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Win some, lose some

Our failures don't need to define us - cliche, we know! Listen as Simon and Deena share some of their failures while in academia and as far back as high school. Also, Simon's good friend Dom shares what she views as failures during her PhD and, "against all odds", becoming a faculty member in a prestigious liberal arts university in New York. Deena shares the perspective from an interview she came across that allowing oneself to be vulnerable and share failures comes from a place of...


Green Rush or Green Goblin?

Green Rush or Green Goblin - The varying potencies of cannabis legalization. Listen to Part 1 of Simon and Deena's discussion about drug use in Canada. Topics include: decriminalization vs legalization; Fact Check on cannabis laced with fentanyl; apparent East-Coast trend of lacing cannabis with Windex; the varying drug policies re: cannabis by province; and harm reduction techniques. In an upcoming episode, Part 2, Simon and Deena take drug policy questions to the leader of their...



Recent happenings in Ontario have put the province in the spotlight. Listen as Deena summarize current events, such as U of T's new policy mandating involuntary medical leave of absence for mental health issues; and, the shocking return to the 1998 sexual education curriculum. Simon reminds us of an important aspect of politics - who is accountable for potential harm associated with new party policies, particularly when a solid evidence-base exists? Simon presents a concise synopsis and...



According to @drdeenamhamza, the #ImmodestWomen movement is just beginning. Listen as @drsimonlandry and Deena discuss the source of this hashtag and their experiences using the title "Dr." Bonus: Deena has kept Simon honest in his "make-right" project. Listen as Simon shares the letter he sent to his forgotten participants. Follow us @DYES_podcast and on iTunes. Leave us comments and reviews - we'd love to hear your thoughts!


Weaponized Knowledge

Knowledge mobilization, knowledge translation, and knowledge transfer and exchange – what do these terms really mean? Do you know the difference between innovation and invention? Simon updates Deena on “broader impact” and his take on a recent conference he attended in Winnipeg. As a topic of interest, Simon shares a recent article he came across in the Globe & Mail about Canadian research with an industry partner that led to a patent for the company. However, this intellectual property,...


Hello! Imposter Syndrome

During conversations, Simon has noticed Deena use the line: "I can't be smart all the time" and has often wondered how this phrase came to be. In this episode of "Do You Even Science?" Deena shares that her go-to line is a culmination of events occurring during her PhD and after as she tackles trainee positions as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Medicine. Listen to discover if Deena has been facing high expectations, perhaps a bar she can't reach? Or are the expectations themselves impossible...


Regrets, I've had a few

Regrets – I’ve had a Few: Graduate studies are a long-term investment and during this path there are a lot of ups and downs, and at some stages, more downs than ups. Simon agrees to be really vulnerable and share his experiences with listeners. As he details his feelings during and after his PhD, Deena and Simon come up with a plan to support positive change and wellbeing. What are your regrets from grad school? Tweet us @DYES_podcast. We’d love to hear your thoughts. If you want to help...


Between the ears or between the legs?

How is “policy” defined? And, what role do researchers play in the development of policies? Simon and Deena share their view on how “policy” is defined and the importance of taking research findings a step further, and how to engage politicians and other leaders in our work. Evidence-base leading to policy development, or policy development guiding the evidence-base? As a topic of interest in her field, Deena teaches Simon about transgender rights through Canada’s newly enacted policy to...


Who cares? Re: Communicating Science

Straight from the expert, BBC Science Journalist Matt McGrath (@MattMcGrathBBC) answers a pressing question: "Who Cares?" when it comes to communicating science. While honing his skills through a position at York University as the Science Communicator in Residence, Matt is snagged on his last day in Canada for a DYES interview by Simon (@drsimonlandry). Insightful tips on how to communicate science from building relationships with journalists to creating usable audiovisual content. What...