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Remix – Atlantis in Sardinia with Dr. Emily Holt – Archaeological Fantasies ep 107

Nuraghe Santu Antine in TorralbaCristiano Cani picture via Wiki Commons. Note: there was an issue with the Audio file. This is a repost of episode 107. Today we are talking with Dr. Emily Holt from Miami University in Ohio. We learn about the Nuraghe civilization, the fantastic towers they built, and how all this is connected to Atlantis. Dr. Holt also gives us details on her summer field school, which focuses on CRM techniques, that is open for enrollment. Dr. Emily Holt:Twitter:...


Asteroids, Micro Diamonds, and the Younger Dryas with Jens Notroff: Archaeological Fantasies Ep 106

Today we talk to Jens Notroff about a recent report about a newly discovered asteroid crater under the Greenland Glacier. How is this connected to the Younger Dryas? What is the Younger Dryas? And is this evidence of Gobekli Tepe being older than it seems? (You can probably guess the answer for that one.) Show Notes: Jens Notroff:@jens2go Persnpal WebpageLetters From The FieldTHE TEPE TELEGRAMSGöbekli Tepe, Bad Fox, No Comet – Episode 73Articles:Ice Age Asteroid Crater Discovered Beneath...


Where Are the Real Viking Women Warriors? With Chelsi Slotten Archaeological Fantasies Episode 105.

Not a real viking... Welcome to Season 5 of the Archaeological Fantasies Podcast! To start the year off we're talking with Chelsi Slotten about Viking Women Warriors. What does archaeology say about women in Viking times? What are the controversies around the Birka Warrior? And why aren't female warriors better accepted in academia? Show notes: Chelsi Slotten: @osteoarchaeo Fox to solve history's greatest mysteries for the Travel...


New Archaeo-Genetics Articles With Jennifer Raff

Today, Dr. Jennifer Raff is back with us to talk about some recent articles on genetics in archaeology. Particularly the discovery of a new genetic ancestor to early Americans and new evidence about the migration of early Americans. Show Notes: Jennifer Raff at Forbes Ancient DNA Reveals Yet More Complicated Histories In The Americas Posth et al. 2018. Reconstructing the Deep Population History of Central and South America. Moreno-Mayar et al. 2018. Early human dispersals within the...


The History of Pseudoarchaeology: From Engagement to Isolation.

Things changed drastically as archaeology developed and professionalized. During the pre-professional time, or the Romantic Era of archaeology as Jeb Card and David Anderson (2016) call it, archaeology was really more of a jumbled collection of competing methodologies, antiquarians out looking for epic adventures chasing down mythic locations, and making extraordinary claims to establish racial dominance and promote nationalist agendas (Card and Anderson 2016). However, as the field of...

The History of Pseudoarchaeology: The Moundbuilders Myth

The first thing to look at any time you start a new project is the history of the topic. Our topic is practically as old as the field of archaeology itself, some might argue even older (Card 2018). The reason for this is that before the field of archaeology ‘professionalized’ there was a time of Antiquarians. This Time of Antiquarianism is very much like what Jeb Card (2018) calls mythic science time, a time before names and before organization. It’s not as mystical as it all sounds, but...

Man-Bear-Pig with Alex and Simona from the ArchaeoAnimals Podcast : Archaeological Fantasies Ep 102

Today we talk with Alex Fitzpatrick and Simona Falanga from The ArchaeoAnimals Podcast on the APN. We talk about Zooarchaeology and Cryptid Bones. We learn about chupacabra skulls and examine the Pig-Face Women of Vicotiran side-shows. Show Notes: Alex Fitzpatrick on Twitter Animal Archaeology Blog The ArchaeoAnimals Podcast @ArchaeoAnimals #ArchaeoAnimals Pig-faced women - Wikipedia The Foreign Woman in British Literature- Exotics, Aliens, and Outsiders - Google Books QI Talk Forum - View...


Archaeologists and Horror Movies in the MonsterTalk Crossover, Ep 101

Image: Cupid Fountain (Copyright Winchester Mystery House) Hello Boys and Ghouls, it's time for the MonsterTalk/Archaeological Fantasies Halloween Special. This year we're talking about Horror movies and the perils of being an archaeologist in them. Stay on the edge of your seats, as we dig up these horrific accounts of archaeology gone wrong. Show Notes: MonsterTalk Podcast MonsterTalk Patreon DoctorAtlantis (MonsterTalk )@DoctorAtlantis Karen Stollznow web page. Karen Stollznow...


Monstertalk Crossover Double Feature

Is I bet you can't guess what's in store for you, dear listeners, later on this month. Until then, slack you blood-lust on these two juicy episodes in our Pseudoarchaeology Double Feature. Music in this special episode Copyright Richard O’Brien. Thank You for listening. If you’d like to support the Podcast, consider donating to us on Patreon: or buy us a Ko-Fi : . Either option helps...


The Beardmore Relics with Douglas Hunter – Archaeological Fantasies Episode 100

Today we talk with Douglas Hunter about his new book Beardmore: The Viking Hoax that Rewrote History. We talk about what the interesting history of the Beardmore relics, how they affected Canadian history, and what lessons we can learn from the hubris of our past. Show notes: Douglass Hunter Website Beardmore: The Viking Hoax that Rewrote History The Beardmore Relics The Kensington Runestone Kensington Runestone Podcast Episode Archaeological Fantasies: Where the Vikings Weren't Thank You...


