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68 - The Art Of Resurrecting Data And We Tackle Awkward Conversations

Can you use old data for new papers and how long is too long between collection and publication? We tackle these questions and also science the shit out of Awkward conversations. Also, Uncle Andy and Cameron answer some of Gibbo's kid's questions. The unwitting sponsor this week is Lief - find it on kickstarter.


67 - The Best Conference Innovations And Pregnancy Powers: 1 Month Later

Why do conferences seem immune to technological progress? Surely, we can use tech to bring them into the 21st century? This week we talk conference innovations, continue to test the powers of pregnancy! Our unwitting sponsor this week is Slido!


66 - Filling The Academic Vacuum And Pregnancy Superpowers

How much progress is lost when an academic has left a research group? How do you fill that void? We discuss the academic vacuum and science the shit out of pregnancy superpowers. Our unwitting sponsor is Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate.


65 - Judging Scientists Without PhD And Fixing The Family Get-Together

Do PhDs look down on scientists without a PhD? This week we discuss lab hierarchy and you'll find out if we are nice people. We also science the shit out of family get-togethers. Our unwitting sponsor this week is Divorco-plus.


64 - Celebrating Science Week With Kiss, Marry Or Kill - Science Edition

Is national science week a good thing? What is it meant to achieve? This week we talk about national science week and play an old favourite game - kiss, marry or kill - science style. This week's unwitting sponsor is the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.


58 - Love Me, Worship Me, The Art Of Getting Awards And Ordering Drinks

Are awards really the best way to highlight great science? This week we talk about science awards and science the shit out of ordering a drink at a bar. Our unwitting sponsor this week is Fludeoxyglucose drinks - listen and you'll find out what this is!


57 - Beware The Plagiarised PhD And Getting Arguing Down To A Science

How much of science is plagiarised? PhD theses of public figures are being examined by an independent group for plagiarism. Would yours pass the test? We also science the shit out of arguments. Our unwitting sponsor this week is Dr Christopher T Gibson's ice cream for breakfast.


56 - Advice From Australia's Chief Scientist And The Perfect Thank You

How would you make science better? Well, Alan Finkle (Australia's Chief Scientist) published his thoughts and we tear it apart! We also science the shit out of thank you notes. Our unwitting sponsor this week is Axon Instruments Inc.


55 - The Death Of The Research Paper And Making Politicians Listen

Is the research paper dead? How would you make it better? This week we talk the future of research papers, and science the shit out of getting politicians to listen! Also, Gibbo hosts...kind of. Out unwitting sponsor is Andy's science workshops.


54 - Lab Fashion, Car Music and less Gibbo

This week Cameron, Chris and Andy discuss fashion in the lab, science the shit out of car music and Chris describes how we are going to be seeing less Gibbo.


53 - How Startup Culture Can Help Scientists and Brewing Beer

What can startups teach research? This week Andy, Cameron and Chris have lots of exciting news and Andy tell's us about what he learnt during his start up tour of the US and how it can be used by researchers. They also science the shit out of beer. Our unwitting sponsor this week is Pocket Conference! - Andy's start up!


52 - Hidden Government Research Funding And Science Heads

Did you know about the massive amount of money given to universities in the form of block grants? This week join Andy, Cameron and T-bag as they talk about the huge amount of money governments give to research and play a brand new game - Science Heads. Also, we find out how Chris eats crunchies - it's equal parts interesting and disgusting. This week unwitting sponsor is Facebook.


51 - How to become rich as a scientist and is nanotechnology finished?

This week Andy, Chris and Cameron discuss how to become rich as a scientist, our thoughts on fancy dress and discuss 2 topics! One of them is about whether Nanotechnology is finished. Cameron has mugs to give away for comment of the week - post on facebook, twitter or forum. Our unwitting sponsor for the week is Ingo Koeper


50 - Sitting Is The New Smoking And Peanut Butter Preferences w/ Lauren Shearer

Did you know that all that paper writing is killing more than just your will to live? This week we are joined by Physiotherapist Lauren Shearer who gives us some advice for staying fit and healthy so we can kick those academic goals. We also science the shit out of shopping and settle a long-standing dispute -Is life better with crunchy or smooth peanut butter? Our unwitting sponsor for the week is The Quit Sitting Campaign!


49 - How “experts” form opinions outside their expertise and how to science the BBQ

If you're an expert in one field is it easier to be well informed in another? Or do you fall in the same traps as everyione else? This week we work out if science would be a vegetarian, discuss how experts form opinions and we science the shit out of BBQ's. Our unwitting sponsor for the week is Nespresso.


48 - Getting Fat At Xmas, First Week In A New Job And Dinner Parties

This week join us as we talk getting about getting fat over Christmas and we science the shit out of dinner parties. Cameron is starting a new research position in a new university so Andy and Chris give him some excellent advice...maybe some of it is bit rubbish. This week's unwitting sponsor is Costco.


47 - Supercharge Your Grant Writing With Dr Rachel Sparks

This week we are joined by Dr Rachel Sparks from Stanford University! That's right, the proper one! Rachel gives you some insider tips on grant writing and making sure you have the best chance possible in landing a big one! Also we science the shit out of Bad Driving...


46 - Multimedia For Science And The Perfect Lunch Break

This week Cameron, Gibbo and Andy are joined by Dr. Robert Brooke and discuss communication tools for scientists and science lunch breaks. The sponsor this week is


45 - Our 2017 Sci - Review And Giving Presents

Thank you, our listeners, for a fantastic year. The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the things you've achieved this year. Academia can be tough but let us know what you are proud of! We also science the shit out of giving presents...just in time for Xmas!


44 - Favourite Drugs And Short Sighted Research

This week we talk favourite drugs, short-sighted research and, to Gibbo's surprise, we science the shit out of getting buff. Our unwitting sponsor for the week is Robots.