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Your Favorite EV, Plug-in, Hybrid Alt-Car Show


Charlotte, NC


Your Favorite EV, Plug-in, Hybrid Alt-Car Show






#409 Elon Take The Wheel

Timeline: 00:00 Intros 04:00 Meijer & EVgo partnership 06:35: Russell’s experience with FSD 20:10 This Week in Tesla 31:40 Upcoming ICE bans and timetables 43:20 Rivian to fund EV chargers at Colorado State Parks 47:10 Detroit Eyeing the EV Truck Market 58:05 Shout-outs and Go Home


#408 Carma for the Cat Burglars

Timeline: 00:00 Intros 05:55 Cryptocurrencies are Fossil Fuel Hungry 20:50 VW Power Day and BMW’s EV plan 31:00 This Week in Tesla 42:50 CA Law Enforcement finally going after Cat Burglars 50:05 KIA’s EV6 56:25 The Citroën Ami 58:50 Texas strikes back at the Anti-Fossil Fuel Lobby 1:03:25 Shout-outs and Go Home!


#407 Little Pink Tunnels And Nipple Mines

Timeline: 00:00 Intros 04:00 Boring Tunnel update 09:00 Siemen’s Energy is is looking at hydrogen energy investments 21:50 This Week In Tesla 31:15 VW ID-4 “free fuel” offer then charging using Electrify America 43:45 The war over public spaces 52:40 Shout-outs and Go Home!


#406 Texas has Gas

Timeline: 00:00 Intros 05:15 Monster Trucks Suck 13:10 Nimbus 3-wheeler 23:20 Gas Companies Fighting Progressive Initiatives 34:25 This Week in Tesla 42:35 Maybe We Should Have Fewer Cars 52:30 Polestar Opening 14 “Spaces” in the US 56:25 Michelin EV Tires 1:00:25 Shout-outs and Go Home


#405 Battery Arms Race

Timeline: 00:00 Intros 04:30 Uber still the most crooked company possible 10:55 Hyundai says it will replace the battery packs in ~82,000 EVs globally 20:40 This Week in Tesla 32:45 Mercedes testing new EV truck 36:25 China and Europe are Winning the EV Battery “Arms Race” 49:05 Shout-outs and Go Home


#404 Pineapple Pizza Not Found

Timeline: 00:00 Show Start 05:53 Membership Tier(s) 07:00 We Won’t Car Our Way Out of This 09:00 GM’s Norway commercial was Tone Deaf and Misleading 16:55 AirStream to Make Electric Assist Campers for EVs 23:00 This Week in Tesla 32:55 Looking at the Texas power situation 1:01:30 Shout-outs and Go Home


#403 Dam Canadians For Global Warming

This week the panel discusses: 00:00 Intros 05:45 Will Toyota finally bring EVs to the US? 16:40 Legacy Car Companies Quickly Approaching the ICEberg 32:35 This Week in Tesla 40:25 Quebec will use old dams for wind power energy storage 47:30 Colorado Giving away free E-bikes to essential workers 52:15 Shout-outs and Go home!


#402 Roll That Beautiful (Mini) Bean Footage

Timeline: 00:00 Intros 02:50 Why good reporting is so important 06:15 ALEXA uber alles 10:25 Amazon To Pay $61.7 Million to Settle FTC Charges 15:35 Tesla is forced to finally recall defective screens 21:20 This Week in Tesla 29:00 Where can you go in an EV with 1,000 miles of Range? 32:40 Iceland after a […]


#401 Attack of the Raccoon Sand Worms

Timeline: 00:00 Intros 03:20 NHTSA to take on battery safety 08:15 AQMD suspends guidelines to accommodate COVID cremations 13:35 You can buy Hasselhoff’s personal K.I.T.T. car 16:10 This Week in Tesla 25:50 Standardize Autonomy Terminology 34:45 SpaceX is now a natural gas drilling company 38:15 SPACs Everywhere! 44:20 Biden to convert federal fleet to made-in-America […]


#400 20 Times Twenty

Timeline:00:00 Show Start01:30 Michael Manring09:15 Teslaquilla14:20 Intros24:00 It’s Been 400 Shows!35:05 An Apple Car?55:10 This Week in Tesla (and GM?)1:07:20 Will Tesla Wreckognize E-Mode1:13:25 Biden’s Transportation Stimulus Package1:20:23 Shout-outs and Go Home


#399 Hostile Takeover

Georgia hosts the show and there’s a range of topics discussed. What are the topics? You’ll have to listen to find out.


#398 Stumbling

Online ad spending is (and always has been) mostly a scamKacey’s StoryThis Week in TeslaNew GE wind turbine kicks assGeorgia’s Story


#397 We Don’t All Wipe The Same

A year in review show where the panel a variety of things that happened and make some predictions for the future.


#396 Tesla Too High For You

Tesla’s market valuationthe republican death march continuesThis Week In Teslaapple car on again?we’re essentialTesla taxi experienced


#395 Robots Displace Humans

5:15 Toyota Mirai 10:30 Rivian Amazon van undercover 18:05 Hyundai buys Boston Dynamics 24:20 Tesla News – Giga Berlin – China superchargers – Tesla Parade 30:20 Bollinger strangely still rendering 33:33 EV West crate motor 37:00 Zoox autonomous shuttle vehicles 44:30 Personal deliveries are an environmental nightmare and so is packaging / recycling 58:40 Kandi […]


#394 The Rumors Of Russell’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

2:00 Consumer Report study EVs maintenance 9:10 Hydrogen fuel cell thermal improvements 14:30 Boring Company new Las Vegas station/tunnels 16:15 Starship SN8 test 18:20 TSLA Short sellers have banner 2020 / capital raise 20:00 Taxi company suing Tesla 23:05 Aptera (I also added a reservation to my Cybertruck order, why not‽) 27:20 Start Engine investment/kickstarter […]


#393 Cow Farts And Zambonis

Kacey’s StoryPaul’s StoryThe history of a vehicle we can all believe inThis Week In TeslaEspecially this dumbassRussell’s StoryLet’s talk briefly about survivabilityMumbai taxi ceilings


#392 It’s Parade Season Bitches!

GM dumps Trump, joins CaliforniaDon’t let a moose lick your carThis Week In TeslaNissan debuts an electric Titan truckWind powered cargo ship could make shipping much cleanerBMW blows it with a pointless redesignBoring company Vegas tunnel simulationCadillac dealers offered cash to just go dieRivian sells out launch editions of both new EVsMustang meets it’s EPA […]


#391 A Big Wallet And A Smile

00:00 Intro 02:45 Amazon Eyeing Rural Postal Service 13:15 Virgin Hyperloop Completes First Test 24:50 Meet the Tata Nexon EV 32:00 This Week in Tesla 38:00 Xcel Utility Increases EV Spend (and bills consumers for the tab) 44:55 Quebec to Ban New ICE Cars in 2035 50:15 Shout Outs and Go Home


#390 Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Tiny Costly Red Machinie

Expanding Equity In Electric Mobility The Kandi is ready to sell. This Week In Tesla Chicago’s MetraRail introduces dedicated Bike Cars Convert an original Mini to EV Mustang Falls short with EPA Ratings Allegedly Ford Invests in Kansas City Plant They can’t ditch the proprietary InfoTainment systems fast enough The doesn’t have a battery. The […]