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14: Psychedelics

Many shirtless young men and tie-dyed young women, all with unkempt manes of hair restrained by greasy bandanas, dreamily reciting Allen Ginsberg poems and praising the works of Ken Kesey, while riding around in brightly painted VW buses from one Grateful Dead show to another during the counter-culture years of the 1960's, experimented with psychedelic drugs. But they weren’t — and aren’t — the only ones. Dr. George Greer is the president of the Heffter Research Institute in New Mexico and...


13: Big Data

Every login for every email address, retail website, fantasy sports league, social network, bank, insurance provider, newspaper, magazine, airline, payroll portal, online bill pay, cable provider, and membership rewards or subscription service, every link we click, website we visit and message we post online, all those saved logins, credit card numbers and addresses: All of that ever-growing dossier of information about us lives in pieces on servers in remote warehouses around the world...


12: Logistics

A cardboard box in a truck driven by a person, maybe after it flew on an airplane, delivered to an address: This happens tens of millions of times every day and to most of us likely seems not only routine but also extremely low-tech. But every one of those hundreds of thousands of delivery drivers must decide the order in which to make each of their 100 or so daily deliveries, each selecting from literally trillions of possible combinations of routes in hopes of finding the shortest one,...


11: The Quest for Nuclear Fusion

Cheap, clean and bountiful: When talking energy, those three adjectives used in harmony describe the holy grail for every consumer — whether commercial, individual or government. But while “clean” or “green” may conjure images of wind, air or water for many, Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory research physicist Dr. Fatima Ebrahimi thinks of a different reaction: nuclear fusion. Dr. Ebrahimi joins the pod to talk about her work to isolate and replicate this explosive reaction...


10: Crypto Madness

For those refreshing their Coinbase accounts as they read this, those familiar with the conversion rate from LiteCoin to OmiseGO and those still researching the most secure offline Ripple wallets, this is an Another Think Coming episode they can probably skip. For the rest of this pod’s recurrent, frequent, occasional and/or first-time listeners, if that first sentence read like a discussion of some nerdy computer game, this ep might be worth a listen, as the cryptocurrency craze seizes...


9: Looking for leaks

The proliferation of drones in recent years seems to have encouraged hip, innovative leaders in seemingly every field to at least attempt to incorporate this suddenly affordable, conversation-sparking technology into their work, critics might say, sometimes at the expense of efficiency or necessity. But as drones continue their flightpaths into the mainstream, humans seem certain to identify a probably endless number of more revolutionary applications of the technology. Two alumni of...


8: The Librarian

Books — physical, tangible, bound stacks of paper containing all of the knowledge of humanity in ink-printed words — still circulate through every school, homes, store, laboratory and office of power and change in this world, but increasingly man puts his thoughts and discoveries, past and present, into machines, publishing those digital tomes online for any and all to read. In a future world in which all of man’s past musings, his discoveries, his histories, buried deep in musty volumes...


7: Building Rockets

NASA and Elon Musk want to send enough people, equipment and supplies to Mars to colonize the Red Planet. Every day more satellites join the thousands of man-made hunks of metal orbiting our planet. Dozens of private companies now specialize in spaceflight. At this juncture, the demand for launching humans and things they built and need into outer space seems only likely to grow. ABL Space Systems founder and CEO and Space X alumnus Harry O'Hanley is building rockets to help launch the...


6: Smart Roads

More than four million miles of roadway crisscrosses the United States. These offline pieces of asphalt theoretically allow our vehicles to travel most efficiently but as our roads fall into disrepair and our various levels of government struggle to fund their maintenance, expansion and construction, a company in our nation's heartland offers a solution. Integrated Roadways CEO, CTO and founder Tim Sylvester offers pre-fabricated pieces of roadway that fit together to act as a fiber...


5: Hackers!

Another Think Coming apologizes for the way this episode may leave listeners feeling. An assessment of the present and future threats of cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism and cyber-warfare from one of the good guys on the front lines of those battles should do little to allay ones fears for their and our digital privacy and security. Security Scorecard Chief Research Officer Alex Heid is proud to call himself a hacker, patient to answer our basic and often poorly articulated questions and...


4: Indoor Farming Tech

While outdoor farming and outdoor ranching continues to produce the majority of the world's food stores, in many instances one can now harvest more crops, more times per year, more efficiently, netting more money by growing indoors. Our guest on this fourth installment of Another Think Coming is Allison Kopf, founder and CEO of Agrilyst, a company based in Brooklyn that for $250 a month offers farmers software to track every analytic – space, light, water, crop rotation, soil makeup, etc....


3: Playing The Perfect Game

We've dedicated this episode to a pursuit many identify as frivolous, a multi-billion dollar industry appreciating in technical sophistication as fast as any and developing technologies imitated and borrowed by seemingly every other field. We're talking video games on this episode of Another Think Coming with a man who's spent 25 years working at the highest levels of that field Ben Cammarano Creative Director, Digital Publishing & Licensing, Wizards of the Coast.


2: The Science Of Food

We talk food on this episode of Another Think Coming; things that resemble mayonnaise, eggs, maybe meat and hopefully sugar in taste, texture and functionality thanks to a team of food scientists led by award-winning pastry chef Ben Roche who describes his childhood self as a terrible eater and whose company's received the endorsement of and an investment from a man named Bill Gates.


1: The Cosmic Muffin And Other Mysteries Of The Universe

In this, Another Think Coming's inaugural episode, Mac talks outer space and the organisms like us who live on its planets and who - as far as we know - have yet to meet their rivals (allies?) on other planets. Our guest will educate us on perception, reality, a planet of alien octopi, the ever-growing cosmic muffin and all that exists outside of it. The man to help him accomplish that is Columbia's director of astrobiology, Caleb Scharf. #science #outerspace #nasa #exploration #fox5 #new...