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Playing with Fire 7 with Gary Galasso

Isabel talks with Gary Galasso, retired Deputy Fire Chief and current chair of IAED’s Fire Council of Standards. They discuss FPDS version 7, including new protocols, what changes were made, and what spurred those changes. For Your Information: 2017 California wildfire casualty numbers: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/california-fires-a-rising-toll-in-deaths-and-dollars/ Want to get involved in a study? Have a question? Email us at dispatchindepth @ emergencydispatch (dot) org


RoboDispatcher with Nick Nudell

Isabel talks with Nick Nudell, interim EMS chief for UC Health in Colorado and the chief data officer for The Paramedic Foundation. They discuss the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning, how AI can enhance the emergency dispatch experience, and whether or not emergency dispatchers will ever be replaced by robots. For Your Information: Nick’s article on AI in AEDR: https://www.aedrjournal.org/artificial-intelligence-for-us/ Information on the origin of the Data...


An Emergency by Any Other Name with Ross Rutschman and Ken Hotaling

Isabel talks with Ross Rutschman and Ken Hotaling, two implementations experts and program administrators with Priority Dispatch. They discuss cultural differences in handling emergencies, how the protocol is implemented in other countries, and a study that’s trying to find out if people around the world describe medical symptoms in the same way. Want to get involved in a study? Have a question? Email us at dispatchindepth @ emergencydispatch (dot) org


Bridging the Gap with Tony Guido

Isabel talks with Tony Guido, a program administrator for Priority Dispatch. They discuss the value of positive feedback, bridging the gap between communication centers and first responders, and tangible benefits of achieving ACE. Want to get involved in a study? Have a question? Email us at dispatchindepth @ emergencydispatch (dot) org


The Heart of the Matter with Dr. Chris Olola

Isabel talks with Dr. Chris Olola, the director of research and biomedical informatics at the IAED. They discuss the role of emergency dispatch in patient care, heart attacks coded as ALPHA at dispatch, and the future of the research team. For Your Information: AMI: Acute Myocardial Infarction Dr. Olola’s study about heart attacks coded as ALPHA at dispatch: https://www.aedrjournal.org/characteristics-of-acute-myocardial-infarction-cases-coded-as-low-acuity-at-dispatch/ Want to get...


The Rest of the Story with Sherri Stigler

Isabel talks with Sherri Stigler, Training and Operations Manager for Waukesha County Communications. They discuss Sherri's background in emergency communications, how giving emergency dispatchers closure reduces burnout, and tips for implementing a similar program in your center. For Your Information: An article Sherri wrote about the study: https://iaedjournal.org/black-hole-no/ “Providing Dispatchers ‘The Rest of the Story’” research poster:...


Silence is Not Always Golden with Dr. Heidi Feldman

Summary: Isabel talks with Dr. Heidi Feldman, a conversation analyst at Northeastern University. They discuss active silent callers, the four-second rule, and qualitative research. For Your Information: The “Four-Second Rule” for Identifying the Active Silent 911 Caller: https://www.aedrjournal.org/the-four-second-rule-for-identifying-the-active-silent-911-caller/ Want to get involved in a study? Have a question? Email us at dispatchindepth @ emergencydispatch (dot) org


Measure Twice Dispatch Once with Vincent Robbins

Isabel talks with Vincent Robbins, president and CEO of MONOC. They discuss why objective measurement is so important, the problems associated with using lights and sirens in an emergency response, and the steps to help local leaders and community members have realistic expectations about response times. For Your Information: MONOC: https://www.monoc.org/newPub/index.cfm The Savvik Foundation: http://www.savvik.org/Vendors-And-Distributors/Vendors/North-Central-EMS Meaningful Metrics...


Come Together Right Now Over Research with Dr. Louisa Stark and Heather Coulter

Isabel talks with Dr. Louisa Stark, professor of human genetics and director of the Genetic Science Learning Center, and Heather Coulter, Community Liaison for the Community Outreach and Collaboration Core of the Center for Clinical and Translational Science. They discuss the definition of translational science, the importance of community collaboration in research, and the role of trust and transparency in working with the public. For Your Information: Genetic Science Learning Center:...


