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Episode 008 – Last Day Of Critical Care Fellowship!

As I scroll through my recent blog posts, I realize I haven’t blogged about my critical care fellowship directly in quite some time. Many of my “lesson” posts are a direct result of things I encountered during my training, but today is a day of reflection as I have now completed my ICU fellowship! Above all else, my patients continue to inspire me with their stories of resilience, love, and optimism amidst even the most dire circumstances. Ever since I became a physician five years ago, I...

Episode 007 – What To Do Before Medical School

Interview season is over, acceptances are rolling in, and you've already started the countdown till orientation. Amidst this excitement, it's easy to make some pretty bad decisions with the intention of being prepared. I had almost eight months off after receiving my acceptance from Baylor Med to "prepare" for medical school. Caught up in the emotions of having been accepted by my dream school made me all the more determined to be ready. I distinctly remember grabbing my mom's old nursing...

Episode 006 – Letter Of Intent/Thank You Notes

Letters of intent (LOIs) and thank you notes are often submitted by applicants to improve their chances for an acceptance, but do LOIs even get considered? Realistically, it depends on the school and how late in the application cycle they receive supplemental materials. Some schools may brush them aside entirely. Other schools may think an applicant is going "the extra mile" to impress the admissions committee. Either way, I suppose from a pre-med's point of view, it can't hurt; however,...

Episode 005 – Why Did You Pick Anesthesiology?

Why did I select anesthesiology as a career? Find out on this podcast! Also check out the factors that led me towards anesthesiology from when I was a medical student (link to post). Many of these considerations held true throughout my training. I have no regrets! :-)

Episode 004 – Tips For Studying

We've all heard the horror stories of studying 10+ hours per day, having no social life, and having to sacrifice one's sanity just to keep up with the growing volume of medical knowledge and research. Here are some of my general tips for studying! Learning is a highly individualized process, and as a result, study habits vary from person-to-person, the material at hand, and even around one's work schedule. The last of these is important because in undergrad and even med school, students have...

Episode 003 – Tips For Writing Your Personal Statement

A pivotal part of any application process is composing a personal statement (PS). This can be stressful as we're not usually accustomed to writing about ourselves, but here are some tips which might help you plan and revise your PS draft. Use a cloud document service like Google Docs, Office 365, Pages, etc. This will keep your PS saved and easily accessible from anywhere to update on the fly. Sit down, concentrate, be honest and do some self reflection - why did you choose this career...

Episode 002 – Tips For Writing Your CV/Résumé

A curriculum vitae (CV) catalogs your working career (including accolades, presentations, publications, education, extracurriculars, etc.) in a chronological order with detail. I think about a résumé as a snapshot of the CV. Typically it's less than a page and only contains highly relevant points which differentiate you from other applicants. In either case, it's important to have easy access to an updated copy of both for volunteering positions, job applications, and especially higher level...

Episode 001 – Inaugural Podcast Episode!

This inaugural episode of "On Call" describes how this podcast came to be and a little about me! :-)