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Storytelling of our life. Scientists, entrepreneurs, writers and others who think, act and drive change to a world in transition.

Storytelling of our life. Scientists, entrepreneurs, writers and others who think, act and drive change to a world in transition.
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Storytelling of our life. Scientists, entrepreneurs, writers and others who think, act and drive change to a world in transition.




Max, klimat och gröna burgare - Beyond One Degree

Den 8 mars 2018 hade Max Burgers ett seminarium i Stockholm. Man presenterade då sina ambitioner kring hållbarhets- och klimatfrågor samt en serie av nya vegetariska burgare. Jag var där och lyssnade samt spelade in seminariet. Det här podavsnittet är producerat i samarbete med Max Burger. Efter det ordinarie seminariet, när åhörarna var ute och testade Max nya gröna burgare, så gjorde jag en intervju med Anna Richert matexpert på Världsnaturfonden och Ingela Stensson, omvärldsanalytiker...


Solel och fastigheter - Beyond One Degree

Den här podden kom till på mitt initiativ efter ett seminarium som arrangerades av Solelkommissionen. Jag var inbjuden som åhörare och temat för dagen var ganska ljust (metaforen oundviklig): Det går bra för solel och vi är alla överens om att göra det ännu bättre. En positiv stämning präglade hela samtalet, alla föreföll vara överens och man får anstränga sig för att hitta differentierade åsikter eller smolk i bägarna. Kan det vara så att det bara är full fart framåt som gäller? Nätverket...


Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement - Beyond One Degree

Rob Hopkins tells us the story of how the Transition movement started and how he uses stories and innovations to paint possibilities and reposition the way we see ourselves in relation to nature and the future. Rob has created the world-wide network of positive engagement he imagined to himself a more than a decade ago. People rebuilding local agriculture and food production, localizing energy production, rethinking healthcare, buildings, waste management and more. Rob visited Sweden in...


#7 Kevin Anderson. We can succeed, but humanity is about to choose to fail - Beyond One Degree

In this episode we meet Kevin Anderson, professor of Climate and Energy at the University of Manchester. Kevin talks about the widespread illusion that we can mitigate climate change within business as usual, small steps and some future technology. Instead the understanding that we have a carbon budget forces us to reduce the emissions of CO2 with about 10% per year, starting now. He concludes that we have the scientific knowledge and technical solutions to move to renewable energy, but we...


#6 Martin Hedberg’s lecture for Klimatsvaret, Citizens Climate Lobby Sweden - Beyond One Degree

This episode differs somewhat from the others, as it is mainly in Swedish. It’s a recording of a talk I had for Klimatsvaret, the Swedish branch of Citizens Climate Lobby. The talk was about Planetary radiation budget, our dependence upon the biosphere and moral in the form of equality and justice. But also briefly about Complex adaptive systems, innovations, leverage points, responsibility and feedbacks making systems resilient, or making them collapse. I conclude that we need more of...


#5 Rodney Schwartz, CEO ClearlySo about Impact investing - Beyond One Degree

In this episode we meet Rodney Schwartz, CEO at ClearlySo. They work as an investment bank, but with a twist. They care about social and environmental issues just as much as financial return. It’s called Impact investing and it refers to investments made with the intention to generate a beneficial social and/or environmental impact alongside a financial return. Rodney talks about the business and it's impacts as well as his personal incentives for engaging in the environment and social...


#4 Sasja Beslik. The Financial Market and Climate Change - Beyond One Degree

Did you ever wonder if there was a purpose with the financial market? Sasja Beslik, Head of Sustainable Finance at Nordea, gives you some answers. This weeks episode is about the financial market in response to environmental challenges. No, that was/is not the purpose of the Market, but they are connected. And why doesn't people take to the streets to protest against all the strange and uncomfortable situations we are facing? Part of the answer: The middle class ain't to shaken yet. They...


#3 Will Steffen. Anthropocene, Great acceleration and Feedbacks - Beyond One Degree

This weeks episode is an interview with Will Steffen. He an Australian Earth system scientist and he knows a lot about things like the biosphere, glacial cycles, ocean acidification, fossil industry, geo-engineering, complex system, feedbacks, resilience and tipping points. One of the stories Steffen will share with you is the situation when Nobel prize winner Paul Crutzen invented the name and concept of The Anthropocene. Will was one of the scientists in the room as it happened in at a...


#2 Sarah Cornell about The Anthropocene - Beyond One Degree

A conversation with Sarah Cornell, a scientist and researcher at SRC, Stockholm Resilience Centre, about The Anthropocene, ecosystems, feedbacks (both in nature and in models), Planetary Boundaries, the SDGs, dinosaurs and what it takes to create major shifts on this planet. Sarah Cornell is the Coordinator of the Planetary Boundaries research laboratory and the co-convenor of the international Planetary Boundaries Research Network. She has a particular focus on conceptualisations of...


#1 Caroline von Post och Stormie Poodle - Beyond One Degree

Den här podden handlar om Caroline von Post som grundat Stormie Poodle. Jag intervjuade henne den 24:e november i Stockholm. Caroline är biolog och har kombinerat behovet av bekväma barnkläder med minskat resursslöseri och ökade samhällsinsatser. Hennes företag använder lakan och handdukar, som ratas av hotellen, för att skapa bra barnkläder. Själva produktionen, tillverkningen är, som hon själv säger, juste. Det stannar inte vid re-cycling, det handlar om up-cycling: Hon inte bara...


Brief introduction to SDG by Alan AtKisson - Beyond One Degree

A short interview, January 14, 2016, with Alan AtKisson a scientist, consultant and musician about the SDG:s. He is a hopeful, constructive and committed person with knowledge of the negotiations that led to all countries signing the 169 UN goals.