MonsterTalk: The Science Show About Monsters is a free audio podcast that critically examines the science behind cryptozoological (and legendary) creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or werewolves.

MonsterTalk: The Science Show About Monsters is a free audio podcast that critically examines the science behind cryptozoological (and legendary) creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or werewolves.


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MonsterTalk: The Science Show About Monsters is a free audio podcast that critically examines the science behind cryptozoological (and legendary) creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or werewolves.




MTL - Dr. Kiki - Aliens and Monsters

We were delighted to finally meet up with Dr. Kiki - aka Dr. Kirsten Sanford - a science communicator who makes amazing science outreach shows such as This Week in Science and Dr. Kiki's Science Hour. Find all her stuff here. Karen has known her for a while, but I've somehow evaded actually getting to talk to her until this episode. (Recorded May 24, 2020.). You can watch this interview on video on YouTube on our MonsterTalk stream. We'd love it if you'd subscribe to us there. Karen and...


MTL - Conspiracy Theory with Ashley Landrum

Ashley Landrum joins us to discuss Conspiracy Theories and why people believe them. Her work has been discussed in The Guardian and The BBC. Karen and I got to meet Ashley last year at Texas Tech, thanks to the generous support of their College of Media and Communication. That's not an advert - but we did have an amazing time there and I got to eat some amazing Mexican food and had the rare opportunity to hang out with Karen and her husband Matt (and their son). You can watch this...


MonsterTalk Live - Banachek - 10 May 2020

We got to sit down and talk with the mentalist, magician and skeptic Banachek. You may know him as the creator of Penn & Teller's famous "bullet catch" or as the expert behind the JREF's Million Dollar Challenge testing or from his amazing performances or even from his podcast (Banachek's Brain). (You can watch this video interview on YouTube)


MonsterTalk Live - Speak of the Devil (Joe Laycock & Natasha Mikles)

Speak of the Devil! No, really! Our May 3, 2020 interview with Joe Laycock and his spouse and co-conspirator Natasha Mikles is here for you. Talking about his book, Speak of the Devil. Speak of the DevilSpeak of the Devil You can snag it here: You can watch the video of this interview here:


MonsterTalk Live - Sara Head

Once again we welcome Sara Head from ArchyFantasies on to talk about the strange television show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. Is it good? (Spoilers - not if you want anything to happen in your TV shows.) But it was fun to sit down with Sara and talk again. Archaeological Fantasies Podcast (podcast link) The Archy Fantasies Blog (blog link) If you want to watch this episode on video - you can! (youtube link). Be sure to Like and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!


MonsterTalk Live - Jerry Drake

We're joined by Jerry Drake to discuss "Black Eyed Kids" and some interesting timing that suggests a possible origin for the legends. Archived post from Bethel - July 30, 1997 - discussing Chaos Magick and Bloody Mary. Reposting of Bethel's original BEK post - but not the original post. His original posting was dated August 28, 1997. Jerry points out that at this time The X-Files was in its 4th season. A recurring image/concept in that show as "the black oil" virus, an alien mind-control...


213 - Ghosts and Sociology

We interview Dr. David Aveline about his new project studying people who see or experience ghosts. He's just getting started, but it's a really interesting conversation about how one puts together research into such a strange and complicated topic. Notes: An article about Dr. Aveline's research The Thomas Theorem (1928) by William Isaac Thomas and Dorothy Swaine Thomas “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences.” The Banff Springs Hotel - allegedly haunted...


Blake and Karen take listener questions

In the March 29th episode, Karen and Blake hang out and take listener questions. This video will be available on YouTube.


MonsterTalk Live - Douglas Tate

Actor Douglas Tate joins us to talk about playing monsters in film. Douglas has played Bigfoot more than any other actor. (YouTube of this interview) (IMDB) Douglas Tait was born on December 17, 1978 in Tarzana, California, USA as Douglas J. Tait. He is known for his work on Annabelle Comes Home (2019), Hellboy (2019) and Legacies (2018).


MonsterTalk Live - Brian Sharpless - 22MAR2020

[EXPLICIT] Audio (podcast) feed from our MonsterTalk Live - this one with Dr. Brian Sharpless discussing the weird (real life) conditions behind lots of movies and myths. Brian previously joined us for one of my favorite interviews to discuss Sleep Paralysis. Find Brian's books and info here: Video of this Interview:


212 - We Believe in Dinosaurs

[Warning: This episode deals with politics and religion.] Karen and Blake discuss the new film We Believe in Dinosaurs with filmmaker Clayton Brown (who co-directed with Monica Long Ross) and paleontologist Dan Phelps. Want to help Dan with his research into the financial entities behind these parks? Reach out to him and volunteer: We Believe in Dinosaurs is streaming on: Amazon | Apple TV | Google Play | VUDU | X-Box Interested in the movie? Join the Virtual...


