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Burning waste: China’s quick solution to ocean plastics

China is trying to find the solutions to its immense waste crisis. According to World Bank numbers, the country is currently dealing with 200 million tonnes of garbage a year. Landfills are crammed and a burden to their surrounding communities. To solve this, China is building more waste-to-energy plants than the rest of the world combined. But is this the right direction?


Closing the Loop: Plastic Recycling 101

With all the effort going into recycling, Europe is still only at a 30% plastic recycling rate, and the US trails way behind at 9%. And this was before China stopped processing the West’s recycling! Why are these numbers so low? When did plastic recycling get so complicated? Guests: Doug Woodring (Ocean Recovery Alliance) Michelle Jou (Covestro China) Philippe Li (HK Recycles Hong Kong) Chen Liwen (Nature University ENGO)


Sorting out China’s plastic waste

So you thought your recyclable waste was going to a local processing plant? Instead it was very likely shipped to China, along with about half of the world’s exported plastic waste. However, in January 2018 China decided to ban plastic waste imports and end this charade. Western countries are now forced to deal with their own waste. But what motivated China to shut down an industry so many of its citizens depended on? Guests: Mao Da (Rock Environment and Energy Institute) Chen Liwen...


Beautiful China

Rivers are at the heart of China’s economic development, but recent research indicates they may also be critical in transporting plastics into the ocean. What is China doing to stop pollution from flowing into river systems? The 19th Party Congress in 2017 is where Xi Jinping spelled out his ambition for a Beautiful China. During the Party Congress, the Five Year Plan was approved - putting in motion new environmental targets that can be filtered down to local...


China and the Global Plastic Challenge

Everywhere you look, on beaches and in seas around the world, there’s plastic, and this is changing the fabric of our oceans. Why is plastic ocean pollution such a problem - particularly in Asia? In this episode we will be talking to experts from the academic, government and advocacy world, to learn about the impact of ocean plastic on seafood and our health. We will learn about how microplastics differ across the world, and about the source of much ocean plastic pollution: uncollected...


Introducing Eight Million

Eight Million takes you through the ins and outs of plastic waste treatment globally and in China. It’s an illuminating look at how China is closing their doors on imported plastic waste, and turning their back on industrial pollution in favor of building an ‘ecological civilization’. Guests: Isabel Hilton (chinadialogue)