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This is a podcast with a dad and his two sons talking about a wide variety of topics. Sometimes they are deep like episode 11, other times they are much broader based. We have moved to a shorter 30 minute podcast 2 times a week as opposed to the prior 45-60 minute format

This is a podcast with a dad and his two sons talking about a wide variety of topics. Sometimes they are deep like episode 11, other times they are much broader based. We have moved to a shorter 30 minute podcast 2 times a week as opposed to the prior 45-60 minute format
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This is a podcast with a dad and his two sons talking about a wide variety of topics. Sometimes they are deep like episode 11, other times they are much broader based. We have moved to a shorter 30 minute podcast 2 times a week as opposed to the prior 45-60 minute format






Adventitious Ep 104 - Movies, Oreos, and Paperclips

Bitcoin takes a dive, we test Oreos thanks to Hoshnasi, review of Universal Paperclips, Thor: Ragnarock, Justice League, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Also net neutrality & cultural appropriation. Links from this episode: - Our Sponsor - CoinFlash - Bitcoin Price Drops 22% in Four Days As Infighting Goes Public - Swell Family YouTube - Hoshnasi - TIL Double Stuf Oreos are actually made with less than double the creme of a regular Oreo (1.86 times the creme of a regular Oreo) - Bulk...


Adventitious Ep 103 - Echo Chambers, Discrimination, and Grave Robbers

Don't disagree with Google, or bad things happen, 4chan "it's OK to be white, blockchain privacy, confusing AI with a high caliber turtle, and grave robbers stealing steel from sunk ships. Links from this episode: !Our Sponsor - CoinFlash - What Happens When Google Disagrees With You? - Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber - Another Manufactured Diversity Spat - FAKE NEWS: 4 Things The Google Manifesto DOESN’T Say That The Media Claim It Says - Jordan B Peterson - Nature, Nurture,...


Adventitious Ep 102 - Interview with Louis Lapat of CoinFlash

Today's episode is an interview with Louis Lapat, founder of CoinFlash. We talk about a career in the arts, being an entrepreneur, cryptocurrencies, and CoinFlash. Links from this episode: - CoinFlash - Louis Lapat - IMDb - Automatically Invest Your Spare Change in Cryptocurrency With This App - This app will automatically invest your spare change in cryptocurrency - This is exactly how often cocaine and feces show up on your dollar bills - Dilbert - Scott Adams Blog - WhenHub...


Adventitious Ep 101 - Bump Stocks, Boy Scouts, & AIM

Something is fishy with the stories from the Las Vegas shootings, Boy Scouts take PC to the extreme, Mike Rowe & restricted YouTube videos, AIM is shutting down, and Mystery Flavor Oreos on the way. Links from this episode: - What are the 'bump stocks' on the Las Vegas shooter's guns? - Proof that a M240 Machine Gun used in Las Vegas Shooting @ Mandalay Bay - The unarmed security guard hailed as a hero after the Las Vegas shooting has mysteriously vanished - Mandalay Bay security...


Adventitious Ep 100 - Hoonigans, Shooters, & Cookie Butter Oreos

Ken Block's Climbkhana, a mosquito repellant phone, Nukemap, Puerto Rico aftermath, Las Vegas Shooter, Antifa in Utah, Oreo Cookie Butter Cookies, Coinflash investing, & a US and Russia Moon Station. Links from this episode: - TOYO TIRES | Ken Block’s Climbkhana: Pikes Peak Featuring the Hoonicorn V2 - It's Ken Block's 1,400bhp Hoonicorn Mustang V2! - RECARO Presents "Devil's Playground": The Jeremy Foley 2012 Pikes Peak Story - Version 2 (spec change for Climbkhana: Pikes Peak) - LG...


Adventitious Ep 99 - Whitehouse Mowers, Pee Physics, & Apple Pie Oreos

Whitehouse lawn mowing boy rocks, "Health Attacks" on diplomats in Cuba, the Apple Event, Dennys' new mascot, Apple Pie Oreos reviewed, JJ Abrams takes over Star Wars IX, & BlueBorne hits phones. Links from this episode: - NY Times reporter slammed after saying boy mowing White House lawn sends bad signal on child labor - Ex-NYT reporter mocked for critical tweet on 11-year-old moving WH lawn - Crime of fashion prompts campus evacuation - Porsche's Patrick Long Wins Pirelli World...


