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Mystery of Hanging Rock, Predictions Mid-Term Report Card, Thunderbird Quest, We've All Lost Our Minds |115|

We revisit our predictions from the beginning of the year. How are we doing so far? Listen and find out! John is on a quest for evidence of the underappreciated cryptid thunderbird. How goes the hunt? Not great, actually... Three schoolgirls disappear without a trace in Victorian Australia. Murder? Accident? Timeslip? Well, this is just fiction, after all... isn't it? Finally, John brings us an EPIC "What's the Word..." And leads us to the inescapable conclusion that we've all lost our...


Paranormal Pennsylvania, Kecksburg UFO Crash, and Nazi Flying Saucer Toys|114|

Apparently, there's an area in PA called Chestnut Ridge that's been infested with paranormal activity for the last hundred years or so. Bigfoot, UFOs, Dogmen, and prehistoric flying creatures known as Thunderbirds have all made an appearance. We take a look at some of these stories and wonder if there are some areas more prone to supernatural occurrences than others. Most notable of these stories though is The Kecksburg UFO Incident that occurred on Dec. 9th, 1965. Something fell from the...


Hitler Bunker Debunking Debunked, Power of Positive Conspiracy Thinking, Steampunk GPS, Kubrick & Tarkovsky & Freddy Krueger |113|

Have scientists debunked all these "Hitler survived" conspiracies and definitively proved - once for all - that the Nazi leader did indeed die in the bunker in 1945, just as the history books have always told us? Or, does this so-called proof raise even more questions than it answers? Case definitely NOT closed... in our humble opinion. The cinematic genius of Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, existential angst, prophecy, and the subconscious mind. And, of course, what kind of film...


Roseanne MKUltra Victim?, QANon-sense, Multiple Personality Celebs, Audio Illusions & Mental Science |112|

Roseanne Barr claims to be a victim of the MKUltra mind control program. She also seems to have a history of dissociative identity disorder - which would not be inconsistent with her claims. What other celebrities have struggled with dissociative identity disorder? And what does the disorder say about the mind, about the soul, about life? Yanny/Laurel? How about Green Needles/Brainstorm? This one is way cooler, and opens up all kinds of questions about how the mind works. John gives us...


Gateway Process Declassified, Star Wars Conspiracy, Flat Earth Theorists, AI Influencers, Listener Ghost Story |111|

We talk of many things... "of cabbages and kings..." You want ghosts? We got em. Aliens? Of course! Time Travel? Naturally. Interdimensional invaders? Flat earth theorists? Government cover-ups? AI apocalypse? Out-of-body experiences? Star Wars? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! Oh, and the "Laurel"/"Yanny" thing. If you did a search for this and it brought you here -- you know what we mean.


What Makes Conspiracy Theorists Tick?, Ethereum Scams, A.I. Psychos, Robot Cognition, and Kanye! |110|

It's a Conspiracy! A rash of recent "scientific" studies about what makes conspiracy theorists think have been hitting the news lately. Why? Well, we could say it's a conspiracy to try and debunk conspiracy theorists and conspiratorial thinking, but then that just proves we're conspiracy theorists prone to conspiratorial thinking. As if that's a bad thing. John nearly falls for an Ethereum scam, but escapes at the last minute. Probably because he used his conspiratorial thinking to...


Art Bell Tribute, Syria Poison Gas False Flag?|109|

UFOs, Area 51, Exorcism, Time Travelers, Vampires... We discuss our favorite moments from Art Bell's seminal COAST TO COAST AM. Bell was a huge influence on a generation of paranormal and conspiracy investigators - us included. In an extended "What's the Word on the Street?", John walks us through the possibility that the Syrian poison gas attack was a false flag operation, allowing the US and its allies to execute on a decades-old plan to gain power in the middle east.


Pope Says No Hell!, Flat Earth Evel Knievel, QAnon Psyop Exposed? |108|

April Fools and Happy Easter! Back from a much needed Spring Break, John and Adam return to the weird, wacky, and wondrous world of conspiracy and the paranormal to learn that THERE IS NO HELL. And Jesus apparently died in vain. One small step for a man, one giant leap for Flat-Earthers. Mad Mike Hughes' hilarious and feeble attempt to prove he's... Evel Knievel? Super Dave Osborne? Adam experiences a little post current events synchro-mysticism. Sci-fi writer accurately predicts the...


The Alexa Horror Podcast Show, Weaponizing Social Media, Amelia Earhart Found, |107|

The subtitle of this podcast should be: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Surveillance State. As we mentioned in last week's show, Adam purchased an Alexa Echo, which has been making the news lately for randomly laughing at it's users. Amazon claims they've addressed the problem and fixed it. But this story raises some troubling questions about the sinister nature of these new technologies. How much control do we want to cede to these behemoth tech companies for convenience? Are we...


FAA UFO Mystery, Bigfoot Lawsuit, AI Mind Reader, Time Travelers, Cat with an AR-15 |106|

In this week's episode we review a fascinating UFO incident that occurred in October of last year. What makes this case so interesting, is that researchers were able to obtain the audio recording of the air traffic controllers, pilots, and the FAA while it was happening in real-time. Fighter jets were scrambled, but still there are no definitive answers yet on what the object was, its final destination, or intention. What the hell was it? Another Bigfoot lawsuit filed in California. The...


