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607 – Logan’s Run – The Collectors & Capture

Two episodes. First, John and Eugene ponder which of Logan and Jessica’s biological functions inconveniences him the most in The Collectors. Second, in Capture, they discuss how many times they’ve both seen TV remakes of The Most Dangerous Game. The Collectors Synopsis The legendary quality of 1970s American cars shines as the solar car has ... Read more


606 – Bugs – The Bureau of Weapons & A Cage for Satan

Simon and Eugene discuss what happens when the police finally appear at a crime scene in Bugs, the best way to deal with any inconvenient build-up of anti-matter, and whether the definition given of viruses adequately explains the infection of man by machine. (Spoiler: it doesn’t) Episode Synopsis: The Bureau of Weapons Military types are mildly ... Read more


605 – Starhunter Redux – Pandora’s Box

When someone starts blowing up planets in another solar system, it’s Travis and the Gang to the rescue! Kenneth and Eugene discuss. Episode Synopsis Evil Scientists aboard Keres Station are doing evil things, in this case, blowing up a planet – in secret. Elsewhere, the Trans-Utopian experiences a space earthquake which decreases the efficiency of ... Read more


604 – Logan’s Run (Pilot)

Join John and Eugene as they journey to fantastical sights and dangers of the 24th century as we follow Logan’s Run. Episode Synopsis In the year 2319, 200 years after a devastating nuclear war, the people in the City of Domes live a perfect life. Perfect, that is until their 30th birthday. That day they ... Read more


603 – Doctor Who – The Power of the Doctor (Part 2 of 2)

Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor’s era comes to a close. Simon and Eugene conclude a two-part discussion of the fall of the Thirteenth.


602 – Doctor Who – The Power of the Doctor (Part 1 of 2)

Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor’s era comes to a close. Simon and Eugene begin a two-part discussion of the fall of the Thirteenth. Episode Synopsis The enhanced Time Lord Cybermen are attacking a train in space carrying some very special cargo, a small child. The Doctor, Yaz, and Dan do some derring do and rescue the train, ... Read more


601 – Logan’s Run (1976)

John and Eugene take a look at what may be the last of Hollywood’s Pre-Star Wars Sci-Fi spectacles. It all changes after this one, folks. Synopsis The Domed City is a closed- oasis in a world destroyed by war. Logan 5 is one of the elite Sandmen who enforce the ultimate law of the Domed ... Read more


600 – Star Trek – The Cage

For some of us, Star Trek is where it started, and where Star Trek started was The Cage. To celebrate our 600th episode of Fusion Patrol, Simon and Eugene go where no podcast has ever gone before (I’m pretty sure about that claim, I couldn’t find any other podcasts that have ever taken a look ... Read more


599 – Bugs – Newton’s Run

Simon and Eugene split hairs over whether the Spitznbergen Separatist are terrorists or extortionists, we discuss sending a remote-controlled dog to do a robot’s job, and the connections between the worlds of Bugs and Batman. Episode Synopsis Three evil motorcycle-riding Power Rangers stage a raid on the Austin Institute. Inside, Dr. Siegal and his assistant, Dr. ... Read more


598 – Starhunter Redux – Supermax Redux

It’s the sequel to the episode you couldn’t get enough of! Kenneth and Eugene discuss, Supermax Redux. Episode Synopsis Travis and Callie return to the Trans-Utopian with a prisoner. They’re carrying a crazy person who hears voices from the Quantum Federation in his ears, which he claims are technologically enhanced. He’s nuts, so they don’t ... Read more


597 – Ultra Q – Open Up!

We bid a fond adieu to Ultra Q as John and Eugene look at the final episode, Open Up! and ask the question: What have they done with Ippei? Episode Synopsis After 27 episodes, finally, Yuriko acts on her feelings for Jun, and, indirectly, Ippei. She entices Jun to ditch Ippei so they can run ... Read more


596 – Doctor Who – The Abominable Snowmen

Simon and Eugene discuss the ending, again, of the Doctor Who animation series, where animation improves on live action, and we look at what missing serials from Doctor Who remain unanimated. Episode Synopsis In the Himalayas, at a mountain camp, a strange creature enters the camp and leaves one man dead. Shortly thereafter, somewhere else ... Read more


595 – Bugs – Schrödinger’s Bomb

Simon and Eugene discuss explaining quantum mechanics badly, Simon explains quantum mechanics badly and we talk about a plot so convoluted it involves buying your way out of prison by buying the prison. Episode Synopsis Doctor Neumann and his daughter Cassandra visit, at gunpoint, an archaeological site in the country of Naobi(?) They are brought ... Read more


594 – Starhunter Redux – Skin Deep

Beauty is only skin deep, or so they say, so what’s a little plastic here and there? Grounds for murder, that’s what! Kenneth and Eugene discuss Skin Deep. Episode Synopsis An episode in two stories Leena’s tale. Back before Callie was in the military, she went to university, and there she knew a woman she ... Read more


593 – Ultra Q – Blazing Victory & The Disappearance of Flight 206

Boxing and Kaiju are not two words you’d think go together. Do they? You decide as we discuss Blazing Victory. Then Jun and Ippei get lost in another dimension with a dangerous criminal and giant walrus as we explore the Disappearance of Flight 206. John and Eugene discuss. Blazing Victory Episode Synopsis Featherweight boxer Dynamite ... Read more


592 – Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

Join us as we discuss the adventures of Dr. Who, Tom Campbell, Susan, and Louisa as they travel to the far-flung future Earth and meet some old friends. Simon and Eugene discuss. This episode, originally released to our Patrons in 2020, is being released in honor of the late Bernard Cribbins, who recently passed. Synopsis ... Read more


591 – Bugs – Gold Rush

Simon and Eugene discuss how Ros has added biochemistry to her incredible and expanding skillset, the way that a show that is all about technology seems to portray innovation as having so little value beyond brute force criminal schemes, and TV music and how we used to tape theme music back in the days of ... Read more


590 – Starhunter Redux – Painless

“It’s easier to keep existing customers than make new ones,” said no one in this episode, as Travis and the gang are investigating a deadly new illegal drug on the market. Of course, Sherlock Percy has to try it herself. Kenneth and Eugene discuss. Episode Synopsis Titan City, Titan, Saturn Federation. Two morons take drugs ... Read more


589 – Ultra Q – The Idol of Goga & The Devil Child

Face-burning snails, cursed idols, murderous spirits, and Ippei’s soul being ripped from his body by Prof. Ichinotani’s quest for knowledge – it’s all happening in the next two episodes of Ultra Q, The Idol of Goga & The Devil Child. John and Eugene discuss. The Idol of Goga Synopsis At a shadowy underground meeting, an ... Read more


588 – Shin Godzilla

While Godzilla has, in recent years, undergone a successful translation into the Hollywood movie-making machine, in 2016, it also underwent a renaissance revival in Japan with the release of Shin Godzilla. Like the very first Godzilla film, this was a movie with something to say about contemporary Japan, and it says it very well. John ... Read more