Adventitious Ep 98 - AI, Symbols, and Bagged Cars

ADHD looks more like a sleep problem, a bag to protect your car, humans are smarter than apes, AI issues, X-37B re-launch, eclipse doughnuts, context & symbol appropriation, & Clarkson quits smoking. Links from this episode: - Is ADHD really a sleep problem? - This Tesla Model S is literally floating in a flood bag in flooded garage in Houston - Twitter: Elon Musk - Extreme Vehicle Protection - VIDEO: Suspect Draws Gun, Gets Shot Multiple Times in Store Where Everyone Was Armed -...


Adventitious Ep 97 - Eclipse, Oreos, and My Heart Attack

Adventitious goes to see the eclipse and has a fantastic time. We talk about Wonko's heart attack. Yeah. That happened. We also try oreos, chocolate, and talk about the recent protests. Links from this episode: - NASA: Eclipse 2017 - AirBNB - BYU Idaho: Technology Support - Space Station Transiting 2017 ECLIPSE, My Brain Stopped Working - Smarter Every Day 175 - Solar Eclipse Timer - Traffic into Utah jammed as eclipse fans head home on Interstate 15 - Coronary Angiography |...


Adventitious Ep 96 - Flakka, Valarian, & North Korea

Flakka: an evil new drug, pizza fatalities, Valerian review, campus concealed carry, North Korea and their nuclear game, and Ron Dennis may get paid out in fabulously rare cars. Links from this episode: - ‘Devil’s Drug’: Flakka Is Driving Florida Insane - WARNING!!! EXTREMELY DISTURBING!!! 'FLAKKA' - TERRIFYING DEMON ZOMBIE DRUG SWEEPING THE NATION!!! - 10 Odd items from Vertu’s luxury liquidation auction - ‘Pizza fatalities’ reported after DiGiorno, Tombstone truck crashes on...


Adventitious Ep 95 - YouTube Censors, Eclipse Disaster, and Sign Hacking

YouTube is starting to censor content that doesn't break its content rules, preparing for the eclipse may be preparing for disaster, and researchers hack signs to confuse autonomous vehicles. Links from this episode: - YouTube will suppress some controversial content — even if it doesn’t violate policies - Steven Crowder - Young Turks - ADL: Hate on Display™ Hate Symbols Database - Cornell Law School: First Amendment - What is open source? - GitHub - SourceForge - Freakonomics...


Adventitious Ep 94 - Voyager, Bitcoin Forks, and DefCon

Mormon's should have stopped Trump? Voyager nears 40, Bitcoin just forked, a molten metal squirt gun, Patook, DefCon & Black Hat, and the crazy electronic badges of DefCon. Links from this episode: - Huffington Post says Mormons could've kept Trump from reaching the White House but they didn't - Poll: Hillary Clinton Is Less Popular Than Trump - NASA's Voyager Spacecraft Nears 40th Anniversary, Still Transmits Data - The Emoji Movie - Up - HBO Security Contractor: Hackers Stole...


Adventitious Ep 93 - SSL, Fish Rain, & Our Flat Universe

Google is cracking down on slipshod Certificate Authorities, a fake strongman duo from Reddit, fish rain in Honduras, SpaceX scraps Mars shot for now, and we discuss the flatness of the universe. Links from this episode: - Google drops the boom on WoSign, StartCom certs for good - Firefox ready to block certificate authority that threatened Web security - Wikipedia: Idiot light - SHA-1 Broken - Fake strongman duo, Chop & Steele, that pranked a news station, started a GoFundMe to pay...


Adventitious Ep 92 - Of Putin, Oligarcs, and Adoption

We discuss an episode of Planet Money that discusses the Magnitsky Act, how it relates to Trump, and we discuss why that doesn't matter. Links from this episode: - Planet Money: Episode 784: Meeting The Russians - Freakonomics: When Helping Hurts - Freakonomics:Oil #1: We Buy Oil - Supporters of the Magnitsky Act Claim They've Been Targets of Russian Assassination and Kidnapping Bids - Byron York: Harvard study: CNN, NBC Trump coverage 93 percent negative - Scott Adams Blog: Good...


