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Podcast from the Prairie - Episode 2: "Respecting Your Tools"

In the inaugural episode of Podcast from the Prairie, Wes Jackson and Robert Jensen explored some of the key influences on Jackson’s distinctive philosophy, on how he came to embrace an ecological perspective and a “creaturely worldview.” In Episode 2, “Respecting Your Tools,” the focus is on the jobs Jackson has had in his life and what lessons he learned along the way. The story starts with work on farms and ranches while growing up, before Jackson became a welder to pay for college. After...


Podcast from the Prairie - Episode 1: "Intellectual Grounding"

Welcome to “Podcast from the Prairie.” Wes Jackson, one of the founders of the sustainable agriculture movement, tells stories that take us from lessons learned growing up on a Kansas farm to the front lines of crucial debates about ecological crises and social struggles. Sparked by journalist Robert Jensen’s questions, Jackson reflects on science and history, technology and philosophy, ethics and politics, and how we chart a path forward.