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S3 E1: Patching Blast Injuries in the Ruins of Raqqa

In this episode of Everyday Emergency, we hear from three MSF medics who have been working in the Syrian city of Raqqa. A former stronghold of the so-called Islamic State, Raqqa is littered with improvised explosive devices and remnants of war that are causing dire consequences for people returning to the city. Doctors Javid Abdelmoneim and Pippa Pett, along with nurse Michael Shek, helped to establish a trauma stabilisation unit in the east of Raqqa. The role of the unit is to save lives...


S2 E6: How We Rescued 560 People on the Mediterranean

"You’ve got to be in a really, really awful situation to think ‘yes, I’m going to put my nine-month old child onto this rubber boat, because that’s the best option to me at the moment’." Last month, our host spent time on Aquarius, a search and rescue ship MSF operates alongside SOS Méditerranée. During his time on the ship as a communications officer, Nick captured the sounds of life on board - including the rescue of 560 people from four inflatable rubber boats. That rescue would also be...


S2 E4: I Searched 70 Refugee Camps to Find My Mother

On this week's episode of our Everyday Emergency podcast, we meet Besh, a Kurdish asylum seeker living in London, UK. Besh and his family lived peacefully in a village just outside Mosul, raising livestock on their farm. In June 2014, everything changed. ISIS captured Mosul. The Iraqi army withdrew. And the militant group were headed straight for their village. Fleeing for their lives, Besh, his mother, and young brothers were forced to head for Turkey. After crossing the sea to Greece,...


S2 E3: "The Letter That Changed Me"

"I wasn't prepared. It left a scar. It was the first time I was exposed to so much avoidable death." On this week's episode of our Everyday Emergency podcast, we meet Javid Abdelmoneim, an emergency doctor living in London, UK. Five months into his second assignment with MSF responding to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the job was taking it’s toll on Javid. But just before things would get worse, a patient handed him a letter that changed his outlook and gave him the strength to carry on....


S2 E2: "Good luck, my sister"

* Please be advised that this episode deals with sensitive issues relating to sexual violence and may be unsuitable for some listeners. In our latest episode of Everday Emergency, we meet Courtney Bercan - an MSF nurse who worked on one of our search and rescue ships in the Mediterranean. In this episode we hear a story written by Courtney while on board, about a patient whose story still haunts her. We invited Courtney to sit down with us and discuss her time on the ship, and how the...


S1 E8: A Patient as Stubborn as Me

Earlier this year, paediatric nurse Johanna Bosowski embarked on her first mission with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to Agok, in northern South Sudan. Working on the neonatal ward, she encountered a young patient with a disease she had never seen in the UK before. In most developed countries, thanks to a vaccine, cases of tetanus are extremely rare. But, in 2013 (the latest year for which estimates are available), it still killed roughly 59,000 people around the...


S1 E5: "One day, 52 Senseless Deaths"

In our fifth episode we meet Canadian doctor Simon Bryant who last year spent his summer on MSF and MOAS's search and rescue ship, the Phoenix. In 'One day, 52 senseless deaths', Simon describes his most challenging day on the Mediterranean. You can read more from Simon about his time on the search and rescue vessel on the MSF blog: blogs.msf.org/en/staff/blogs/moving-stories "Everyday Emergency" is a podcast from Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) In each episode, we...


S1 E3: Clémentine

In this episode we meet Sandra Smiley, a Canadian communications officer who spent 2015 with MSF in Kinshasa, the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Sandra travelled across the country, relaying to the world news of under-reported health crises and meeting patients like Clémentine. In our chat, we discover Sandra has made an inspiring career move. You can read more from Sandra about her time in DRC on her blog: blogs.msf.org/en/staff/authors/sandra-smiley "Everyday Emergency"...


S1 E1: The First 24 Hour Shift

Benjamin Black, an obstetrics doctor from London, UK, was on his first ever shift for Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone as Ebola swept through the country. When a pregnant woman arrived at the hospital displaying all the classic symptoms of Ebola, Benjamin was faced with a nightmarish 24 hour shift that would push his nerves to the limit. To read more from Benjamin, visit his blog: 'May the forceps be with you'. blogs.msf.org/en/staff/authors/benjamin-black "Everyday Emergency" is a...