Adventitious Ep 91 - The NRA, a Manned Multirotor, & More Bad Science

Dana Loesh's NRA ad is imploding heads, CNN takes on a Redditor and loses, hacker makes a manned multirotor from 76 propeller, Ron Howard takes on Han Solo Movie, & renewable energy study gutted. Links from this episode: - Freedom's Safest Place | S2 E2: "The Violence Of Lies" - Watch The NRA Ad That’s So Outrageous, Women’s March Is Demanding An Apology - Women’s March Angry Over New Ad, Set To Protest NRA - Wikipedia: Bundy standoff - Wikipedia: Deep state in the United States -...


Adventitious Ep 90 - The Eclipse, Sam The Eagle, and DefCon Videos

We discuss the 2017 total eclipse, Reddit: Shower Thoughts, are eclipses going extinct? a Rotary 180, USS Fitzgerald collision, and we watch Def Con, Black Hat and Hacktivity videos. Links from this episode: - 2017 Eclipse - NASA: Eclipse 101 - PBS Kids: Find Your Blindspot - Solar Eclipse Timer - SmarterEveryDay - Smarter Every Day 2 - Reddit: Shower Thoughts - Total solar eclipses are going extinct - Map of Future Eclipses - Rotary Turns 180 Degrees On Restrictive Firearm...


Adventitious Ep 89 - Reconsideration, Thomas Midgley, & Netflix Ratings

We talk about the Planet Money podcast episode 780, Reddit Change My View, Katherine Baicker changes her mind with science, Thomas Midgley and his one-man environmental disaster, and Netflix thumbs. Links from this episode: - Planet Money: Oil #1: We Buy Oil - Episode 780: On Second Thought - Reddit/Change My View - NEJM: The Oregon Experiment — Effects of Medicaid on Clinical Outcomes - What is Occam's Razor? - Senate healthcare bill: Read the full text - Pelosi: "We Have to Pass...


Adventitious Ep 88 - Unicode URLs, Border Homes, & GMOs

A home that crosses the US-Canadian border for sale, Navy ship hit by cargo ship, US soldiers helping Philippines, Unicode URLs are phishing you, April 1st fake news, and GMO vs selective breeding. Links from this episode: - Ever wanted to live in 2 nations at once? Here’s your chance - Along the U.S.-Canada border, an invisible but hardening wall rises - The Odd Existence of Point Roberts, Washington - ISIS leader al-Baghdadi reportedly killed in Russia-led airstrike – MoD - Seven...


Adventitious Ep 87 - Puerto Rico, Knifes and Guns, & Le Mans

Will Puerto Rico become the 51st state? Reddit shower thoughts, a knife or a gun? 24 Hours of Le Mans, & a Virginia county creating their own wireless broadband for education. Links from this episode: - Despite Vote in Favor, Puerto Rico Faces a Daunting Road Toward Statehood - Proportional Representation - Reddit: Shower Thoughts - CapArms Question of the Day: Would You Rather Face a Knife or a Gun? - Specialist: Army Training Manual for medical care specialists - HARSH REALITY:...


Adventitious Ep 86 - Black Panther, WOW, & Your Printer Tracks You

This episode we talk about the Thor:Ragnarok & Black Panther Trailers, Richard Hammonds current crash, the WOW signal, yellow printer dots code, iOS 11, Foscam fails, & Puerto Rico vote for statehood. Links from this episode: - Black Panther Teaser Trailer [HD] - Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer [HD] - Richard Hammond vows return after car crash in Switzerland - Richard Hammond's car crash will affect The Grand Tour, says Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear - Wow! mystery signal from space...


Adventitious Ep 85 - Purple Mattress Review & Wonder Woman Spoilercast

Today we talk mattresses and review our recent unsponsored purchase of the Purple mattress. We also have our Wonder Woman spoilercast, and review the movie. Links from this episode: - Purple Mattress Company - Purple Mattress Review Videos - Whats inside a Mattress - Bonnell Springs - Standard Mattress Sizes - Wonder Woman Official Website - Wonder Woman Comics