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Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: The Podcast is the audio supplement to the blog of the same name,exploring the science, art, and popular culture of the Mesozoic world. We discuss new dinosaur discoveries, interview artists and authors, and delve into classic books from our popular "Vintage Dinosaur Art" feature.


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Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: The Podcast is the audio supplement to the blog of the same name,exploring the science, art, and popular culture of the Mesozoic world. We discuss new dinosaur discoveries, interview artists and authors, and delve into classic books from our popular "Vintage Dinosaur Art" feature.






Episode 24: Roby’s Roars and Troco’s Tricks (featuring Emiliano Troco)

Our guest this episode is Emiliano Troco, a modern 'old master' whose traditional paintings evoke the imagery of the flowering of early 20th century palaeontology. Our Vintage Dinosaur Art title is Dorling Kindersley's The Ultimate Dinosaur Book, another of those formative publications released in the same year as Jurassic Park, and one which can quite justly claim to have then lived up to its name. Can Niels resist making a Slam Dunk joke? Can Marc resist referencing Jurassic Park and vintage dinosaur toys all at once? Can Natee resist breaking into Carrollean verse? Can Troco resist flying into a berserk rage whenever anyone mentions Zdeněk Burian? Find out in this exciting episode! Show Notes at


Episode 23: Invicta Invasion and Dart’s Dinovember (featuring Rebecca Dart)

Our first episode of 2023 celebrates classics of two different kinds: the masterly palaeoart of the Queen of #DrawDinovember, Rebecca Dart, which surely merits the stamp of ‘modern classic’; and, in what Niels has determined is a one-off for us and not the beginning of a foray into collectibles, the enduring charm of the Invicta dinosaur toys commissioned by London’s Natural History Museum, beginning in 1974. How does Rebecca work her timeless magic on her snapshots of deep time, and what role does a love of plants play in it? Will Marc and Natee persuade Niels of the merit of the Invictas or simply be too run away with by their enthusiasm as collectors? Is it premature for Natee to be eating a Cadbury’s Creme Egg? Show notes at


Episode 22: Postcards from TetZooCon 2022 (Featuring everybody)

Episode 22 closes off the year 2022. Here is the yearly postcard from TetZooCon, in podcast form! The UK's biggest event of Our People, organized by that man Naish and presumably other people, was held early December at the Bush House in London. It was a palaeo-heavy conference, with lots of dinosaur and especially pterosaur talks, the yearly palaeoart workshop, lots of attention for the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs and the launches (or re-launches) of some significant books. And this time, you can hear all about it! Niels, Marc and Natee did not only attend the event, but took the time to interview a whole bunch of people there, from speakers, familiar names, palaeoartists, authors and regular - as well as not irregular - attendees. So enjoy this lavish episode full of news and remeniscence, featuring Darren Naish ,Victoria Arbour, Dougal Dixon, Natalia Jagielska, C. M. Kosemen and a whole bunch of others. Show notes at


Episode 21: Alice in Woodwardland

It's time for episode 21, and it's a special one. Instead of our usual format, we've skipped the interview this week to take our time to talk about one of our oldest, most special and most cherished palaeoart books yet. After all, what Vintage Dinosaur Art is more worthy of an in-depth look than Alice B. Woodward's Golden Age illustrations in Henry Knipe's Evolution in the Past, all the way from 1912? The fact that two-thirds of us have come down with a brutal cold has nothing to do with it, I promise. What's all this talk about a Golden Age of illustration? What, if anything, is a rhabodontid? Is Natee secretly a total T. rex stan? Are we all going to break into a Gilbert & Sullivan song and dance number? (No.) And what did the scientists of the 1910s make of the infamous butt-brain hypothesis? Find out in this riveting episode. Show notes at


Episode 20: All John’s Yesterdays (featuring John Conway)

A big one for our twentieth, as today we discuss what is, so far, probably the most influential palaeoart book of the 21st centruy: the seminal All Yesterdays, by John Conway, Memo Kosemen and Darren Naish, which came out ten years ago (insert obligatory reference to how old we are). The book is famously full of outlandish and speculative takes on dinosaurs andotherprehistoricanimals and shook up the palaeoart world like a whirlwind... but does it hold up now? In anticipation of the book's ten year anniversary event at the upcoming TetZooCon, Marc, Niels and Natee discuss the not-quite-vintage dinosaur art title and its many unique illustrations. For the interview, illustrator John Conway himself reveals how the book came to be, his opinions on the book's legacy and the surprising way All Yesterdays has set the course for his own subsequent work. Has the All Yesterdays movement become boring? Is there going to be a new edition? Are the authors ever even going to be in the same room together in the first place? What new works has John got up his sleeve? Is Marc allowed to come to John's birthday anymore? Stay tuned for John announcing the launch event to his latest book! Show Notes at


Episode 19: Sweet Stebbing and Naughty Zubin (Featuring Zubin Erik Dutta)

