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Nathan Phillips talks about gas leaks

In this episode, Nathan Phillips joins host Laura Lovett to present an accessible academic view on the issues surrounding natural gas leaks in Massachusetts communities. Phillips, a professor a Boston University, explains how he began studying and locating natural gas leaks in Massachusetts. He also talks with Laura about how and why over the past few years his focused as changed. SPROUTS: This show connects people to the work and innovation in the fields science, technology, and health...


Audrey Schulman of HEET on natural gas leaks

In the first episode, Laura Lovett sits down with Audrey Schulman of HEET, a Cambridge-based organization that has done extensive work mapping gas leaks. She explains the impact of gas leaks on our community and environment and why all residents of Massachusetts should care. Laura kicks off Sprouts: Connecting Community to Science with this issue because it affects each person living in Massachusetts. Under our cities and towns there are thousands of pipes lines that run natural gas into...


An introduction to Laura Lovett & Sprouts

Host Laura Lovett previews her new show Sprouts. This show connects people to the work and innovation in the fields science, technology, and health that is occurring in Massachusetts communities. Host Laura Lovett, a multimedia journalist with Wicked Local, will talk with scientists, health care professionals, community advocates and business leaders about their jobs, their accomplishments and what is next. Episodes will be released on the 15th and 30th of each month. Subscribe now...