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Interviews That Make Waves

Interviews That Make Waves




Interviews That Make Waves






Author Lynda V. Mapes on Saving Salmon and the Southern Resident Orcas

Seattle Times (@seattletimes) environment reporter Lynda V Mapes (@LyndaVMapes) on dams versus salmon, saving the southern resident orcas and how Tahlequah changed the world. "All the things we do for our comfort, convenience and commerce are not good for the southern residents. And that’s just fact."


Ape Expert Frans de Waal Versus Anthropodenial

Author and primatologist Frans de Waal talks about great apes, not-so-great humans, animal emotions and anthropodenial with Skaana (@Skaanapod) host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung).


Sea Shepherd Captain, Paul Watson, on saving salmon, aggressive nonviolence and his journey from outlaw to law enforcement. Part two of our special two-part interview.

Sea Shepherd Captain, Paul Watson (@CaptPaulWatson), talks with Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung) on getting political, remembering Rob Stewart, saving salmon with Alexandra Morton and the Sea Shepherd Navy!


Sea Shepherd Captain, Paul Watson, on Seaspiracies and the Smartest Species on Earth

Sea Shepherd Captain, Paul Watson@CaptPaulWatson, talks with Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung) about Seaspiracy, life as an outlaw and as a movie star, the impact of Covid on life in the oceans and whether whales are more intelligent than we are.


Meet the Orcas Who Hunt on Land! Guests: Josh McInnes & Justine Buckmaster

Killer whales hunting on land? Josh McInnis (scientist) and Justine Buckmaster (naturalist) on their wild discovery that some Salish Sea orcas are hunting seals on the shores of Protection Island and how orcas continue to surprise us.


Alexandra Morton on fighting for sea-life, fighting against sea lice and the beauty of dancing, spawning salmon

Eco-warrior, Alexandra Morton, on her fight to save wild salmon, being gaslit by the Canadian government and her adventures in Green politics. She also dares people to sue her over her essential new book - Not On My Watch: How a renegade whale biologist took on governments and industry to save wild salmon.


An Orca’s Past and Our Shared Future with Dr. Gavin Hanke at the Royal BC Museum

Gavin Hanke Curator of Vertebrate Zoology at the Royal BC Museum (@RoyalBCMuseum) on the life, death and anatomy of Rhapsody - the skeletal star of the museum’s fantastic exhibit Orcas: Our Shared Future #RBCMOrcas - which is open until 2022 before touring the world (and was written by Skaana host, Mark Leiren-Young @leirenyoung


Julia Barnes on Bright Green Lies and Cars Vs. Fish

Filmmaker, Julia Barnes, on the dirty secrets of clean energy, how electric cars are running over the oceans and her new documentary Bright Green Lies – debuting online April 22 (Earth Day), 2021


The New Corporation writer, Joel Bakan, on Personhood, Psychopaths and Why the World Won’t be Saved by “Nice Corporations.”

Joel Bakan, co-director of The New Corporation, on his Unfortunately Necessary Sequel, why corporations aren’t our friends and the reason corporations are considered persons, but orcas aren’t.


Carl Safina on Animal Culture, Sperm Whale Society and Cetacean Communication

Carl Safina (@carlsafina) author of Becoming Wild: How Animal Cultures Raise Families, Create Beauty, and Achieve Peace talks about the culture of animals, the worlds of whale and sharing the planet with @Skaanapod host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung). Skaana connects you to stories about oceans, eco-ethics and the environment.


New Years wishes for humans and fishes from Erich Hoyt, Joel Bakan, Marc Bekoff, Carl Safina, Julia Barnes, Robbie Bond & Team Skaana

Skaana guests Erich Hoyt, Robbie Bond, Joel Bakan, Carl Safina, Julia Barnes, Marc Bekoff & the Skaana team share our wishes for a very new New Year in 2021.


Orca Love, Orca Mysteries & Orcas Everywhere with Mark Leiren-Young

Skaana (Skaanapod) host Mark Leiren-Young shares stories from the audio version of his award-winning book for orca lovers of all ages - Orcas Everywhere: The Mystery and History of Killer Whales ( “This inviting book will be treasured by kids – a fun way to discover orcas and the sea.” Erich Hoyt, author of Orca: The Whale Called Killer. “An amazingly accessible and fun book that explores our relationship with whales over millennia.” Elizabeth May former leader of The...


Daniel Pauly on the Future of Fish and Fisheries vs. The Planet

Global fisheries expert Daniel Pauly (@SeaAroundUs)on illegal fisheries, vanishing fish and the fight to save BC’s salmon with @Skaanapod host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung).


Michael Moore on Canada, comedy, Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore (@MMFlint) on Canada, inspiration and capitalism in this flashback interview from the start of the Obama era with Skaana (@skaanapod) host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung).


Orcas on Trump

In this episode, iconic orca mom, Tahlequah, talks to host Mark Leiren-Young about the upcoming US elections and what life is like for a whale in the Trump-era.


Wade Davis on Optimism, Decency and Saving America from Trolls

Anthropologist/author Wade Davis (@authorwadedavis) on optimism, decency, public service and saving America with Skaana (@skaanapod) host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung). Part two of our special two-part election edition of Skaana featuring National Geographic’s Explorer-in-Residence and author of Magdalena: River of Dreams


Wade Davis on Trump, Treason & COVID Chaos in America

Anthropologist/author Wade Davis @authorwadedavis talks about wading into US politics to warn about the end of the American era & the Trump virus with Skaana (@skaanapod) host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung). A special two-part election edition of Skaana featuring National Geographic’s Explorer in Residence, the real-life Indiana Jones. For links on how/where to vote visit our show notes.


Peter Wohlleben on the Secrets of Trees, Animals and Humans

Bestselling author Peter Wohlleben, talks plant rights, fruit fly dreams, scientists in denial and animals in love with Skaana (@skaanapod) host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung). The German eco-philosopher shares the secret life of trees, the hidden life of animals and the responsibilities of humans.


Robbie Bond on Fighting for Parks, How Kids Can Save the World and Becoming a Marvel Superhero

Real-life Marvel superhero 12-year-old Robbie Bond (@Kidsspeak4parks ) talks about founding Kids Speak For Parks, inspiring kids and adults and becoming a Marvel superhero (@Marvel) on Skaana (@skaanapod) with host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung).


Marc Bekoff on Animal Emotions, Rights and Personhood

Author and educator Marc Bekoff talks about animal emotions, his work with Jane Goodall and who you’re eating for dinner with Skaana (@skaanapod) host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung).“It's a matter of who we eat, not what we eat. Who's for dinner, not what's for dinner. It's the animals who eat the animals, who we keep in cages, who we keep in aquariums… Words matter.” Marc Bekoff