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The Dream Experiment Ep. 16

Episode 16 The Cabin In The Woods Episode: The Dream Password. We take the podcast on the road with 2 new guests, Risa and Mark, with third and recurring guest Deborah Miliotto answering the 10 questions in the presence of a quieter, more peaceful, nature setting. Hypnosis, UFO abductions, higher dimensional consciousness beings, what is God, the illusion of time, breath and consciousness, consciousness after death, and memory connected to awareness discipline are some of the topics we...


The Dream Experiment Ep. 14

The Synchronicity Episode: Welcome To The Fifth Dimension. Rich Tapper sums up the last two episodes as they have contributed to moving forward with the experiment. A simple explanantion of what it means to live as fifth dimensional beings in the context of experience and the history of science in the last 100 years, followed by the retelling of a 12 year old dream that was too real to forget, all show that The Dream Experiment is making progress by acting in the face of the unknown.


The Dream Experiment Ep. 13

The Omen Episode: Eric Ferrazoli joins us as our guest sharing his wide experience with dreams relating to stress, his time in the military, city living, culminating in a very unique set of viewpoints and revelations to drive the experiment further forward while defining sex dreams, military dreams, inability dreams, nightmares, and dream escape tactics. Our story begins with meeting at a major recording studio and agreeing to make music that makes people want to fight just after 9/11 in...


The Dream Experiment Ep. 7

Rich Tapper gives a brief summation of where The Dream Experiment finds itself after interviewing 4 guests intimately, how the experiment may need to be altered in order to expect tangible results, followed by the telling of a journaled dream about an external takeover of the planet.


The Dream Experiment Ep. 4

Chris Ambrozewicz is our guest and dream experiencer, discussing the stresses of city living with echoes in dreams, muscle atonia and paralysis combined with entities perceived as ghostly visitation, recurring dreams, telepathic communication, while answering the ten questions and their unexpected revelations.


The Dream Experiment Ep. 3

Tim Sturges is our guest, fellow sound enthusiast and dream experiencer, covering first-person narration, data streams, bathroom dream portals, Julian Jaynes and the scope of consciousness, Kurt Vonnegut, the power of God and DMT-like dreaming, the keys to lucidity, Yogic breathing, and much more.


The Dream Experiment Ep. 2

aked hotel dancing, projectile vomiting, a


The Dream Experiment Ep. 1

Rich Tapper, sound enthusiast and dream experiencer, explains what The Dream Experiment is and why it should exist. 10 questions are given and answered in Yes or No format. Future episodes will have guests participating in the survey and casually talking about related subjects.


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