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Enter the digital break room for science communicators! Each week Amanda talks to a different science communicator about their work and together they explore a general topic in SciComm.

Enter the digital break room for science communicators! Each week Amanda talks to a different science communicator about their work and together they explore a general topic in SciComm.


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Enter the digital break room for science communicators! Each week Amanda talks to a different science communicator about their work and together they explore a general topic in SciComm.




017 - Science Events Programming with Hana Ayoob

In this week’s episode, we chat to freelance Producer, Trainer and Science Illustrator Hana Ayoob about how the events industry is adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic. Hana talks to us about her work with the Cheltenham Science Festival and The Talent Factory and what we can learn from the digitisation of events. We explore the benefits of going online to accessibility and flexibility of events programming. Hana’s website: Cheltenham Science Festival:...


016 - Social Justice with Lewis Hou

This week we talk to the brilliant director of Science Ceilidh, Lewis Hou. Science Ceilidh started out engaging rural communities with science through traditional Scottish dance. But the term 'Ceilidh' is associated with much more than dancing and similarly, Lewis and his team have expanded their activities into all areas of engagement under the banner of 'social justice'. In this episode we explore what social justice means and how we can embed this into our science communication...


015 - Sci Comm Monetisation with Simon Clark

In this week’s episode, we chat to the wonderful Simon Clark, known in the world of YouTube for his channel SimonOxfPhys, where he posts regular videos on climate physics, his PhD journey and exploring popular physics questions! Tune in to listen to us chat about the creative power of collaboration, storytelling in science, keeping humanity at the core of your content and the importance of accountability in building public trust in science! Simon’s YouTube channel and latest video:...


014 - Playful Science with Jon Spooner

This week we chat to artist and Director of Human Space Flight Operations for the Unlimited Space Agency; Jon Spooner. After dabbling in various science and arts projects, Jon found a way to ‘hack himself into space’, backed by a mixture of scientists, astronauts, and members of the public. This has spiralled into some fantastic immersive projects, theatre shows, escape rooms and interactive missions, all led by the Unlimited Space Agency. Through his anecdotes we explore the importance of...


013 – Engagement Spaces with Priya Pallan

This week we chat to the fantastic Priya Pallan about her work engaging the local community with Imperial College London's new White City campus. Priya has a wealth of experience in building mutually beneficial relationships with the wider public. In this episode, we hear some great tips on how to move from tick-box engagement to having real, long-term impact and the power of coffee conversations! Imperial's White City Community Website:...


012 - Co-Design with Wyn Griffiths

This week we're back and kicking things off with a chat to the fantastic Wyn Griffiths. Wyn is the co-director of the award-winning science festival SMASHfestUK, which is known as an outstanding example of how community engagement can be done. We talk to Wyn about how a 'co-design methodology' allows this festival to embed itself in underserved communities and achieve broader reach, as well as exploring some of the ins and outs of planning a science festival. SMASHfestUK website:...


011 - Maths Engagement with Katie Steckles - Part 2

Join us for the second part of our interview with maths engagement professional Katie Steckles as we move onto her school activities, her television work and how she's dealing with moving maths engagement online! Katies website: The Aperiodical: Mathematical Objects podcast: Talking Maths in Public: Talking Maths in Lockdown events:...


010 - Maths Engagement with Katie Steckles - Part 1

This week we share the first part of our interview with the fantastic Katie Steckles. From Rubik's thumb, to maths busking, to taking maths down the pub with MathsJam. Tune in for engagement tips and some great outreach anecdotes! Katies website: The Aperiodical: Mathematical Objects podcast: Talking Maths in Public: Talking Maths in Lockdown events:...


009 - Science on Tour with the STEM Response Team

This week we chat to the award-winning STEM Response Team (Dr Martin Khechara, Ellesse Janda, Phoebe Hinton-Sheley and Heather Angell) from the University of Wolverhampton about their mission to make science accessible to local communities and underprivileged parts of the country. With bitesize workshops, theatre shows and STEM-themed Christmas pantomimes, the team enhances the curriculum, bringing a sprinkle of comedy to science. We hear all about inspiring young people to embrace science...


