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Welcome to Doctors Unbound podcast. This is a show that highlights physicians doing interesting things outside clinical medicine, and the experts that can help them. Starting a business, or blog, investing, writing, or entering politics, this show gives you a behind-the-scenes look at doctors doing amazing things.

Welcome to Doctors Unbound podcast. This is a show that highlights physicians doing interesting things outside clinical medicine, and the experts that can help them. Starting a business, or blog, investing, writing, or entering politics, this show gives you a behind-the-scenes look at doctors doing amazing things.


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Welcome to Doctors Unbound podcast. This is a show that highlights physicians doing interesting things outside clinical medicine, and the experts that can help them. Starting a business, or blog, investing, writing, or entering politics, this show gives you a behind-the-scenes look at doctors doing amazing things.






Media Expertise and How it Can Help Your Career

Do you want to further a medical cause? Are you looking to grow your practice? My guest, Dr. David Geier, can help you do both! Dr. Geier is a physician media expert who has been doing this for ten years. He reveals tips on how to reach out to media outlets, how to approach the various platforms available, and how to deliver an effective message. We cover the first steps you should take and the different ways it can be beneficial for physicians. Michael L. Relvas is a CFP professional and...


Physician Burnout: Figuring Out Who You Are Under The White Coat

Unfortunately, physician burnout continues to be a big issue in today’s world. In fact, 50 to 70 percent of doctors claim to have at least one symptom of burnout. Life coach and podcast host of Doctor Me First and Burnt out to Badass, Dr. Errin Weisman, gives us a very candid look into her experience with physician burnout, and how along the way she found a calling helping other doctors who are dealing with these same issues. We get into podcasting, coaching, and the various resources that...


Empowering the 21st Century Physician

Dr. Harry Karydes created rituals and habits that helped him avoid burnout and made him a more successful and fulfilled doctor in the 21st century. His podcast Medicine Revived is giving physicians everywhere the tools to excel clinically and have more meaningful relationships inside and outside medicine. He shares his morning and evening rituals that have brought him more mental clarity, improved his relationships, and increased his productivity. Panacea Financial provides banking for...


An Inside Look Into My Website Design and Maintenance

Do you like Websites? Today, a website is something that you need to have. My guest Gavin Baker from Baker Labs goes through everything that went into designing my website We talk about logos, fonts, about pages, design, layout, and so much more. Baker Labs’ goal is to always prioritize the client and Gavin goes through their extensive process in making sure their clients love their website. You can reach out to Baker Labs at...


Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise: Medicine Redefined

Taking physical medicine and rehabilitation to the next level these former athletes, Dr. Altamash Raja and Dr. Darsh Shah, are reaching new heights with their podcast Medicine Redefined. Fellow members of Doctor Podcast Network, these two residents are making big waves in the world of physician podcasting helping to educate their listeners on everything from sleep to nutrition. They share their ‘unbound’ journey from sports to medicine to podcasting. Reach out to Panacea Financial for your...


An Inside Look Into a Real Estate Journey That Led to the Creation of an App

Dr. Kirsten Limmer started investing in real estate almost by accident. What began as a $1000 dollar inheritance, became an interest and passion for investing. Dr. Kirsten turned that original inheritance into numerous investment properties across multiple states. She cut down on her clinical hours and now has real estate professional status. Dr. Limmer didn’t stop there, she also developed an app for other real estate professionals to track their time and expenses. She shares her real...


The Benefits of Stacking Your Skills and Making Yourself Stand Out

Dr. Corinne Devin is an orthodontist, Naval Officer, Beauty Pageant winner, keynote speaker, and a STEM advocate for middle school girls. This renaissance woman talks about how growing up in a military family and entering the pageantry world taught her some valuable lessons. These gave her an advantage in dealing with her Naval career and becoming a keynote speaker. She gives some sound advice on how to be your most productive self and how to keep the right mindset to accomplish your...


How do You Find Romance When You Are a Busy Healthcare Professional?

Dr. Chrystene Nguyen takes the complicated out of dating for healthcare professionals with White Coat Romance. What started out as a Facebook community has now grown into a dating app for healthcare professionals. Dr. Nguyen knows it can be hard to find someone who not only has the same passions as you, but also understands the unique challenges of your profession. She shares how White Coat Romance started and gives advice on what it takes to turn your idea into reality. Lawrence B. Keller,...


What Does a Fulfilling Career in Medicine Look Like?

Dr. John Chase, a recently retired orthopedic surgeon and new author, shares his perspective on what a fulfilling career in medicine looks like and what it really means to have a successful practice. After retiring in March of 2020, Dr. Chase wrote his book You What? Humorous Stories, Cautionary Tales, and Unexpected Insights About a Career in Medicine. Hear some of his favorite quotes and sound advice on what it takes to be a good doctor. Need access to cash at fair rates? Doc2Doc Lending...


