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E: A Mostly Melancholy, Not Very Merry, Christmas (cross-post)

Merry Christmas everyone! After making Christmas mixes for 20 years, this is my least merry ever. It isn’t all downers, though. This is a cross post from my other podcast HeadPones Recommended - The Podsafe Music podcast. You can find previous episodes here: Last year’s much more upbeat mix can be found here: or directly downloaded here: Thoughts,...


#4.2: A Package Arrives - Part 3: Game Show

Credits This episode was created and written by me Nate Bonilla-Warford and featured these amazing and talented people. Thoreau Smiley as Daniel and Jimmy of courtesy of Attention Hellmart shoppers. Find more at attentionhellmartshoppers dot com/ Granny by sara Weber. Elena Fenernandez Collins of Audio Dramatic as herself Find out more at Dan Lovely as ANDI, Courtesy of Marsfall Find out more at Tory Dubendorf as Athena,...


#4.2: A Package Arrives - Part Two, Prank Phone Calls

Oh boy. These credits are complicated for this one. Written by Nate Bonilla-warford, Hannah Wright, Tanja Milojavic, Carrie Rutter, and Sarah Golding. Voice credits: Owen McCuen played the intro prankster and prank victim. Find out more about him at CK from Mirths and Monsters as himself. Visit Hannah Wright as Innkeeprer Tessa and William Wright as the Revenginator from Inn Between. Go to to...


#4.2: A Package Arrives - Part One, Departing on a Large Journey

Celebrating World Audio Drama Day with "A Package Arrives" concept by Ox and Hare. See more at: This episode written by Nate Bonilla-Warford and Solutions to Problems and Postapodcalypse! Featuring, the very nice Tim Nichols as the Inter audio delivery man. Also featuring Otis from Postapodcalypse as Two Eyes. See This podcast is fantastic and highly recommended. Also Featuring The whole Solutions to...


#D: Slow with Linus Edward (crosspost)

Recently I was interviewed by Linus Edwards of Slow. We talk about musical interests, changes in listening habits as we age, and the possible origin of music. Here is a link:\ SUBSCRIBE to Slow: APPLE PODCASTS - RSS - OVERCAST - CASTRO - POCKETCASTS - TWITTER


#4.1: Report to Gordon Garlic

Hobbs Von Uber Floppy provides a report to Gordon Garlic about how he, disguised as Jeeves the nano printer, has been shielding Cever Garlic Prime from neuro-hacking of bored HEAVN residents by playing self-help tapes and fictional music clips, thereby keeping Cever safe for his large adventure, which will be coming soon. Credits Written a spoken by Nate Bonilla-warford Jeeves spoken by TTS, default English Male Madam Uppersnuff voiced by the amazing and generous and...


#4.0: Skiing

Cever gives a mandatory report about the one time he went skiing with his dad. Credits: Written and spoken by Nate Bo Nia Warford Credit music: Cello Suite no. 3 in C, Prelude provided by The European Archive and is found on in the public domain. Project P arrives next month! End promo - Tropical Moon.


#C: Headpones Recommended: The Podsafe Music Podcast

This is a special episode of my new podcast called Headpones Recommended: The Podsafe Music Podcast. Find more as they come out at The theme of the first episode is Female Vocals Music Credits: Breakmaster Cylinder – Zap master – FMA - Public Domain Kelle Maize – Owl Time FMA – FMA –...


#3.2: Just Breathe

Just Breathe. That is all you have to do. Music Credit - Four Three by All India Radio. (used by permission) Read extensive commentary and more at Stay tuned at the end for a promo for The Tunnels.


#B - Trailer for Family Vacation Podcast

Family Vacation is a family-friendly audio drama created and written by Nora Warford. Visit to find out more about the podcast! Narration: Owen McCuen Mom: Cristina Bonilla-Warford Alex: Nora Warford Dad: Nathan Bonilla-Warford Family Facation Theme Music by Katharine Seaton Background music "Lobby Time" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Logo by Brian...


