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What is Responsible Investing?

Environmentalists and Investors seem to be speaking different languages, yet everyone wants 'sustainability'. We've heard about Green Bonds and Impact Investing for several years but can we leverage our personal investments, pensions funds, and insurance pools to push corporations to embrace Environment, Social and Governance issues? EarthMatters went to the Responsible Investment Association of Canada to find out.


Transportation & GHG emissions

I speak with Lindsay Wiginton, Managing Director, Transportation and Urban Solutions for the Pembina Institute. The Pembina Institute is made up of engineers, scientists, analysts, MBAs, planners and communication professionals working throughout B.C., Alberta and Ontario. Lindsay talks about the carbon footprint of freight transportation and how its GHG emissions may outstrip passenger vehicles by 2030. A report by Pembina titled "Improving Urban Freight Efficiency" is discussed.


Economic Tools to Reduce Household Waste

Katherine Monahan, Senior Research Associate for Smart Prosperity Institute, discusses a new report, 'Economic Tools to Reduce Household Waste and Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions', and how incentives and environmental charges must be used to decrease the amount of waste we don't yet recycle.


Cooperative Capital

Kawku Osei, CEO of Cooperative Capital (Detroit), explains how the new Michigan Invests Locally Exemption (MILE) legislation allows average citizen investors to fund local infrastructure to revitalize neighbourhoods. Cooperative Capital is a community-based social enterprise raising money to re-build neighbourhoods in Detroit. By encouraging local citizens to invest in community projects, residents can take out loans to improve properties and realize increased values in their own...


Sarah Harmer - musician & activist

Juno award-winner, Sarah Harmer, combines her music career with her passion for the environment. Can the two be compatible? Sarah talks about her love for the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and her activism to protect biodiversity in the area. Harmer produced an album of music dedicated to the Escarpment titled 'I'm a Mountain'. We hear one of her songs from that album, discuss her music and what ordinary citizens can do to protect nature all around us.


Tom Lewellyn, Shareable

Tom Llewllyn is the Strategic Partnership Director with Shareable, an online media outlet that reports on the sharing economy, collaborative consumption, and the commons in a worldwide forum. Projects, research, news from around the world and a recently published book, "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons" are discussed. He manages organizational, editorial, and events partnerships and has coordinated the global Sharing Cities Network, #MapJam, and other community sharing...



An interview with Domenic DeMondo, VP of Technology & Business Development, and Andrew Yousri, Associate Engineer, with GreenMantra, a company that transforms used plastic into other materials such as waxes, adhesives, used in road construction and roofing applications, among other sectors.


Change for Climate

Edmonton, Alberta, is part of a global, social, economic and environmental system that supports the quality of life for its citizens. These systems are being affected by human-made climate change. Change for Climate is a call to all Edmontonians to take action and work together to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 35% (below 2005 levels) by 2035. Andrea Soler is the Senior Strategist for Climate Change for the City of Edmonton (the nearest major city to the Alberta Oil...


Urban Planning Pt. 3

Suburban Remix brings together experts in planning, urban design, real estate development, and urban policy to demonstrate how suburbs can use growing demand for urban living to renew their appeal as places to live, work, play, and invest. The case studies and analyses show how compact new urban places are already being created in suburbs to produce health, economic, and environmental benefits, and contribute to solving a growing equity crisis. Authors/Editors Jason Beske and David Dixon...


Urban Planning Pt. 2

Rick Goldring is the Mayor of Burlington, Ontario, Canada - a city of 173,000 and a suburb of Toronto. How does a politician with an environmental agenda get through to other Councillors and City staff to help drive a sustainable, walkable, transit-friendly community. Dealing with other levels of government, developers with their own agendas and a restless citizenship that wants to preserve the benefits and culture of 'their town', how can politicians stick handle so many competing points...


Urban Planning Pt. 1

Jason Thorne is the Director of Planning and Economic Development for the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Thorne discusses the challenges of urban planning from a systems-wide point of view; the unusual combination of Planning and Economic Development (usually two sides of the coin); and the inner workings of a municipality of 500,000 people that encompasses a growing urban culture, a healthy agri-business region, endless trails and natural settings (part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve...


Impact Investing Pt. 2

Social Venture Connexion (SVX) is an impact investing platform for ventures, funds and investors seeking social and/or environmental impact alongside the potential for financial return. Registered as an Exempt Market Dealer (in most of Canada), SVX provides a single access point for raising capital and making investments. SVX works across sectors including cleantech, health, work and learning, food, and social inclusion, providing support to enterprises focused on early cancer detection...


Impact Investing Pt. 1

SolarShare is a co-operative based in Ontario, Canada. SolarShare's projects convert energy from the sun into clean electricity. Funds are invested directly in solar projects that are already built and generating stable revenues. The Ontario government buys the electricity generated via a 20-year contract. SolarShare pays its public investor/members interest at a fixed rate - like many other bonds. Over 1500 Ontario residents have invested over $35 million and have earned $3.3 million...


Net-zero Energy Efficient Building

Set to open in 2018, the Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation is the cornerstone of a record-setting $54.25 million renewal of technology labs and classrooms. The five-level centre is also a showcase in environmental sustainability as the region’s first net-zero energy institutional building. The Government of Canada’s $20 million investment in the centre is the single largest federal infrastructure funding in Mohawk’s 50-year history. Once construction and renovations are complete,...


Energy Storage

There’s no doubt that the world is increasingly turning to renewable energy generation projects. However, there is one big bottleneck to the smooth transition to renewable energy. And that is the fact that the sun doesn’t always shine, the wind doesn’t always blow – so energy generated via these two clean energy sources is not as consistent, reliable, and can’t be ‘fired up’ as quickly as fossil fuel generation plants. The breakthrough that the renewable energy industry has been praying...


Eat the Beetles

David Waltner-Toews is an epidemiologist, veterinarian, and writer specializing in ecosystem approaches to health and disease. He is the founding president of Veterinarians without Borders. His book, 'Eat the Beetles' examines the history of entomophagy (eating insects) and what may lay ahead as we search for solutions to feed our growing population,


A Podcast about a Podcaster about the Planet

Marjorie Alexander lives in L.A. and created A Sustainable Mind during her graduate program two years ago. A Sustainable Mind is her podcast channel where she educates people of all levels and backgrounds on current environmental topics and eco-friendly changes people can make to help lessen their carbon footprints. Her mission is to inspire others to be greener and make the world a better place. In the past, Marjorie worked as an environmental media producer and water resources analyst....


Sharing Economy

An interview with Ryan Dyment of Toronto Tool Library and Perla Plaza a moderator for a local chapter that exchanges household items for free.