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Accelerated Learning for Medicine and Higher Education. Mnemonics, Memory Palaces, Speed Reading, Study Hacks, Mind Maps and More!

Accelerated Learning for Medicine and Higher Education. Mnemonics, Memory Palaces, Speed Reading, Study Hacks, Mind Maps and More!
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Accelerated Learning for Medicine and Higher Education. Mnemonics, Memory Palaces, Speed Reading, Study Hacks, Mind Maps and More!




School Success and Productivity with Memory Athlete Brad Zupp

Brad Zupp is a motivational speaker, memory improvement expert, memory coach, and author of Mastering Memory: 75 Memory Hacks for Success in School, Work, and Life, The Hack-Proof Password System and Unlock Your Amazing Memory who shows people how to supercharge their memories to improve their lives at work, school, and home. He is also a record-setting memory athlete who participates in memory competitions worldwide. Today he joins us to apply mnemonic devices to medical and healthcare...


How-to Memory Palaces for School Textbooks and Lectures

How do I create memory palaces for school textbooks and lectures? In this episode, we cover some of the structural planning you should consider when covering large topics, textbooks, and your medical studies. Making a memory palace for your school materials don't need to be difficult, but there are some constraints to plan for in order to maximize your mnemonics. In today’s training session, memory palaces for integrated and clinical medical knowledge. We still often learn...


Common Retrieval Practice Mistakes and Solutions for your Medical Studies

Today we cover how to set up your spaced repetition and retrieval practice for medical school. A deeper explanation of my 11311 Method is elaborated on as well as examples given. What happens if you run out of time? What happens if you remember material for a week or a month, but then lose it? These are common complaints from medical students, and are covered more in this episode. Also, how to utilize these same strategies for your memory palaces and other medical mnemonics will be explored...


Visual Mnemonic Generation with Ron Robertson of Picmonic

When trying to create visual mnemonics for medicine, there are few places that students can go for comprehensive examples. But one of those places that needs no introduction is Picmonic. Since 2011, Picmonic has been bringing graphic representations of education related mnemonics to a variety of healthcare fields. Today, we have Ron Robertson, the co-founder and CEO of Picmonic here to help guide us in creating our medical mnemonics. Rob thank you for taking the time to come on the show...


Deliberate Practice: Self-Assessment and Finding a Mentor in Medical Education - Dr Anders Ericsson Part 2

Here is Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Anders Ericsson. We discuss one of the important aspects of Deliberate Practice, namely how to self-assess and find mentors for assessment. Gaining mastery in a subject takes time, practice, and guidance. Here are some of the tips you can use to gain mastery in your medical studies! Also, look below for how to join our new ITB Community via Slack. 0:50 Recording Your Study Experience for Mentor Appraisal 2:03 Using a Journal for Self-Assessment and...


Deliberate Practice for Medical Students with Dr Anders Ericsson- Part 1

Many students that strive for graduate degrees and high honors are thought of as having Type A personalities, being born gifted, or have developed expertise in their area of study. This is especially true for medical students. But we were all cut from the same cloth, and expertise is a state more so then a trait. I’m very pleased to announce that today we have one of the foremost experts on expertise, Dr. K. Anders Ericsson, here to tell us how we can develop expertise in our studies! Dr....


BONUS: Visual Markers and Memory Palaces with Chase DiMarco; Interviewed by Greg Rodden of Physiology by Physeo

Today we have a special edition! I will be interviewed by Physiology by Physeo's host, Greg Rodden! Greg is one of my teammates from InsideTheBoards, and questions me on a step by step process for creating visual markers and memory palaces for your medical studies. In this episode, we give a basic outline, rules, and obstacles to be cautious of when creating your medical student memory palaces. We will explore the cephalosporin antibiotic class in this tutorial example.


Themes and Organization of Medical Memory Palaces with a Master of Memory Timothy Moser

We all need a little help when learning to create our own mnemonics and memory palaces. It can be difficult to apply a strategy that you previously used successfully to a new topic or area of study. Luckily, we have a Master of Memory here to guide us: Timothy Moser. Author, Spanish instructor, and podcaster, Timothy has taught hundreds of people how to use memory palaces to learn new materials. Timothy, it’s great to have you hear today! Intro 3:30 Discipline-based vs Systems-based...


Memory Palaces, Spaced Repetition, and Yoda from Ryan Orwig of STATmed Learning Part 2

In this episode Ryan Orwig from STATmed Learning (The STATmed Program) explains education theories regarding mind maps and organizing your study structure. He explains how to use Minimally Effective Links for creating Memory Palaces, and why Yoda may not have been the best instructor in the galaxy after all. 1:44 Continuing from Part 1: Using Spaced Repetition, Retrieval Practice, and Time Management 3:58 Theory on Mind Maps and Concept Maps for Study Organization and Structure 8:58...


