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Small Towns or Big Cities: Where Should You Live?

Are big cities dangerous? Do small towns make you less smart? Is living in one better than the other? This week Greg recounts a celebrity encounter in the big city he grew up in while Mitch breaks down the spooky fun you can have in the good ol' country. With Sidenotes on what makes a city succeed and what is widening the urban/rural divide. We then debate which is better - living in the hustle and bustle or the peace and quiet.


Stress: How To Fight The Feeling

Is stress killing you and how can science help you deal it? This week Mitch talks about when he almost died in Bangladesh and Greg explains the stress of having his students light each other on fire. We then explain how stress works, why it can slowly kill you and how to scientifically deal with it.


Grindr: Destroying Confidence or Building Community?

What has science discovered about the gay hook up app Grindr? Is it damaging peoples confidence or fostering consensual sex? This week, Greg and guest host Matt Rogers (comedian / host of Las Culturistas) tell stories about their experience with Grindr, open relationships and STIs. The final debate between Greg and Matt is about whether Grindr has a positive or negative influence on the queer community.


Juuling: Blowing Up or Blowing Smoke?

Okay, so this week Greg and Mitch debate about whether or not "Juuling" -- the e-cigarette phenomenon sweeping the nation -- is having a positive or negative impact. They also share stories about their experiences growing up with tobacco products of both the smoking and chewing variety!


Astrology: Scientific or a Scam?

How big is the psychic industry and is it ripping people off? Can our palms actually tell us things about our body and future? This week, Mitch talks about visiting a psychic after a night of drinking and Greg talks about the time he pretended to be a palm reader. The final debate between Mitch and Greg is about whether astrology has a positive or negative influence on society!


Liberals vs. Conservatives: Why Do You Hate The Other Side?

This week Greg talks about being punched in the face at his first protest and Mitch explains his mental breakdown at a shooting range. In the end we have a debate about HOW to combat the divide between Liberals and Conservatives. It feels like the world is SO DIVIDED, what is the best approach to fixing this or do we just all hate each other too much? Greg thinks we need to call people out while Mitch thinks we need to call people in. Which side will you end up on?


Scary Movies: Ghosts, Sleep Paralysis and Spooky Stats

This week Mitch talks about seeing ghosts and dealing with sleep paralysis, while Greg faces his childhood fear of being robbed in the night. Then they debate about what is the scariest movie of all time! For a total of $60 off, that’s $20 off your first 3 boxes, visit and enter sidenote60


Coffee: Healthy Treat or Addictive Trap?

This week Greg talks about the time he tried to quit caffeine and the AsapSCIENCE office nearly shut down entirely. Mitch remembers when he was duped into drinking decaf coffee and we then break down the science behind the placebo effect. They then debate whether or not the benefits of caffeine outweigh the horrible withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting.


Climate Change: Is It Too Late?

This week Mitch talks about a horrifying experience at the slowly disappearing Great Barrier Reef and Greg explains the scorching heat they felt in the Arctic while on a trip with Greenpeace. Then Mitch and Greg GO OFF on the current politicization around climate change and highlight important aspects of the new IPCC report. The science is spliced in throughout so you are entertained while simultaneously learning.


Masturbation: Addictive Habit or Healthy Pleasure

This week Greg explains the weird ways he used to download porn and Mitch talks about struggling not to masturbate while on Big Brother. We then debate whether masturbation is good or bad for you all while splicing the science throughout.


Phone Addiction: Are You Addicted To Your Phone?

This week we break down the science of phone addiction. Greg talks about the horrors of texting the wrong person while Mitch speaks about when a phone saved his life. This weeks debate is about whether or not Greg is clinically addicted to his phone.


Musicals: What's The Greatest Show Of All Time? (LIVE)

Live in Toronto from Just For Laughs festival! Greg recounts getting robbed and having his "Cats" musical VHS stolen, while Mitch goes into the dark web to find Lord Of The Rings The Musical clips to trade. Our guest Henry Koperski literally blows everybody's mind with an amazing music lesson and a look at some famous songs. Then Greg and Mitch debate: what is the greatest musical of all time?


Gay Marriage: Should We Get Married?

This week, Greg and Mitch decide whether or not to get hitched. The guys tell stories about bizarre wedding traditions such as ALWAYS serving dry chicken. They then debate whether or not they want to throw a big expensive party to celebrate their love or skip marriage altogether.


Gay Marriage: Should We Get Married?

Will Greg and Mitch decide to get hitched at the end of this episode? The guys tell stories about bizarre wedding traditions and dry chicken. They then debate whether or not they want to throw a big expensive party to celebrate their love or skip gay marriage altogether.


Human Extinction: Is The World Going To End Soon?

Greg and Mitch talk about the current political climate and how much it's impacted their lives, including remember the day that Trump was elected. They then debate whether or not the world as actually getting worse - for good - or whether or not this is just a blip on the timeline of history.


Louis CK: Should He Still Do Comedy?

Mitch and Greg discuss the controversy surrounding Louis C.K. Mitch talks about the first time her heard Louis say a gay slur and Greg talks about doing Stand Up with verbally abusive comics. In the end Mitch and Greg debate whether or not they think Louis C.K. should still do comedy.


Toxic Masculinity: Should We Live In A Matriarchy?

Greg and Mitch talk about growing up gay and their relationship to masculinity, including their first gay role models, and Greg's phase of wearing pearl necklaces. They then debate whether or not the world we be better off as a Matriarchy!


Pets: Expensive Nuisance or the Joy of Life

This week Mitch talks about a horrifying experience with a horse and Greg explains how he killed his hamster. In the debate Mitch and Greg argue over whether or not their new puppy is actually capable of bringing them joy. Rachel splices in the sidenotes to hit you with the science throughout.


Entrepreneurs: Privileged Men or Hardworking Creatives?

Mitch and Greg are entrepreneurs who run a YouTube channel about science. On this episode they tell stories about majorly screwing up a science video and the worst meeting they've ever sat through. Mitch interviews his sister who wrote her Ph.D on how to run a small business. Finally, Mitch and Greg debate whether or not they enjoy being entrepreneurs and the if the stress they deal with is really worth it in the end ... or not.


Popstars: Who Is The Greatest of All Time? LIVE FROM JFL! Ft. Matteo Lane

It's our first ever LIVE podcast from the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival! Greg and Mitch tell stories about the first album they ever bought and performing the Lady Gaga Bad Romance dance in sketchy bars. We then get schooled by comedian Matteo Lane on Mariah Carey, Maria Callas, and Patti LaBelle. Finally, Greg and Mitch go head to head with a formal debate about who is the greatest pop star of ALL TIME!