Don't Let the Candle Burn Out on Your Other Interests

From overcoming psychological barriers to how the vibrations of being who you are and what you want out of life translates to your kids, Dr. Amit Mirchandani and I discuss how being an entrepreneur has changed us both. It’s about the creation of something that can benefit others while also keeping the flame alive for your outside of medicine interests. Listen to our explorations into the world of entrepreneurship. Contract Diagnostics is a firm 100% dedicated to physician contract reviews....


Building Generational Wealth Through Investing in Real Estate

Dr. Teresa Irwin and Dr. Rick Laue are a dual physician couple building generational wealth and leaving a legacy though real estate investing. Though there were many mistakes and lessons learned along their journey, these two physicians have built quite the portfolio and are now practicing medicine on their own terms. Hear about how real estate investing changed the way this couple looks at things now. Michael L. Relvas is a CFP professional and insurance agent committed to helping...


Profitable Side Gig: An Inside Look Into Photography and the Benefits of Doing Something that Brings You Joy

Mark Ayzenberg, MD turned a cathartic hobby into a profitable side-gig. If you asked Dr. Ayzenberg ten years ago if he would be successful at visual art he would have laughed at you. Today he is a successful photographer and Orthopedic surgeon, both of which bring enjoyment and fulfillment into his life for completely different reasons. He encourages all physicians to pursue side-gigs that they enjoy doing whether it’s productive as income or just catharsis. Hear his journey on how he...


A Turnkey Solution for Starting Your Own Practice

About ⅔ of graduating residents enter an employed model of practice after they finish residency. Many of them become disgruntled in a corporate system and desire to enter independent private practice. The problem is none of us are formally trained on what the business of medicine entails. In this episode, Dr. Umar Burney shares his story on how he solved these problems in his own practice and is now helping physicians nationwide do the same with his business Complete Operations Management...


Bringing the Human Back to Medicine: A Physician’s Outlook

Dr. Marlene Wust-Smith practices medicine her way. She has reinvented herself and started her own digital magazine, Physician Outlook, amidst the pandemic. Dr. Wust-Smith is not afraid to share her thoughts on what is wrong with medicine today. She believes in bringing the human back to medicine and doing right for the patient. Hear her journey on how she got to where she is today in this episode. Lawrence B. Keller, CFP, has been in the insurance and financial services industry since 1990....


A Behind the Scenes Look into Increasing Your Cash Flow With Short-Term Rentals

I’ll be sitting in the hot seat today as Ryan Inman, host of the podcast Financial Residency interviews me about a behind-the-scenes look into short-term rentals. Investing in short-term rentals is not just real estate, it’s a business on top of it. It’s a lot of work upfront, but it’s eventually a business you can run from your smartphone. If you’re interested in increasing your cash flow with short-term rentals then this episode is for you. Are you tired of dealing with headaches like...


Once in a Lifetime Events and the Lessons Learned

In just one year Texas has experienced two once-in-a-lifetime events. By this point, we all know about the first, COVID. However, Texans (and much of the central US) have also undergone what’s been called SNOVID ‘21! The extreme temperatures and unexpected weather events provided me some valuable insights into managing my real estate portfolio, as well as a number of lessons for those just building out their real estate investments. As a company founded by a doctor, for doctors, Resolve’s...


Get the Upper Hand in Investing With Biotech

Dr. Amir Baluch joins me in this episode to talk about the crazy financial world we have been living in as of late. He thoroughly explains the GameStop short squeeze and its implications on Wall Street. We also dive into the biotech sector and why it could be the place to invest, especially if you have a medical background. Want to learn about what Dr. Baluch is doing and about his upcoming virtual summit? Connect with him on Linkedin or send him an email. Michael L. Relvas, is a CFP...


A Six Week Assessment of the New Year

It’s six weeks into the new year and I am going to take a step back and assess how things are going. 2021 so far has been about how health and family are so important to my daily life and who I am. In this episode, I will share 2 quotes, 2 books, and 2 new habits that I would like to create for myself. I want to share a great opportunity brought to you by The Physician Philosopher. This 12-week coaching program includes weekly group coaching and one-on-one coaching sessions, plus a course...


Instant Classic: The Successful Habits of Physician Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Nneka Unachukwu (Una) is a board-certified pediatrician and serial entrepreneur. She joins me in this episode to talk about the successful habits that can have you reaping the rewards that come with running your own business. She believes in physician entrepreneurship and encourages doctors to become CEOs. Contract Diagnostics is a firm 100% dedicated to physician contract reviews. They provide a service that all physician families will need at least one time in their careers – most...


From Military Medicine to Private Practice

Dr. Brent Lacey, host of The Scope of Practice podcast, joins me to talk about the transition from military medicine to private practice. We weigh the benefits of a potential higher salary from a private practice vs the benefit of staying in the military for 20 years when the significant retirement benefits kick in. He made the move during the pandemic and through his trials, he came out with a fresh outlook for the new year. Proud members of The Doctor Podcast Network. Phil Boucher is a...