Test Taking Skills and Working Memory Limitations with STATmed founder Ryan Orwig Part 1

There are many study methods when discussing the boards and graduate level exams. Being efficient and understanding time management is one skill required for accelerated learning. Today we have Ryan Orwig, creator of STATMed Learning, where he teaches med students and doctors better ways to study, maximize their time, create memory palaces, and take boards-style tests. Intro 3:42 STATmed Workshop and Course & Focus on Working Memory for the Boards 9:52 Test Taking Misses vs Knowledge...


Creating Visual Mnemonics with Sketchy Medical Drs. Bryan and Aaron Lemieux

Many students struggle when they begin making their own visual markers. They want examples created by others to guide them and spark their own creativity. Well, today we have Doctors Bryan and Aaron Lemieux from Sketchy Medical here to discuss how they went about making their visuals, and provide tips and mistakes to beware of. Sketchy Medical started in 2015, and has been a sensational hit among first and second year medical students. I’m grateful to be able to have two of the leading team...


Efficient Learning Strategies from Dr. Wendell Cole of The Medical School Survival Kit and Convos with Cole

We all need as much help as we can get when it comes to board exam tips, time management hacks, and how to get into the residency of our choice. Today, Dr. Wendell Cole, author of The Medical School Survival Kit, will give us the sage advice that allowed him to study smarter, save time, and have a healthy social life during medical school. Dr. Cole is an orthopedic surgeon at Tulane, has been on a host of podcast episodes including InsideTheBoards and Docs Outside the Box, and hosts his own...


Mistakes and Proper Design of Spaced Repetition for Graduate Education (Medical Students, Physician Assistant Students, and Nursing Students)

Spacing out your retrieval studies can be complicated. There are many questions revolving around this topic, and no two sources seem to fully agree on what an "optimal" spacing effect may be...if it exists at all. My interview with the Learning Scientist, Dr. Megan Sumeracki, covered the basics of the research behind these topics. Here are the lessons I've learned over the years, and my recommended spaced repetition rules. 1:50 What is "Retrieval Practice" and how do we use it...


Peg System Memory Training and Creativity for Medical Students

Why should you learn the peg system? Will it help you with your academic studies? These and other questions and concerns will be covered in today’s episode! The Peg System is a versatile mnemonic system for remembering small strings of numbers. However, this system can also work to develop your foundational skills for more complex memory techniques. Here we will cover some of my philosophy on the Peg System, variations to it, and go over two examples of how to implement your pegs in a...


BREAKING NEWS: InsideTheBoards Phone App Release on iOS

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Top Memory Mistakes and Deliberate Practice

Today we are covering some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions when using mnemonics for studying. Memory training is a tool and a skill. It must be practiced, experimented with, and cultivated. There are no people with “bad memory”, but many with untrained memory. If you have tried memory techniques in the past and run into trouble, or found that a technique didn’t work for you, I will try to clarify some of the common pitfalls. I also briefly touch on using deliberate practice...


Medical Mnemonics and Spacing Effect with Osmosis Leader Dr. Yifan Xiao

Dr. Yifan Xiao of Osmosis joins us to discuss creating memory palaces for medical students and spaced repetition. Osmosis hosts dozens of free medical animation and educational videos, as well as a premium subscription for their other study materials. As the Director of Script Writing, Dr. Xiao explains some of the current learning methodologies utilized within Osmosis content, and the future direction of using Memory Palaces and Mind Maps in medical education. Intro to Osmosis and Dr....


Durable Learning Strategies with the Learning Geek's Jake Gittleson

A Learning Geek joins us to talk nerdy about learning! Jake Gittleson joins us to discuss how Mindset and Learning Ecosystems play a pivotal part in our learning success. We also cover how mental representations and making material personally relevant has a great impact on the lasting nature of what we learn. As a Learning Strategist, Jake helps organizations and individuals implement the best learning techniques into their programs for maximum efficiency. We explore some concrete examples...


Overcoming Learning Challenges in Medicine from Dr. Barbara Oakley

Dr. Barbara Oakley is a renown instructor, author, and online course creator. Today she covers memory sciences and common pitfalls that medical students should be aware of. There are strong links between sleep and long-term neurodevelopment, which she will explain in greater detail. Despite your natural memory abilities compared to your peers, there are ways to even the playing field. Today’s discussion will elaborate on the scheduling and resource utilization needed to maximize your...


Guide to Memory Palaces with the Magnetic Memory Method & Anthony Metivier- Part 2

Continuing with last episode, Dr. Metivier discusses memory palace pitfalls and techniques to improve your practice. He offers a step by step process to strengthen your mnemonics chops! Anthony has interviewed dozens of the top experts on memory training, memory champions, mind maps, and many accelerated learning techniques. He offers a free course (see the link below), as well as per personal training via his for-pay courses. By using some of these simple strategies, you can implement...