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520 – The Invisible Man – Stop When Red Lights Flash & Pin Money

It’s time for two more episodes of the Invisible Man. This time the invisible man gets in trouble for passing a school bus stopped for children and he has to help a little old lady who’s got a gambling problem, an embezzlement problem, she’s being blackmailed, and the there two bank robberies on the same ... Read more


519 – Starhunter Redux – The Most Wanted Man

What turns an ordinary criminal into The Most Wanted Man? Find out as Kenneth and Eugene discuss the next episode of Starhunter Redux. Synopsis: A meeting happens between a man named Harman and the agents of Orchard. He has what they want – himself – and he’ll turn it over to Darius. When that’s not an ... Read more


518 – Bugs – Out of the Hive

Simon and Eugene begin their journey through a new series, the 1995 BBC techno drama, Bugs. Is it Scifi? We’re going to find out. Bugs is the story of three young high-tech adventures trying to make a quid or two trading off their technological wizardry and security expertise in a world filled with high-tech crooks ... Read more


517 – Quatermass

Simon and Eugene look at the fourth and final Quatermass adventure. One could almost call it, “The Quatermass Conclusion.” Almost. Synopsis: Chapter 1 – Ringstone Round Aged Bernard Quatermass has been invited to London to appear on a BTV program about the hands of friendship space hookup between the USA and the USSR. He’s not ... Read more


516 – The Invisible Man – Barnard Wants Out & Go Directly to Jail

Doubling up with two more episodes of the Invisible Man as John and Eugene discuss Barnard Wants Out and Go Directly to Jail. Barnard Wants Out – Synopsis: Dan’s former professor and mentor, Dr. Barnard, defected to “the other side” back in 1960 because he did not want his work used for weapons. Now, although ... Read more


515 – Starhunter Redux – Goodbye, So Long

Family and an old friend bring trouble for Dante Montana. Could this be our farewell to Starhunter Redux? Kenneth and Eugene discuss Goodbye, So Long. Synopsis: There’s a saboteur aboard the Trans-Utopian and her name is Percy. She’s sabotaged Dante’s air handler in his cabin to force him to take her shopping. With little choice, ... Read more


514 – Beasts (by Nigel Kneale) – The Dummy

Our journey through Nigel Kneale’s Beasts comes to an end with a poignant love letter to the rubber-suited monster genre. Maybe. Simon and Eugene discuss The Dummy. Synopsis: Filming on the latest, comeback installment of the Dummy movie series, Revenge of the Dummy, is not going well. Clyde Boyd, the man in the monstrous ... Read more


513 – Doctor Who – The Faceless Ones

It’s time to add another Doctor Who “Missing Episode” to the not-so-missing pile of animated recreations. Simon and Eugene discuss The Faceless Ones! Synopsis: The Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie arrive on the runway at Gatwick airport in 1966. It’s just an ordinary day as London recovers from yesterday’s War Machine attacks. The travelers are ... Read more


512 – The Invisible Man – A Man of Influence & Eyes Only

We cover two episodes for the price of one as John and Eugene look at A Man of Influence a story of psychic chicanery and Eyes Only in which the fabulous Barbara Anderson gets in trouble because she’s got a good memory. Man of Influence Synopsis: Senator Hanover visits the California mansion of Ernest Sheed, ... Read more


511 – Starhunter Redux – Black Light

A military popsicle comes out of the Trans-Utopian’s surprise deep freeze just in time to liven up the Raider’s quadrennial team-building cotillion. Kenneth and Eugene discuss Black Light. Synopsis: The crew of the good ship Trans-Utopian is transporting Electra, a 25-year-old raider child and gun runner to Ganymede for judicial processing. Unbeknownst to the crew, ... Read more


510 – Beasts (by Nigel Kneale) – What Big Eyes

In a dingy pet shop, a mad scientist experiments with lycanthropy. Does the RSPCA have jurisdiction? Simon and Eugene discuss What Big Eyes. Synopsis: Inspector Bob Curry of the RSPCA is playing hard with Mr. Jeeb, a local animal trader. He doesn’t like the way he treats the animals in his care, and he’s come ... Read more


509 – Babylon 5 – The Gathering

In 1993 plucky writer J. Michael Straczynski attempted to take on the seemingly unassailable Star Trek for the mantle of best TV Space Opera not Intended for Children. This, Babylon 5: The Gathering, is where it all begins. Join Simon and Eugene on this special look at the Babylon 5 pilot. If you’d like more ... Read more


508 – The Invisible Man – The Fine Art of Diplomacy

If an invisible man stands naked in front of a work of fine art, does it spoil the view? John and Eugene discuss The Fine Art of Diplomacy. Synopsis: n the run-up to the American Bicentennial, Diego Devega, Ambassador to a small, strategically important country, and also brother to the ruler of the country, has ... Read more


507 – Starhunter Redux – Cell Game

Percy is finally right where we knew she’d end up: jail. Will Dante try to get her out? Synopsis: Dante is giving Percy some much needed time away from the ship by allowing her to come along on a routine prisoner pickup. What fun! Dante really is in the running for Uncle of the Year. ... Read more


506 – Doctor Who – Revolution of the Daleks

Daleks are revolting. Does that make it a revolution? Simon and Eugene look at the 2021 New Year’s Doctor Who Special, Revolution of the Daleks. Synopsis: That idiot from Arachnids in the UK is back and, with the aid of a corrupt politician with ambitions to be Prime Minister, steals the dead Dalek from a ... Read more


505 – Beasts (by Nigel Kneale) – Baby

The Beasts episode Baby explores the idyllic life of the English country vet. Simon and Eugene discuss. Synopsis: Baby Starring: Jane Wymark, Simon MacCorkindale, T.P. McKenna Written by: Nigel Kneale Directed by: John Nelson Date: 06 Nov 1976 Jo and Peter Gilkes have recently moved to the country and are having their cottage renovated by ... Read more


Happy New Year – Welcome 2021

A New Year’s message from Fusion Patrol.


504 – The Invisible Man – The Klae Resource

What is the Klae Resource? John and Eugene start with the first “proper” episode of the 1970’s Invisible Man Series with the episode entitled The Klae Resource. Synopsis: Dan and Kate Westin have settled into their new life as “The Klae Resource.” In exchange for funding to try to reverse Dan’s permanent invisibility, they perform ... Read more


503 – Starhunter Redux – Order

In a universe where god-like powers are real, what is religion? Is it any different? Kenneth and Eugene discuss Order. Synopsis: Title Starring: Michael Paré, Claudette Roche, Tanya Allen Written by: Hugh Evans & Julian Fikus Directed by: Luc Chalifour A large, ornate and very expensive looking pyramid shaped spacecraft filled with cavorting druids hurtles ... Read more


S2020-01 – Daleks!

A special bonus Sidecar episode on the Doctor Who, Time Lord Victorious, online animation special series – Daleks! Simon and Eugene discuss if this makes a good Dalek story. Synopsis: Part 1 The Daleks arrive on the planet Islos, planning to capture the Archive. The robotic defenders of the Archive resist in a futile effort ... Read more