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03: Astrology as Part of the 8th Intelligence with Gemini Brett

Gemini Brett, More Than Astrology, joins Emily to talk about how astrology plays a role in our everyday lives and is a part of The 8th Intelligence. They discuss the history of astrology, as well as the Quadrivium: Sacred Geometry, Musical Harmony, Astronomy, and Number in Nature. They also dive into the criteria for the 8th Intelligence and the Spiritualist, Naturalist and Existentialist . Let’s keep the inquiry going! To assist in the ongoing production costs, please contribute to...


02: Patterns Within the Human Body with Titus Kahoutek

Titus Kahoutek joins Emily to share his expert knowledge of the patterns within the human body, the human body obviously being an extension of nature, and his experience connecting to a divine order through the human body. To learn more about the topics and resources discussed in this episode, please visit the show notes. Let’s keep the inquiry going! To assist in the ongoing production costs, please contribute to The 8th Intelligence through Patreon. Connect with The 8th Intelligence and...


01: Experiences in Color Theory, Design and The 8th Intelligence

Emily shares her background in color theory and architectural color design and how it screamed at her of the 8th Intelligence. Emily recalls that when she was four years old, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky in the evening. She took off running down the street looking to find the pot of gold at the end! Although a neighbor turned her back toward her house, the magic of that experience stayed with her. Early in career, she worked in education as a teacher and math specialist. She...


00: An Introduction to The 8th Intelligence Podcast

In 2008, Emily had an experience that expanded her reality in an unanticipated and unprecedented way. This experience caused her to question her sanity at times and started her down a path of research that eventually led her back to Harvard Neuropsychologist Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. In this introductory episode, she provides some background on who she is, a brief explanation of Gardner’s theory which originally included seven intelligences, why she believes his...