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TMRO:Space is a weekly, live show about exploration of the cosmos. We have updates on rocket launches, new technology being developed to get humans off-world and comments from inside and outside the industry. Recorded live every Saturday at 18:00 UTC!

TMRO:Space is a weekly, live show about exploration of the cosmos. We have updates on rocket launches, new technology being developed to get humans off-world and comments from inside and outside the industry. Recorded live every Saturday at 18:00 UTC!
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TMRO:Space is a weekly, live show about exploration of the cosmos. We have updates on rocket launches, new technology being developed to get humans off-world and comments from inside and outside the industry. Recorded live every Saturday at 18:00 UTC!




What’s missing to get humans to Mars? - Orbit 11.28

We have our scheduled roundtable this week, voted on by the Citizens of TMRO. Jared hosts and asks, “What are the missing pieces needed to get humans to Mars?” This turned in to a really lively discussion and we would love your comments below or on our new forums at Launches: Space News: If you would like to continue the conversation we have a few great ways to do that: YouTube


Creating a Starship Culture with Gateway Foundation - Orbit 11.27

John Blincow and Dr. Tom Spilker join us to talk about the Gateway Foundation and their plans to design, test and build the Gateway Spaceport. If you’re interested in helping volunteer your time and talents to making the Gateway real, head over to for more information Space News:


Enjoying a cup of coffee in space - Orbit 11.26

Jeffrey Ayers of Death Wish Coffee joins us to talk about the caffeinated payload they just sent up to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX’s CRS-15. TMRO has an incredible history with coffee. When we were Spacevidcast the whole show was produced at the back of the Crow River Coffee Company, we had our own blast off blend coffee and Adam (Cafn8ed) directed the show. We are excited for a time when coffee is a regular part of a space journey. Along with many other creature...


The evolution of galaxies with Dr. Charles Liu - Orbit 11.25

Dr. Charles Liu joins us to talk about the observable evolution of galaxies, quasar hunting and has some inspiring words about science communication. Launches: Space News:


The different personalities of the JPL rovers - Orbit 11.24

JPL Science System Engineer Kim Steadman joins us to talk about some past, present and future missions that JPL has sent to Mars and beyond. We touch on Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, the upcoming Mars 2020 and the different personalities each rover has. We sprinkle a little Juno and Cassini in there for good measure as well. Launches: Space News:


Humanity amongst the stars with Isaac Arthur - Orbit 11.23

Futurist Isaac Arthur joins the cast of TMRO to talk about humanities future amongst the stars as well as living in a simulation, faster than light communication and galactic intelligence. Launches: Space News:


Orion Span’s Aurora Commercal Space Station

Orion Span’s CEO Frank Bunger joins us to talk about their upcoming commercial space station: Aurora. Frank also dives in to his larger vision of the future: humans living and working in the cosmos. Launches: Space News:


Riverside Telescope Makers Conference - Orbit 11.21

We have Space Mike at the @ISDC 2018 Expo and Jared at the @RTMCAstroExpo 2018 Astronomy Expo! Jared sits down with Martin Carey and Travis Holmes to talk about citizen astronomy. Launches: Space News:


From Public to Private Space - Orbit 11.18

We have a popup round table this week where we ask, what current Government space programs are well suited to move to the commercial market? And is commercializing space even a good thing? Make sure to leave your own personal comments and thoughts below, remembering to follow our very basic rules: treat others as you wish to be treated and debate the idea, not the person. Launches: Blue Origin Conducts 8th Test Flight of New Shepard Long March 3B Launches Apstar 6C Atlas V Launches...


Women working in STEM - Orbit 11.17

Holly Griffith, NASA Orion Vehicle Systems Engineer joins us this week to talk women working at NASA and in STEM. Launches: Sentinal-3B launches on Russian Rockot Chinese Long March 11 launches Zhuhai-1 remote sensing satellites News: Uranus smells like farts Bridenstine sworn in as NASA Administrator Gaia


Space: Making Space Accessable via Space Nation - Orbit 11.16

Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola, co-founder of Space Nation joins us to talk Astronaut Training and making space accessible to mere mortals. Launches: Atlas V launches AFSPC 11 Falcon 9 launches TESS Proton launches Blagovest No. 12L News: Meteorite Diamonds! New Orbital ATK Rocket DARKNESS will hunt for planets


