekend in Phoenix with the primal unicorn and Mister Swinger reviews his weekend in Portland with a new girl. Find out what he does this weekend that he has not done ever before. Support the show (


Episode 35: Opening up to our friends and family

Mister Swinger talks about how we opened up to the outside world and did not care who knew we were non-monogamous. Also talks about his childhood more and how he was raised to be against it. Why we changed and how it went. Call in 253-590-8500 and tell us why you are afraid to come out. We want to hear those reasons. Support the show (


Episode 34, Solo guys, drinking, more travel plans

We talk about why we are done with solo guys at our parties. We talk about our last party and some fun we had. We discuss the future of this podcast and we need your help to get that going. 253-590-8500 is the call in number. Call in questions and or comments. We talk about drinking in the lifestyle and why some need it to play. Support the show (


Episode 33: Secrets in Orlando and the swinging scene and nude beaches of florida.

We spent two weeks in Florida checking out the swinging scene there from orlando to key west and all in-between. Cum see what fun we had and how we rate Playalinda and Haulover nude beaches as well as secrets. Support the show (


Episode 32. first club since covid, may party, unicorns, first caller

We cover a bunch of stuff today including the first swingers club since covid started, our last party which was this last weekend, a unicorn came over and the swingers wife learned a new trick we love, we got our first caller 253-590-8500 and go over unicorn stuff. We have concrete dates for florida now too. Support the show (


Episode 31: Interview with youngest daughter, CPS, famous persons contacted us

CPS came over last week and we chat about that, we had a 6 person swap, interviewed Jodi about what she feels about non-monogamy, a famous person contacted me wanting to fuck the swingers wife, also we as non-monogmous people need to stop hiding in the closet. Support the show (


Episode 30: Unicorn came over and we talk about how our rules changed over the years

Unicorn tonight was unexpected so we recap that for you. We also talk about our rules when we started and how they changed and what that they changed too. We do talk a bit about condom use and sti's a little. Support the show (


Episode 29: Catching up. Solo guy interview

The swingers wife and a solo guy that attended the last party was with Mister Swinger this week. We discuss a bit about the party and just some random thoughts about a few other topics. We are working on trying to use different audio equipment for our podcast and will be a work in progress while we iron out the kinks. Should be superb audio soon. Please tell us what you do and do not like about the audio so we can see what we can do. Support the show (


Episode 28: Me and Ken talk about subs and the last party.

Wednesday is the new release date, we are too tired after saturday parties to record on sundays. We want to be at our best when doing this. I host this podcast with Ken the Dom that has been to both my last parties. We talk about Dom/Sub relationships and Dom/Dom relations. Join us for this and please feel free to ask either of us questions. Support the show (