Parkland School Shooting Conspiracies, Russia Russia Russia, Black Panther |105|

In this week's episode, John and Adam tackle the Parkland School Shooting conspiracies, the disinformation, and outright bullshit surrounding this tragic event. Shouts of "False Flag" and "Crisis Actor" are all too common these days and, far more often than not, without merit. We'll dissect these claims and, hopefully, contribute a little critical thinking to the conversation. In the second half, John breaks down the recent Mueller indictments of the 13 so-called "Russian Trolls" who...


Brainjunk, Mind Virus, Infopocalypse, Dunning-Kruger Effect, Negativity Bias |104|

John and Adam take a deep dive into the pros and cons of having too much information at our fingertips. Are we in the midst of an information overload? How do we know what's true or false? With all the frightening new technologies coming down the pike, how can we even determine that what we're seeing is real? Are we entering a new dark age - an "Infopocalypse," if you will? Adding insult to injury to all this is our penchant for focusing on the negative, as well as our tendency to over-...


HOLY HELL: Inside the Rise & Fall of the Buddhafield Cult |103|

We review the fascinating and disturbing documentary, HOLY HELL. The film chronicles the 22-year journey of former members who were trapped in the bizarre Buddhafield cult. Through personal archive footage and interviews, the film chronicles the rise and fall, not only of the cult itself, but of its strangely charismatic leader, Michel Rostand (aka Andreas). This is one of those "cautionary tales" of how cult leaders use time-tested techniques to manipulate and coerce vulnerable and...


Atomic Priesthood, Monster Hunt, Nimitz UFO Video, Bin Laden's Movie Collection?, No More Bitcoin! |102|

How can we communicate with our descendants thousands of years in the future about the dangers of nuclear waste? Sounds easy enough right? Well, maybe not. Maybe what we need is an elite secret society of scientists, an Atomic Priesthood if you will, to help protect the future of humanity with a kind of "language of eternity" built on myth and symbols. Win $70,000! All you gotta do is catch Bigfoot. Or Nessie. Or the Chupacabra. Or the Cornish Owl Man, whatever the hell that is. Easy...


Tribulation 99, QAnon & the Power of Myth, Andy Kaufman Reincarnated, Bots, Bitcoin, and Bigfoot! |101|

In this weeks episode John and Adam get all random again with a hodgepodge of topics. We begin talking about filmmaker Craig Baldwin's avant-garde cinema, specifically Tribulation 99 and Mock-Up on Mu. Using archival footage from the early pulp serials, clips from industrial films, and other found footage, Baldwin creates a collage of paranoia and conspiracy that's been dubbed as, "an X-Ray of a rabid slacker's seething brain." Next up... has Andy Kaufman reincarnated as a hilarious and...


100th Episode! Russiagate Solved, 2018 Forecast, Past Predictions of the Future |100|

On this, our special 100th episode, John completely solves Russiagate! Well, maybe not completely, but close enough. ;-) Plus, predictions from the past about the future and... our very own predictions for 2018. Take a listen to find out what's "really" gonna happen.


The Method, Metaphysics, and Manifestation: Jim Carrey Channels Andy Kaufman |99|

In tonight's podcast, we discuss a fascinating documentary on Netflix called JIM & ANDY: The Great Beyond, which chronicles the behind-the-scene antics of Jim Carrey playing Andy Kaufman - and his alter-ego Tony Clifton - on the set of Man on the Moon. At first glance this might not seem very paranormal, but the questions this documentary raises about the notion of the self, the other, etc., are nothing short of profound. JIM & ANDY is the extraordinary story of the meeting of the minds,...


Cryptids, Kooks, & Conspiracies: DISCOVERING BIGFOOT |98|

We discuss DISCOVERING BIGFOOT, the new documentary by Todd Standing, a controversial figure in cryptid circles. Is Standing nuts? Is he sincere? Is he lying? Is he the target of an incredibly long and unlikely con? The movie is available on NETFLIX. Give it a watch. Let us know what you think.


UFOs Declassified, Fake Alien Invasions, NSA Created Bitcoin?, Angry Star Wars Fans, Fibonacci Stock Predictions |97|

NOTE: We apologize for the inconsistent audio in the first half, as Skype was buggy. Second half much better. John starts off talking about the reason we didn't record a show last week... he was playing with Litecoin 24/7 and hallucinating that he alone discovered using the Fibonacci sequence when trading. Hint: He didn't. ;-) What's the Fibonacci sequence, and how can it be applied to trading? Did the NSA create Bitcoin? The answer may surprise you. Adam saw The Last Jedi! Don't...


Crypto: Currency, Craziness, & Kitties!, Braco the Gazer, Deep State Economy, Doomsday Chatter, More Q |96|

In this week's episode, Adam and John talk all things crypto: the currency, the craziness, and yes, the kitties! Adam finally takes the Bitcoin plunge, and wonders if maybe there's a secret world of hidden finance beyond the Blockchain. John brings up the Internet of Things, and the currency (IOTA) behind it. So, what are CryptoKitties, you ask? They're collectible, breedable, adorable... and they're gumming up the Ethereum Blockchain. Can one man's gaze heal all ills? Or are we just a...