#3.1 - HEAVN

Cever gets a phone call from his future self, listens to some HEAVN propaganda, and experiences his first neuro-uplink hack. Credits Written by Nate Bonilla-Warford Cever voiced by Nate Bonilla-Warford Thelonious voiced by Sarah Dennison The Propaganda voiced by the talented Tanja Milojevic of LightningBolt Theater of the Mind. She has been in Edict Zero FIS, Organism, All’s Fair and many, many other excellent audio dramas. Find her at...


#3.0 - Still Alive (Mandatory Report)

Cever is back and he feels fantastic! ~~~ Written and Spoken by Nate Bonilla-Warford Thelonious Voiced by Sarah Webber Featured Music: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton Credit Music: I Feel Fantastic by Jonathan Coulton He licenses his music under creative commons attribution licenses. See Sign up for the NonPatron mailing list for early releases and bonus stuff at **Transcripts coming soon!


#2.2: Printing Prime

Words with accompanying music and sounds. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Background music: Combination of Wataridori 2 by Cornelius, pieces by Lee Rosevere, piano and cello by Javier Warford. Credit Music: Now Get Busy by the Beastie Boys Much love to the people who have contributed writing and vocal performances. Without them this episode would not exist. In order of appearance David Steele of Steele Empire (A Quest for Magic and Steele and Ark City)Javier Warfordof Forj collective...


#A - The One Rule (Commentary Episode)

I ramble for almost 20 minutes about why this show exists and its One Rule.


#2.1 - Jeeves Report (The Setback)

Jeeves gives his infrequent report about the recent setback. Closing music: Mr. and Mrs. Smith - Oh, I went down (CC-BY-NC_SA)


#2.0 - Report #59: Destiny Unbound

Cever Goes outside. And introduces magic. Written spoken by Nate Bonilla-Warford Featured music: Destiny Unbound by Phish, use by permission of taper policy. Credit music - how to make a smoothie by Donnie Ozone (public domain via FMA) All music and sound effects used under licence or creative commons attribution. See for details. You can send feedback and original music to That would be great. Seriously. Follow @Howtolisten22nd on...


#1.3 - The Mandatory New Year's Eve Party

Cever and Jeeves party down on New Year's Eve! All the music in this episode generously provided by the mind-bendingly awesome Ace Tucker, Space Trucker by John Tramontana. Stay tuned for more. Pre-show: You Bring the Thunder, I’ll bring the lightning by Red Hot RebellionFeature music #1 - Go Ace Tucker Go by CraterfaceFeature music #2 - Party People by Prime FloridianFeature music #3 - Boy in a Band by Jamie SuttleFeature music #4 - Crushing it by Red Hot RebellionCredit music - Islands...


#1.2 - Christmas Mixtape 2017

Jeeves celebrates Christmas by giving Ceever a Christmas tree, a 1980's boombox, and a carefully crafted Christmas mixtape. Tired of the same radio Christmas songs and artist holiday albums? This is a 40 minute continuous mix of holiday music that you have never heard before! To see the track list, musicians, and license information, please visit and click on Christmas Mixtape.


#1.1 - The Memory

While Jeeves assists Ceever in preparing for his first walk outside after 5 years, Ceever remembers something. Written, spoken, and sung by Nate Bonilla-Warford Background music: In Shadows by William Ross Chernoff's Nomads (used by attribution) Credit music: Small Rooms by Buzz Deluxe (used with permission) All music and sound effects used by creative commons attribution. See Stay tuned for a trailer for the excellent podcast Mirths & Monsters from the Odd...


#1.0 - Report #58: The Jazz

Cever delivers his mandatory report to the Unified State. Unlike earlier failed attempts of achieving the acceptable level of fun, this time he talks about when he first heard music and the importance of the jazz in the 20th century. He gets so fired up, that me makes a spontaneous vow that will change his life course. credits: Written and spoken by Nate Bonilla-Warford Feature music: Livery Stable Blues by The Original Dixieland Jazz Band (public domain) Credit music: The Wiggle Walk...