008 - Science Videos with Sophie Ward

This week we chat to YouTuber Sophie Ward about engaging people through science video. Sophie is the creator of a successful science and comedy channel Soph's Notes as well as a regular on the A Piece of String Podcast. We hear her tips for making engaging videos and building audiences online. Plus one or two helpful mantras! Soph's Notes: A Piece of String Podcast: Credits: Dream of the forest (jazzy...


007 - Science Centres with Rebecca Buttigieg

This week we chat to Rebecca Buttigieg about her work at Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Malta. Rather than education, the centre focuses on inspiring audiences to love science through fun, engaging exhibits and activities. Rebecca talks us through some of those, as well as what the centre has been doing during lockdown and how she's been coping with her work while single-handedly looking after her two children! Later she gives us a performance of her original song: The Science...


006 - Global Science Opera with Oded Ben-Horin

This week we talk to Global Science Opera (GSO) founder Oded Ben-Horin about his fantastic initiative. Not only is this a project that brings opera music into the science classroom but it reaches students from multiple continents around the world. We talk to Oded about how the project works and his advice for mixing science with music. We also explore the idea of global classrooms and how we can benefit from moving our science communication to the digital landscape. GSO:...


005 - Science Talks with Dina el Zohiry

This week we talk to FameLab champion Dina el Zohiry about her experience of the competition. Dina won the Egyptian nationals in 2016 and reached the semi-finals in the international competition. Since then she has spoken at conferences and events around Europe about the importance of science communication and how to make science talks engaging. We hear about the impact FameLab has had on her career as well as her tips for speaking your mind! Credits: Dream of the forest (jazzy mix) by...


004 - Career Development with Jamie Gallagher

This week we talk to freelancer Dr Jamie Gallagher about career development in science communication. Jamie has had a varied and exciting career, starting with small activities on the side of his PhD to freelancing as a performer, trainer and consultant. We explore what there is to learn from Jamie's experience, as well as hearing how he managed to get star trek actors wearing some of his enamel pin badges! Later, we discuss training in science communication. Should we be training more...


003 - Popular Universes with Jean-Christophe Denis

This week we talk to Dr Jean-Christophe Denis, a public engagement professional at the University of Edinburgh. JC has done some fantastic work engaging the public with the popular universe of Harry Potter, linking science with the magical elements of that world and drawing in new audiences in the process. We chat about how those projects came about and the key features that made them successful. Later, we discuss the potential impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on public engagement support....


002 - Science Games with Jana Wendler

This week we talk to Dr Jana Wendler, game designer and lecturer at the University of Manchester. Jana has been designing science-based games since 2015, some of which include large street games where players explore the city with live actors! She has set up the company Playfuel which produces bespoke science-based games for researchers. We chat to her about how she started in science games and some of her tips for designing a science game well. Later, we discuss the use of play as an...


001 - Science Poetry with Peter Bickerton

This week we talk to Dr Peter Bickerton, resident poet at Thought for Food and Science Communications and Outreach Manager at the Earlham Institute. Peter has run a poetry blog The Juggling Doctor for over a decade and has enjoyed a spotlight in the mainstream media as 'the crazy guy who eats bugs'. Since then he's performed his poetry at numerous public engagement events. We chat to him about how he got involved in all this, his tips for writing poetry, as well as enjoying a performance of...


000 - SciComm Stories Trailer

The SciComm Stories podcast is a new series exploring innovative projects in science communication and the people behind them. Each week Amanda will be joined by a science communicator to chat about their work and a general topic in the field. So listen in for an hour every Monday, have a relaxing break and enjoy a new SciComm story! Don't forget to continue the conversation on: Facebook Twitter Credits: Dream of the forest (jazzy mix) by articom (c) copyright...