Greetings, one and all! Today's episode features quite a contrast: the naïve, childish creatures illustrated by Hillary Stebbing in her 1946 children's book Extinct Animals, contrasted against the gnarly, outlandish modern work of Zubin Erik Dutta, a true up-and-comer in de palaeoart world. How do horror and pin-ups influence dinosaur art? Does every ceratopsian scrap gets its own genus name? What on earth is a Jakapil? And how did we end up with a dinosaur book with no T. rex in? All this and more in today's wonderful episode. Show notes at Love In The Time of Chasmosaurs


Episode 18: Prehistoric Planet Special! (Featuring Gabriel Ugueto)

Slightly later than planned, thanks to the vagaries of existence (ah, yes), Episode 18 is something of a Prehistoric Planet special, as Niels, Marc, and Natee take a brief sojourn away from Vintage Dinosaur Art to wax lyrical about the much lauded Apple TV+ documentary series. Could we possibly heap yet more praise onto it amid the universal acclaim? Palaeoartist Gabriel Ugueto was among the over 1,500-strong team of creatives and scientists who lent their powers to the series, and though he’s still contractually not permited to talk about his role in it, we still get to hear about some of the many projects he has recently completed and is currently working on, including the Extinct book series written by Professor Ben Garrod, and Gabriel’s own title on Triassic tetrapods. Show notes at


Episode 17: Crystal Palace Concrete and Russell’s Brushstrokes (Featuring Mark Witton)

Due to illness, we missed an episode of the podcast, but we are back on track with the episode recorded in April! This time, Dr. Mark Witton takes us back to what might be the first large-scale expression of palaeoart in 3D: The dinosaurs at the Geological Court at Crystal Palace Park! Tying in with his new book with Ellinor Michel, he tells us all about their history, their surprising influence and their uncertain future. Also, a lot of unashamed bashing of Evil Bastard Richard Owen! The Vintage Dinosaur Art segment takes us back to the 1950s, as we discuss an odd but charming oddity full of interesting art. How can we save what’s left of the Geological Court for future generations? Is pre-renaissance dinosaur art more experimental? Why is naming dinosaurs after other dinosaurs still a thing? Does Marc sound like Darth Vader? And why are we suddenly listening to Franz Schubert? Listen to find out! Show notes at


Episode 16: Bernard’s Beginnings and Riley’s Apocalypse (Featuring Riley Black)

There's a new episode of the LITC podcast! In this one, Marc, Niels and Natee tackle one of Britain's most well-liked childhood heroes of palaeoart, the late Bernard Robinson. From this innocuous children's book, we then discuss the worst day in the history of the world with Riley Black, wirter of the upcoming The Last Days of the Dinosaurs. It turns out to be a surprisingly personal yet universal book. We discuss the metaphoric resonance of the story of how the Earth witnessed its most rapid mass extinction event and how life managed to move on from catastrophe. Plus: Are there dinosaurs and/or dinosaur fans in Thailand? Is Marc throwing away all his old Amargasaurus toys? Just how nasty was the heat pulse that followed the Chixchulub impact? Have we secretly become witches? That and much more in this wonderful episode. Show notes at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs


Episode 15: Russian Railleries and the Life of Levi (Featuring Levi Hastings)

In the fifteenth episode of the LITC podcast, Niels, Natee and Marc tackle some controversial subjects. We start with the end of the world, and things go downhill from there. Today's palaeoart subject is the inimitable and insufferable genius of Konstantin Flyorov, and Natee interviews the wonderful Levi Hastings. Did we really have to choose this month to be talking about Russian palaeoart? Which dinosaur can bite your hand off? Are Natee and Levi kindred spirits? What does Niels mean when he calls someone "a character"? And can we get one of Bex Groom's new Dearc plushies, pretty please? The episode was recorded before Greg Paul's most recent paper came out, so expect no tyrannosaur three-ways. Show Notes at


Episode 14: Greer’s Kaleidoscope and the Zallinger Dynasty (Featuring Greer Stothers)

Slightly late but sure as rain comes the fourteenth episode of the world-famous Chasmosaurs Podcast! After covering Rudolph’s famous mural, this time we shine a light on his son Peter Zallinger. Natee interviews Greer Stothers, who has a book coming out called Kaleidoscope of Dinosaurs (a great title for a book). We also have a brief interview with Tom van der Linden, who may just have discovered a new dinosaur! Are all dinosaurs in fact tan and green? Are hadrosaurs boring for their lack of feathers? Will the mainstream media ever get their reporting on dinosaurs right? What’s Alan Rickman doing here? And will we ever, ever stop talking about that John Sibblick? Find out on this riveting episode. Show notes at


Episode 13: Comics and Colours with Raven and Ruth (Featuring Raven Amos)

It's lucky number thirteen! In the last podcast episode of 2021, the Chasmo Crew discusses comics and colours as we dive into the work of comic book artist turned dinosaur man Rod Ruth and his retro but innovative 1970s dinosaurs. Marc and Natee interview Raven Amos about dinosaur linework, colour theory and living in Alaska. Is there such a thing as a Dinosaur Proto-Renaissance? Why is Raven Amos an Enemy of Science? Will we work John Sibbick into every damn conversation we have? How hard can Natee roll their eyes? Do we need to censor naughty words, such as Sp*cies R*cognition H*pothesis? All shall be revealed in episode thirteen. Happy New Year! Show notes at


