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B2 Episode 67

The tropics have become a little more active, but the big story this week was the first real cold front affecting a lot of the nation. Bonnie in Oklahoma got some cool radar loops and weather social media was all over it. We're making that move from summer to fall to winter. Tropical Storm Melissa is sending in high waves into the Atlantic seaboard and there are couple of areas that NHC is watching.


B2 Episode 66

The tropics have quieted down nicely, however we still have just under two months to go until the official end of the season. Bonnie talks about the cold front that blasted through Oklahoma yesterday and Bobby describes his weird vibrant dreams involving doppler radar. The Weather Channel has released its names for winter storms for the 2019-2020 season and we pick our favorites!


B2 Episode 65

As the tropics have backed off slightly on activity, major Hurricane Lorenzo is just minding his own business in the Atlantic. Forecasts are calling for him to head toward the Azore Islands and then head up to Ireland. Back here in the US, we had some wild weather happen from Montana to Arizona and up into the upper Midwest. Severe storms brought tornadoes, hail, and damage.


B2 Episode 64

The tropics are where the party is at this week! Imelda came and went and she left flooding rains over the gulf coast. Attention is now focused on storms Jerry and Karen. Jerry is out over open seas and Karen is forecasted to impact Puerto Rico midweek as a tropical storm. All eyes will be on her. The next storm in the chain is coming off of Africa and has a 90% chance of formation. Once that happens, Lorenzo will become it's given name.


B2 Episode 63

The tropics remain very active as Tropical Storm and soon to be Hurricane Humberto churn away in the Atlantic. Humberto has pelted the always fragile islands of the Bahamas, but with just tropical storm force winds and rain, and thankfully won't affect them as a hurricane. We break down the size of Bermuda where Humberto is headed and we talk about major Hurricane Kiko in the Eastern Pacific.


B2 Episode 62

Hurricane Dorian came ashore in the US near the Outer Banks of North Carolina and then quick proceeded up the coast toward New England before coming ashore again in Nova Scotia. Dorian caused wide spread damage along Coastal Carolina and once again when it slammed into Canada. The tropics remain active as the Gabrielle is headed toward Ireland, England, and Scotland. One new wave coming off Africa that warrants being watched. We talk about the impacts of the tornadoes that came ashore with...


B2 Episode 61

On this edition of B Squared, it's all about Hurricane Dorian. The once Cat 5 storm with winds of 185mph slowly made his way through the Bahamas, leaving a path of destruction that will be felt for years to come. The storm is forecast to move up the east coast seaboard and affect South and North Carolina. Dorian will be a storm that is looked at as a storm that rewrote the forecasting books.


B2 Episode 60

The tropics have finally started to heat up. Tropical Storm Dorian is out in the Atlantic and forecast to move into the Lesser Antilles this week. NHC is watching an area of showers off the North Carolina coast and further development is expected. Severe storms are starting to appear once again for the second chase season. Several states saw tornadoes this week and the outlook for strong and severe storms will exist for the upcoming week. We look at the forecasts for Oklahoma City and...


B2 Episode 59

The second chase season is upon us this week as several states in the upper Midwest and Central Plains have seen severe storms move through. The tropics remain very quiet, and that has us thinking if we've seen the worst, or a repeat of last year is on its way. Bonnie continues to deal with extreme heat in Oklahoma City.


B2 Episode 58

It's been hot and humid over the central plains while the Northwest has seen some strong thunderstorms this week. The tropics remain quiet even as NOAA has issued it's revised seasonal outlook, calling for an above average hurricane season. Bonnie and Bobby discuss physics with roundabouts and how they clearly do not make tornadoes more likely and we break down our regional forecasts.


B2 Episode 57

We talk about aliens and weather


B2 Episode 56

We jump into the weather by taking a look at the heat affecting the desert SW and spreading into the plains. We take a detour and talk about palm trees and hygrometers. Tropical Storm Erick is headed toward Hawaii and the Atlantic remains relatively quiet. All this and much much more on this weeks edition of B Squared Weather.


B2 Episode 55

The heat is on! With heat indexes reaching into triple digits, a lot of the country is baking...but help is on the way. We break down the storms and the cooling effect that they bring and we look at the cold front forecasted to usher in more moderate air this week. The tropics are somewhat quiet and we look at the forecasts for Oregon and Oklahoma.


B2 Episode 54

Welcome to B Squared, your weekly weather podcast. We talk about Hurricane Barry and it's impacts on the Gulf Coast and up the Mississippi River. We take a different look at the storm and venture down several different paths. Are you up on your hurricane trivia? Good, we are too and you'll hear why! We will look at the forecasts for Oklahoma and Oregon as well.


B2 Episode 53

We kick off the second year of "B Squared" with Bonnie's favorite 4th of July joke and it's all down hill from there. Portland had a tornado this week come through and do some damage. NWS Portland rated as an EF-0. The eastern Pacific Ocean is active with two storms while we await a possible tropical system to move off the US into the gulf. Anchorage sets a new all time high temperature and according to one set of guidelines, it snowed in Houston, Texas last week. Bonnie and I talk about the...


B2 Episode 52

We celebrate the 1st year of B Squared, Your Weekly Weather Podcast! Bobby got a rare opportunity to storm chase this week and got to see some awesome storms. The tropics remain really quiet except for Tropical Storm Barbara in the Eastern Pacific. We look at our 4th of July forecasts and look forward to year 2 of B Squared!


B2 Episode 51

We start to celebrate our one year anniversary, we look back at a wild week in weather. A derecho made its way from Colorado to South Carolina, leaving a lot damage in it's path. The tropics remain quiet and we sort of shame the rest of the non weather world for finally joining summer.


B2 Episode 50

It's been an active weekend in the Plains as Oklahoma City and the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex got into the action with severe thunderstorms. We look at the meteorology behind the storms and talk about what we saw. A PDS Thunderstorm Watch was issued and I don't think most people realized that was that serious of a threat.


B2 Episode 49

It seems once we hit June 1st, the severe storms just shut off, obviously that's not the case, but it really feels like it. We talk about the storms that moved through Oklahoma City this morning and then headed to Dallas. The tropics are quiet and its about the heat up in the Pacific Northwest.


B2 Episode 48

It's been a very active second half of the month of May for severe storms across the US. We break down how many tornado reports the SPC received and take a look at how even with it so high, it's not that uncommon. Happy Meteorological Summer and the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. One area of interest has popped up and could become the second named storm of the season. Bonnie break down the Oklahoma forecast and Bobby talks about Oregon!