Sacred Fossils and Hindu Pseudoarchaeology With Dr. Holly Walters: Archaeological Fantasies Ep 99

Today we talk with Dr. Holly Walters about sacred Salagrama Fossils in the Hindu religion. What are these beautiful Fossils? How are they incorporated into the Hindu religion? And what weird powers has the American New Age assigned these religious artifacts? Dr. Walters gives us a fantastic break down of the three major religions in the area of Nepal and Tibet and an interesting look at their opinions on the New Age's appropriation of certain aspects of their religions. Show Notes: Dr. Holly...


Olmecs and Ancient DNA with Jennifer Raff – Archaeological Fantasies ep 98

Today we start a new segment with Dr. Jennifer Raff. We explore the use of ancient DNA in archaeology and how our understanding of such has changed over the years. We also look at the most recent misuse of the Olmec culture as evidence of a pre-columbic African presence in the Americas, and what DNA tells us about that. Show Notes: Jennifer Raff - @jenniferRaff - Twitter Violent Metaphors - Blog


Archaeogaming with Andrew Reinhard – Archaeological Fantasies Ep 97

Today we talk with Andrew Reinhard about his new book Archaeogaming: An Introduction to Archaeology in and of Video Games. We talk about the Atari ET dig, learn how Metaspace and Meat Space are similar, and talk a lot about No Man's Sky and Andrew's archaeological survey inside the game space. Show Notes and links of interest: Andrew Reinhard: Archaeogaming with Andrew Reinhard (Video) Meet the Archaeologist: Andrew Reinhard (Video) The Interactive Pasts Conference: Andrew Reinhard (Video)...


Canadian Pseudoarchaeology with Steph Halmhofer: Archaeological Fantasies EP 96

Today we're talking with Steph Halmhofer about her recent survey on Canadian Fears, modeled after the Chapman Survey of American Fears. She's looking at Canadian pseudoarchaeological beliefs, among other topics, and she's come on the show to share some preliminary results from her survey. If you're a Canadian resident and you want to take the survey, please use the link in the show notes! Show Notes: Steph Halmhofer Bones Stones and Books....


Creative Outreach and Geek Cons with Paulina Przystupa – Archaeological Fantasies Episode 95

Today we're talking with Paulina Przystupa (@punuckish) about the panel she put together at the SAA's this past Apil. Her topic was Creative Outreach focusing on using social media as a way of communicating what the public about archaeology. We talk about better ways to use various social media to make archaeology accessible to everyone, and how we can go to geek conventions and talk about archaeology. Show Notes: SAA Annual Meeting SAA 2018 Program Geek Girl Con Emerald City Comic Con Gen...


Pseudoarchaeology and Pop Culture with David Anderson – Archaeological Fantasies Podcast Episode 94

Today we're talking with Dr. David Anderson (@DSAArchaeology ) about the intersection of Archaeology and Pop culture, and how a history of pop culture, specifically comics and adventure genre has fed the prevalence of pseudoarchaeology ideas, especially Ancient Aliens and Ancient Astronauts . Show Notes: David Anderson's Blog - Archaeological Oddities Lost City of Z: The Mysterious Disappearance of Percy Fawcett: The explorer's disappearance continues to fascinate. The Lost City of Z: A Tale...


We’re On Hiatus Until July 1st! Yay Vacation!

2018 has been a bit of a roller coaster for the Archaeological Fantasies blog and podcast. I know many of you have noticed, so I figured, Let's have a rundown of what's happening here at the AF Studios... Last year I went back to finish my Masters' degree and well, between that and working full time, it's Unfortunately, the blog suffered and will need to be scaled back some, but I still need to make monthly markers, so stick with me. We'll have a good time still. I moved in...


Bears Ears Rock Art with Vaughn Hadenfelt – Episode 93

Links Welcome 2018 and Bears Ears Update - Episode 90 Antiquities Laws and Regulations - Episode 75 Friends of Cedar Mesa | Stewarding the greater Cedar Mesa area in ... Bears Ears Rock Art Pilling Collection of Fremont Culture Figurines Hexham Heads, ley lines, and Wear-sheep-men Contact If you'd like to support the Podcast, condenser donating to us monthly on Patreon: or giving just a little on Ko-Fi : . Either option helps...


CBC, The Solutrean Hypothesis, and Jennifer Raff – Episode 92

On today's episode we talk with Jennifer Raff about the recent CBC episode of The Nature of Things: Ice Bridge. We talk about how the Solutrean Hypothesis, how it's it's not supported by evidence and is supported but White Supremacists. We talk about the issues not brought up in the CBC show, and why we as archaeologists should be talking about it. Links CBC under fire for documentary that says first humans to colonize New World sailed from Europe. National Jan 11 2018 DNA in...


Contact and Immigration In Archaeology – Episode 91

LinksNational Monuments dedicated to immigration and the experience of immigrants and African captives:African Burial Ground, ManhattanManzanar Internment CenterLiberty Island-Ellis Island National MonumentEllis Island National Museum of ImmigrationContactEmail us at ArchyFantasies@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter at @Archyfantasies and find us on FaceBook. Theme Music by ArcheoSoup Productions