Rod Pyle’s Amazing Stories of the Space Age - Orbit 11.15

Author Rod Pyle joins us to talk about many topics including the Space 2.0 Revolution, International Space Development Conference and how to build a Death Star. Launches: Long March 4C Launches Yaogan-31 Trio PSLV-XL Launches IRNSS-1I News: Orion Span Announces Plan for Space Hotel Elon Musk Posts Picture of BFR layup tool New Lunar Tour from LRO ( Tiangong 1 Burns Up on Re-entry over Pacific


Neumann Space - Orbit 11.14

Paddy Neumamm, Chief Scientist and Founder of Neumann Space joins us to talk about their solar-electric ion drive. The Neumann Drive can run on a variety of solid metallic fuels. This means that the Neumann Drive can run on nearly any metal likely to be found in asteroids, as well as on sintered-down space junk. So not only can you go further with a Neumann Drive, but you can refuel with whatever you find when you get there. Launches: SpaceX CRS-14 mission Ariane 5 launches Superbird...


What is currently holding humanity back from our next cosmic steps? - Orbit 11.13

This week we have a round table discussion asking the question, “What is currently holding humanity back from our next cosmic steps?” And we’re really curious what you think as well! Leave your ideas and comments below. Launches: GSLV Launches GSAT 6A Long March 3B Launches Beidou Navigation satellites Soyuz 2-1v Launches EMKA Falcon 9 Launches 5th IridiumNEXT batch Long March 4C Launches Gaofen News: ‘Oumuamua Likely Came From A Binary Star System Blue Origin Switches...


Exploring the solar system with Dr. Chris McKay - Orbit 11.12

We are joined by Dr. Chris McKay from NASA Ames Research Center to talk about the search for life in our solar system. Launches: Soyuz launched Expedition 55-56 News: 2014 MU69 gets a name Humanity Star Once Around In A Billion Years


Why we need to humanize space exploration - Orbit 11.11

This week Lisa chats to Dr Niamh Shaw about her new theatre show ‘Diary of a Martian Beekeeper’ and why we need to include the humanities in space exploration. Launches: Long March 2 Launches LKW-4 News: Microbe That Could Survive On Enceladus Lightfoot to retire as Bridenstine nomination stalled S-2 Is Single and Ready to Mingle…With Our SMBH International interest for Lunar Gateway grows


Searching for Skylab updates - Orbit 11.10

This week Jared gets an update from Dwight Steven-Boniecki about the upcoming documentary “Searching for Skylab”, including some exclusive sneak peaks from the film! Launches: SpaceX Launches Hispasat 30W-6 Soyuz Launches O3b Satellites News: Interstellar donuts World’s First Air Breathing Electric Thruster Tested Schrödinger in Space


Introducing LAUNCHER - Orbit 11.09

Max Haot of LAUNCHER joins us to talk about their new rocket company LAUNCHER. We talk about their current tests, 3D printing rocket engines and plans for the future. Launches: H-2A Rocket launches Japanese Reconnaissance Satellite Atlas V Launches GOES-S Weather Satellite News: Dark matter in the cosmic dawn ISS Crew Return to Earth Proxima centauri had a bad day


Exploring Pluto with New Horizons - Orbit 11.08

We have special guest Dr. Alan Stern joining us this week to talk about the New Horizons spacecraft, Pluto and exploration. If you’re interested in Alan’s new book coming out, “Chasing New Horizons” you can pre-order it on here: Launches: SpaceX Launches Paz and First Starlink Satellites News: Exoplanet Hunter TESS arrives in Florida National Space Council meets for 2nd time Mars 2020 Will Take A...


NASA’s 2019 proposed budget - Orbit 11.07

The white house recently released their proposed fiscal year 2019 budget for NASA. Athena, Mike, Jared and Cariann take a look at the numbers and what that means for the current programs on the table. Launches: Long March 3B Launches 2 Beidou Satellites Soyuz Launches Progress MS-08 Cargo Ship News: MRO Gets A Tuneup/Opportunity Reaches 5000 Sols Final EVA Spacewalk for Robotic Hand replacement New Horizons Sets Imaging Distance Record