Episode 12: Darren‘s Dinopedia and Maidi‘s Misadventures (Featuring Darren Naish)

It's our one-year anniversary! In this insightful episode, the Chasmo Crew discuss Maidi Wiebe, another unfairly forgotten female palaeoartist whose body of work includes masterpieces for the Chicago Field Museum, stepping into the footsteps of Charles Knight. But does the book, What Is A Dinosaur, adequately show off her talents? Marc then talks to the renowned palaeontologist, author and illustrator Darren Naish about his recent adventures in science and publishing. Is the TetZoo podcast cancelled FOREVER? What was up with dinosaurs in the sixties? When is a four-legged snake not a snake? Did Natee really make a fool of themself? Find out in November's podcast.


Episode 11: Revenge of the Greg and Steve‘s Wilderness Years (Featuring Steve White)

Marc, Niels and Natee discuss perhaps the single most influential book of dinosaur art in the entire world: Predatory Dinosaurs of the World, by one Gregory S. Paul (tm). Marc interviews Friend Of The Blog Steve White about his upcoming compendium of Mesozoic Art, his new, gruesome alphabet book, and of course his legendary work for Dinosaurs! Magazine and the wilderness years that followed. In the news, Niels and Natee desperately try to give the ornithischians some love while the prima donna theropods soak up all the attention. How boring is Greg Paul? Does the Middle Jurassic even exist? Is working with palaeoartists like herding cats? Will Marc finish his licorice coin on time? All these questions and more will be answered. Show notes at


Episode 10: The Age of Reptiles and Sharon‘s Psychedelica (Featuring Sharon Wegner-Larsen)

It's a big moment for us: We've made our tenth episode! For such a hallmark occasion, what better than to cover a true hallmark of palaeoart? Today is the day the LITC team finally tackles what is both literally and figuratively one of the biggest pieces of classic dinosaur art of all time: Rudolph Zallinger's The Age of Reptiles at the Yale Peabody Museum in Connecticut. In another hallmark moment, LITC founder David Orr joins us as he and Natee interview Sharon Wegner-Larsen, who blends palaeoart and science art with design and art nouveau. How do old Yes albums influcence palaeoart? Is Zallinger's colour study better than the real deal? Will Marc's studies at Lincoln finally pay off? Will we ever know if the "p" is silent? Find out in episode ten! Show notes at


Episode 9: David’s Dinosauria and Great Aunt Marie (Featuring David Armsby)

August 2021. In this long-awaited episode, we cross a big one from our wishlist as Natee, Niels and Marc tackle Verdwenen Werelden, the monumentally ambitious and even more monumentally strange masterpiece of the indomitable Maria Hubrecht. Natee gets a chance to put their art historian hat on once more. The journey off the beaten path continues as Niels interviews Scottish filmmaker and animator David Armsby about his upcoming Dinosauria series, an anthology of short animated films about dinosaurs. Is there a little tribute to our blog hidden in one of Dinosauria's features? Show notes at


Episode 8: The valley of Ely and the Dromaeosaur Sanctuary (Featuring Jed Taylor)

In which we finally answer the age old question: Is the "P" in "pterosaur" silent? (no, it isn't). The LITC crew discuss one of history's most celebrated palaeoartists, the late Ely Kish, and her work for Dale Russell's An Oddyssey in Time. Some uf us are big fans, while others need some convincing... Jed Taylor discusses the trials and tribulations of the beginning palaeoartist whose work blew up out of nowhere, and guides us through his famous Dromaeosaur Sanctuary. Who is Ray Jurassic and where did he get those two Deinonychus? Show notes at


Episode 7: Cam and McLoughlin (Featuring Cameron Clow)

Natee, Marc and Niels tackle one of the most often ridiculed works in palaeoart history: the famously idiosyncratic Archosauria by John McLoughlin. Of course, we need to talk about that Triceratops… but there is so much more to this book! Natee interviews palaeoartist Cameron Clow, and things quickly devolve into a horse girl geekout. Shoutouts abound! Podcast Show Notes are at


Episode 6: Rey Attack!!! (Featuring Luis V. Rey)

All about, and starring, one of the greatest living palaeoartists: Luis V. Rey! First, the LITC team discuss some of his most stunning and significant artwork, before the master himself speaks. Why was Luis blacklisted in the nineties? How colourful can we make a whale? And which artist inspired Luis to take up palaeoart? Luis tells all. Podcast Show Notes are at


Episode 5: Burton and Bex (Featuring Rebecca Groom)

April 2021. Natee, Marc and Niels get off the beaten path and discuss some unconventional palaeoart. First we take a deep dive into the ingenious combination of photography and illustration pioneered by Jane Burton, then Rebecca Groom talks about dinosaur soft toys and the joys of her 3D pinter. We resist the urge to make an all-tyrannosaur episode with some new sauropods and hadrosaurs. Also, Marc learns a new word. Podcast Show Notes are at