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Radio Verulam brings you a regular programme on issues at home and abroad which are affecting the environment, with an added focus on the local area. Tune in Tuesdays at 7pm on 92.6FM or stream live from Any questions, comments or suggestions, get in touch! Email:

Radio Verulam brings you a regular programme on issues at home and abroad which are affecting the environment, with an added focus on the local area. Tune in Tuesdays at 7pm on 92.6FM or stream live from Any questions, comments or suggestions, get in touch! Email:


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Radio Verulam brings you a regular programme on issues at home and abroad which are affecting the environment, with an added focus on the local area. Tune in Tuesdays at 7pm on 92.6FM or stream live from Any questions, comments or suggestions, get in touch! Email:






SustFest21 is go! and the new local book perfect for here & now

Plans are afoot for SustFest21. Amanda speaks to SustFest Working Group chair, Jill Watson about how plans are adapting for the COVID era, and what we can do to help. And local naturalist and conservationist Joe Gray tells us how his plans for his first book changed when lockdown struck, but why the book he's [...]


Let Wildlife Warm Your Heart

Engaging with wildlife is free for everyone and the benefits for our mental health have never been more welcome. This week we'll hear about 2 ways you and your family can engage with nature - the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and HMWT's Wild at Home Winter Term


What do you think of Herts County Council’s Plans for a Sustainable Hertfordshire?

Following their declaration of a climate emergency back in July 2019, Hertfordshire County Council have set out their strategy for a Sustainable Hertfordshire, and now they're consulting on their plans. You'll find the consultation here Amanda talks to both Deputy Leader of Hertfordshire County Council. Teresa Heritage, and Julie Greaves, Head of Sustainability at the [...]


Polar Bear Plunge and Plantopia

Kate from Earthworks explains what you can do at home over the Festive season to help this great charity. Plus, Plantopia has taken St.Albans by storm. Nabil explains where it all began, the ethos behind their food and gives tips for festive vegan food and beyond.


What’s the problem with light pollution?

Steph Holt, UK Biodiversity Training Manager at the Natural History Museum, explains the effect that loosing night darkness is having on the natural world. plus easy things that we can do about it. Plus, local resident Dr.David Leigh talks about his concerns about loss of dark skies near him.


Tales of the Riverbank – some good and some not so good

If you've got a dog or cat - listen up - new research shows that flea treatments could be bad news for the aquatic environment And if you're looking for something to make you smile, you should listen up too, with the news that Water Voles are returning to the River Ver Photo credit: Jonathan [...]


Banks, hedgehogs and Wombles!

Nigel Harvey explains why St.Albans Extinction Rebellion have a problem with Barclays Bank, Nadia Bishara of the Wilderhood Watch has a challenge for you and Iain Begg tells the lovely story of how Wheathamstead people pulled together to clean up their village.


Plant Pandemics & COVID

COVID 19 has come as a bit of a shock to us, but in the world of plants, they're nothing new. Dr.Jon West of Rothamsted Research explains how research on one can inform the other, why Rothamsted is a great place to investigate diseases affecting oranges and how our experience of COVID should alert us [...]


Grasshoppers go green, and save water for school cash

Grasshoppers Nursery has been awarded the top eco-award. Lauren Ringrose explains why this is important, what they did, and what the children get out of it. Plus, Affinity Water are continuing their Get Water Fit programme and the competition is now on for the school saving most water. Kevin Barton explains. Finished off with local [...]


Help for Hatties, and the next step for slower speeds

Sacha Bedford of Hatties Hedgehogs, over in Hatfield, joins Amanda to explain why she needs our help to care for sick and injured hogs. It’s estimated that a third of UK hedgehogs are killed on roads, and slowing down when driving at night could be a good way to try and bring this toll down. [...]


Saving hedgehogs

They might be much loved, but hedgehog numbers are plummeting. Researcher Lauren Moore explains her research into road deaths. Nadia Bishara of the Wilderhood Watch talks about what they are doing to help hedgehogs, and Jill Priest, London Colney Hedgehog Rescue volunteer, explains what to do if you find a hedgehog now.


Latest on Solar Streets & your input wanted to Save Symondshyde

How is the Solar Streets project going in St.Albans and is there still time to join in? Andy Turnstall will be talking about this and more. And John Gardner of Save Symondshyde explains the super easy way that you can now give your input into the amended proposal for a new village at Symondshyde.


100 actions to tackle climate emergency

St.Albans District Council has reported that it will be taking more than 100 actions to tackle the climate emergency and make St Albans District carbon neutral by the end of the decade. The initiatives are part of a sustainability strategy that has been developed over the past year by the Council since they declared a [...]


Are you ready to Get Water Fit?

Affinity Water is launching a new challenge to St.Albans Residents to Get Water Fit. Affinity Water director, Jake Rigg, explains - including how to save, save, save by getting help with that leaky loo Plus, why heavy rain isn't as good for the RIver Ver as you might have thought.


A Step Back for Save Symondshyde

At the start of the year, the campaign group Save Symondshyde thought that the plan for over a thousand houses at Symondshyde had been shelved. John Gardner joins Amanda Yorwerth to explain that the threat is back - and bigger. Plus, Frieda Rummenhohl of Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trusts has a good news story of [...]


Action Plan for Clarence Park

If you value Clarence Park you'll want to hear about what's planned for it, the issues and opportunities. Amanda Yorwerth speaks to St.Albans District Councillor for Clarence Ward, Josie Madoc.

Quarrying threatens St.Albans green space

The future of one of St.Albans' precious green spaces hangs in the balance. Amanda Yorwerth speaks to Craig Tallents Chair of Smallfords Residents Association, who are fighting to save Ellenbrook open space. Photo: John Andrews

Creative solutions to our throwaway society

We'll hear from 2 clever, creative people who are using their talents to cut down on rubbish. Alastair Croft has used his creative ingenuity to tackle litter whilst raising money for the NHS and, at just 24 years old, Danni Jefferson has just received an award for her disposables busting business.

New campaign group seeking lower speed limits

Amanda Yorwerth speaks to national 20s Plenty campaigner Rod King MBE and local 20s Plenty for St.Albans spokesperson, Colin Hodges, to find out what the benefits of lower speed limits might be and what the situation is locally.


Bouncing back from a tough year – news from Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust

Walking for wildlife, a rare bird success and snapping your way to a great prize - Frieda Rummenhohl explains whats happening at the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trusts in her conversation with Amanda Yorwerth on this week's show.