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Just a hopeful podcaster. A bit of UFO talk all the while learning about audio recording.

Just a hopeful podcaster. A bit of UFO talk all the while learning about audio recording.
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Just a hopeful podcaster. A bit of UFO talk all the while learning about audio recording.




Ep. 10 - The Antarticans

Ep 10 - The Antarticans Cosmic Paradigm Flying saucer spotted over Portsmouth ---- Thanks Jelly Bean of – for the Mezcala UFO info. More at: --- Alien Race: The Antarticans- Plugs! The Paranormal Cafe - With Rob Simcox and Charlie Silvestri 1. As you heard from the commercial earlier they are doing LIVE shows on...


This is not an episode 1

This is not an episode 1 A quick word on whats going on... I have started recording episode 10... Stay tuned. A few words about the Stephenville with the help of Rob Simcox and Charlie Silvestri from The Paranormal Cafe podcast/radio show. The Paranormal Cafe is doing LIVE Streaming every Sunday night 10pm-12 Eastern time. Just visit scroll down to the "Paranormal Cafe" banner... click it and then click the purple banner. Thanks for stopping by! J


Ep. 9 - The Lyrans

Episode 9 - The Lyrans Please excuse my tardiness in bringin you a show, but as you can imagine with the holidays it's nearly impossible to sit and record for me. In this short episode I will read something interesting about where us humans may of come from... are we part Lyran? Also I will respond to an interesting email from an interesting person from mexico.. We will close the show with the entire Jim Sparks interview done by Project Camelot, it is an older interview, but a good one...


Ep. 8.1 - The Return (Again)

Ep. 8.1 The Return (Again) Welcome Back! Sorry I screwed up the show… this is the new 8.1 version. Podomatic was upgrading their servers, and I screwed up my file. This show covers the following: Defending Sacred Ground by Alex Collier I continue reading parts from Chapter 1 of the book. If you're interested in getting a free copy of this book in PDF form, scroll down to an earlier episode. -- My Shadow Being Experience Guitar Hero in the dark caused me to see a shadow person? --- The...


Solelyj's Return

Hey guys... finally, I'm recording again! Please excuse my voice and the heavy breathing.... I've got a cold right now. (Can't breathe thru my nose!!! ugh!) --- Sorry to Alex Staples for not mentioning his podcast... you can check him out at --- Sorry to Liz, for not mentioning her as well... thanks for sticking around Liz!


Episode 7: The Reptilians

EPISODE 7 : THE REPTILIANS Video: Mile-wide UFO over Guernsey Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter ==== From Here to Andromeda Search Andromeda Look for videos over 20Min Hope you Enjoy! ==== DOWNLOAD ALEX COLLIER'S BOOK HERE: ==== THE REPTILIAN RACE The following is an extract from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth Far in the past before Atlantis existed, men...


Contactee Alex Collier 1994 Interview

You will need to visit Turn up the volume. Sorry for the quality. J


Ep. 6 -The Dates

Ep. 6 - The Dates This episode covers a bit of the Nibiru and the Annunaki, we introduce Andromedan contactee Alex Collier, The Alien race covered in this show is the Andromedans. Also I read a few quotes by some very credible people concerning the UFO phenomena. Nibiru and Annunaki Info and links:


Ep. 5 - The Experience

Episode 5 - The Experience On today's show we cover more on the Haiti UFO video and prove it to be a hoax, Discuss a video that shows what goes on when you try to drive into Area 51, Bring up the subject of Presence in the Moon. Then I tell about the experience I had about 5 years ago, and close with the mention of a race called the Agharians. Wanco UFO video VUE6 at work VUE6 The Proof === Drive up to Area 51 === Bases on the...


Ep. 4 - The Haiti UFO

EPISODE 4: We cover the UFO over Haiti that has been shown on Youtube and Google, New Sightings revealed by the MOD, and MORE! Please see the videos included here: UFO over Haiti 22 second clip Recorded UFO over Haiti with Cell phone Great UFO video with More Haiti UFO spaceships different angle! UFO over Kanata Ottawa- Weird Winding noise MUSIC texture Download "texture"...


3rd Podcast (Blurb)

In this episode I talk about what I've been up to... again! I also bring you a few UFO related material that is pretty fresh. I test my skills at adding music on this one!!! lol... I hope it all works out. MUSIC - THANK YOU IODALLIANCE.COM! Camelia Download "Camellia" (mp3) from "Lovely" by Joachim J Stranamente Music Buy at iTunes Music Store More On This Album hypnosis Download "Hypnosis" (mp3) from " Vol.3" by SAR Laera Stranamente Music More On This Album --- ...


2nd Episode

My second attempt at podcasting. In this episode I cover a little bit of Dennis Balthaser's Interception, David Sereda on the news, Bruce Maccabee's book, and cover an paranormal experience from Ordero Terai ( a listener of Mysterious Universe).


Trip 2 Roswell