#211 - The Screaming Skulls

Today Karen and Blake discuss "Screaming Skulls" - a surprisingly common yet particularly English kind of haunting. Karen has a new short story based on this legend. Multiple Examples: Tunstead FarmTunstead MiltonSt Ambrose BarlowWardley HallAnne GriffithBurton Agnes HallSkull of Theophilus BroomeWarbleton Priory ruin, Rushlake Green,Calgarth Hall, Windermere Possibly dozens more and many have disappeared over time. 1895 book with a chapter on various Screaming Skulls. Allegedly,...


Announcement: MonsterTalk Live

We're doing a live video-chat with guest Brian Sharpless. Sunday night March 29, 2020 9 pm EST The show is free - but it's being streamed via Facebook so you'll need to join the MonsterTalk Facebook Group to participate. We plan to switch to streaming via YouTube soon - but this worked well in our small trial run last week. Hopefully, you'll enjoy hanging out with some other listeners and talking monsters. The topic for this one is the psychological conditions behind popular...


Spooktator Presents: Hellier (Haylier)

It's Blake here! I made a little cameo over at Hayley Stevens' podcast The Spooktator, joining Jeb Card (In ReSearch Of) to talk about the paranormal series HELLIER (Amazon, YouTube). If you're not familiar with that show, it's an independent paranormal show that combines pretty much every kind of paranormal topic you can think of into a strange narrative about... you know what? Just check out our coverage. (And Hayley's extensive show notes HERE.)


210 - Going Viral: The Covid19 Monster

Discussing COVID19 with virology expert Vincent Racaniello. Best place to get Covid19 Information: WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) sites for the latest factual information on this pandemic. Non-Profit Vaccine Effort: Tony Fauci - NHI health advisor to US Master site for Vincent's network: Shows from the Microbe.TV network: IMMUNE * TWiEVO: This Week in Evolution * TWiM: This Week in Microbiology * TWiN:...


209 - Strange But True

We are joined by author Kathryn Hulick, author of the new book Strange but True: 10 of the World's Greatest Mysteries Explained. The book introduces 10 weird topics covering everything from Atlantis to Zombies and meshes it all with skepticism and critical thinking. It's a great way to introduce a curious teen to the strange and unusual while arming them with the right tools to examine the questions critically. Topics include haunted houses, zombies, the mystery of Dyatlov pass and...


Introducing Life's Little Mysteries

The world can be a pretty mysterious place and we at Live Science love to ask and answer questions about mysteries big and small: about ancient civilizations, our planet and our solar system, the plants and animals that live alongside us, our bodies and how they work, and the technologies that we use every day. Join us on this exciting voyage of discovery and downright weirdness as we solve… Life’s Little Mysteries. Find Life's Little Mysteries in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audioboom, ...


208 - Monsters in the Media

We welcome Dr. James Mueller, associate dean of Journalism at the University of North Texas. He's the author of three books (with a fourth on the way) and they are: Shooting Arrows and Slinging Mud: Custer, the Press, and the Little Bighorn Tag Teaming the Press Towel Snapping the Press. He's also a member of the American Journalism Historians Association, and he joins us to talk about the history of newspapers and journalism and how to contextualize weird stories in the...


207 - The Guyra Ghost

Karen tells us about her research into the strange 1921 case known as "The Guyra Ghost." Rocks thrown, windows broken, strange knockings, spiritualists, and more! Her write up of this investigation appears in the January 2020 issue of Fortean Times. Discussed in this episode: The Guyra Ghost Mystery (1921) - lost contemporary comedy film shot on location Minnie Bowen, the center of the alleged haunting: Photograph of window damage at the Bowen home. Related: Karen's two recent...


#206 - Magic: Wicca and Witchcraft

We are joined by Rebecca Fox, who has been both a witch and a science & skepticism advocate, to discuss the history of modern witchcraft. RIP Terry Jones (of Monty Python) who passed away on Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020. Discussed in this episode: Gerald Gardner, father of Wicca Doreen Valiente Margaret Murray, an anthropologist whose The Witch-Cult in Western Europe was very influential on both Wicca and H. P. Lovecraft & R. E. Howard Ronald Hutton, author of Triumph of the Moon and The...