The Bright Side of Q with Kevin Pagenkop

Isabel talks with Kevin Pagenkop, a member of the ED-Q Council of Standards. They discuss how ED-Qs experience stress differently than line dispatchers, how giving positive recognition can help combat “the sponge effect,” and how giving critical feedback can be just as hard as receiving it. Want to get involved in a study? Have a question? Email us at dispatchindepth @ emergencydispatch (dot) org


Respect Resistance with Mike Taigman

Isabel talks with Mike Taigman, Improvement Guide for FirstWatch. They discuss how data can be used to reduce human suffering, the benefits of listening to people who are resistant to change, and EMS Agenda 2050. For Your Information: FirstWatch: https://www.firstwatch.net/ W. Edwards Deming: -The 14 Points of Management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsF-8u-V4j4 -The System of Profound Knowledge https://deming.org/explore/so-pk EMS Agenda 2050: http://emsagenda2050.org/ Want to get...


A Room Full of Nerds with Dawn Faudere and Rich Lindfors

Isabel talks with Dawn Faudere, Operations Supervisor at Johnson County Emergency Communications, and Rich Lindfors, Total Quality Improvement Manager at Richmond Ambulance Authority. They discuss what it’s like to be an amateur in research, the studies they conducted at their individual centers, and the research workshop at Navigator. Want to get involved in a study? Have a question? Email us at dispatchindepth @ emergencydispatch (dot) org


Bends in the Pipe with Allen Siorek

Isabel talks with Allen Siorek, retired Gainesville Fire Rescue District Chief. They discuss the research projects required for graduation from the National Fire Academy's Executive Fire Officer Program, how realistic NFPA response time standards are, and the shift toward evidence-based practices in the fire service. For Your Information: Executive Fire Officer Program: https://www.usfa.fema.gov/training/nfa/programs/efop.html NFPA: National Fire Protection Association...


Professor Popsicle Dives Again with Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht

Isabel talks with Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, also known as Professor Popsicle, the world’s foremost authority on freezing to death. They discuss the ethics of freezing people, the 1-10-1 principle, and the best way to get out of a sinking vehicle. For Your Information: IRB: Institutional Review Board (an administrative body that protects the rights and welfare of human research subjects) Article in Outside Magazine https://www.outsideonline.com/1821211/meet-prof-popsicle Demonstrating the...


You’ve Got Me Doing Emotional Labor with Dr. Sharon Mastracci and Ian Adams

Isabel talks with Dr. Sharon Mastracci, an expert in emotional labor, and Ian Adams, a doctoral student and former law enforcement officer. They discuss the role of emotional labor in emergency dispatch, the correlation between high emotional labor and high sense of fulfillment in careers, and the need to highlight the job being done by emergency dispatchers. For Your Information: Emotional Labor and Crisis Response: Working on the Razor’s Edge...


O Come, All Ye Burned Out with Kim Rigden

Isabel talks with Kim Rigden, psychology enthusiast and the associate director of accreditation at IAED. They discuss the importance of positive psychology in a field as stressful as emergency dispatch, the concept of feedforward, and small things you can do to make your outlook a little more positive. For Your Information: VIA Strengths Survey (https://www.viacharacter.org/survey/account/register) Handout from The Psychology of the 911 Call...


Stroke of Genius with Chuck Gipson

Isabel talks with Chuck Gipson, Quality and Education Manager for MEDIC EMS. They discuss how emergency dispatchers were instrumental in getting the prehospital stroke alert off the ground, the importance of getting a stroke patient help as soon as possible, and building trust between dispatch centers, paramedics, and hospitals. For Your Information: MEDIC EMS (http://www.medicems.com/) tPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator): a medicine that helps break down blood clots that is primarily used...


How to Train Your Dispatcher with Bonni Stockman and Jordan Sebresos

Isabel talks with Bonni Stockman, the associate director of instructor services for IAED, and Jordan Sebresos, a senior instructional designer for Priority Dispatch. They discuss training needs in a dispatch center, the best methods for educating emergency dispatchers, and the qualities of a good instructor. For Your Information: Excited delirium: a condition that presents with psychomotor agitation, delirium, and sweating. It may include attempts at violence, unexpected strength, and very...


Whose Triage Is It Anyway? with Dr. Conrad Fivaz and Gigi Marshall Knight

Isabel talks with Dr. Conrad Fivaz, the clinical director of Priority Solutions, and Gigi Marshall Knight, Emergency Communication Nurse System (ECNS) program administrator. They discuss the goals of secondary triage, the importance of studying low acuity calls, and how ECNS affects emergency dispatchers. For Your Information: Priority Solutions Inc™: http://www.prioritysolutionsinc.com/ Ambulate: to walk or move about The abstract for the ALPHA study mentioned by Isabel at 17:58:...