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Join Miami-based performance coach, nutrition specialist and speaker, Faheem Mujahid (Coach Fa) as he shares tools from his 15+ years in the health and wellness industry. This podcast consists of coaching sessions, celebrity and expert interviews and Book Club episodes.

Join Miami-based performance coach, nutrition specialist and speaker, Faheem Mujahid (Coach Fa) as he shares tools from his 15+ years in the health and wellness industry. This podcast consists of coaching sessions, celebrity and expert interviews and Book Club episodes.


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Join Miami-based performance coach, nutrition specialist and speaker, Faheem Mujahid (Coach Fa) as he shares tools from his 15+ years in the health and wellness industry. This podcast consists of coaching sessions, celebrity and expert interviews and Book Club episodes.




The Breathe Life Podcast: Fixed vs Growth Mindset: Vol:035

During a recent conversation with a client/friend the subject of mindset cam up. He and I began to explore, all the areas of his life to determine which mindset ruled the supreme. : We uncovered that for him, his life was unquestionably ruled by his fixed belief system. As a result of his fixed mindset, where others saw opportunities for feedback & growth, he viewed them as moments of judgment. Doing whatever he could to protect his ego. Experiences that might have potentially lead to major...


Vol: 034: Breathe Life Podcast: Short Breath - Shift in Energy: Just Fa

Can you shift the energy of an outcome you're currently having by simply shifting your mindset & energy? Let's discuss. Breathe Life®


Short Breath: Energy Shift! - Just Fa

Hey Tribe!!! Today's discussion begins with a simple question, Can we shift an experience we're having by simply moving our awareness into a different level of consciousness? One of my all-time favorite spiritual teachers Wayne Dyer would reference actually entering into situations that felt heavy with negativity and by merely bringing his awareness into said experience, he was able to shift the entire experience for himself & others. // Join me as I unpack a recent situation I found myself...


Breathe Life® Podcast: Vol 033: A RAW + REAL Conversation - Barry Rabkin

A passion that lies far below the service. It has been said, sometimes it takes experiencing unforeseen challenges and/or major life circumstances to BREAK us open individually into our life’s purpose. After being hit with a major medical diagnosis @rabkinbarry decided to take matters into his own hands. Refusing to take root into the traditional western medical practices, @rabkinbarry decided he would inspire his recovery through plant-based nutrition by juicing & fueling mindfully. //...


Breathe Life® Podcast: Vol 032 - Protect & Serve: Melissa Lopez

ProT€ct & S€Rve • rarely do I come across a spirit that so mindfully embodies the love, awareness & service that exist within this statement. // ⚪️ If ever blessed with the opportunity to connect or hold space with the lovely @miamimissy consider yourself lucky. The passion @miamimissy shares for protecting and serving not only our Miami community but those on the front lines of service (Police, Fire Fighters, EMT, Coast Guards..etc), is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever witnessed. ⚪️ I...


New Year, Same Flow but different! Vol: 028 - Short Breath: Faheem Mujahid

As I begin the New Year (2020) I have a few mindful elements I can't wait to implement & share. After reviewing and applying the feedback from my mindful tribe @thebreathelifetribe I believe the changes will be just the growth needed. Listen in on a few of our NEW & Upcoming @thebreathelifetribe events. - Breathe Life®


A conversation purposeful conversation with Lizzy Chiappy: Vol 027

“Once I made the definitive decision, this is what I’m going to do, it’s amazing how many things just happened and aligned itself. Angles literally feel from the heavens and helps us with certain parts of opening our business. So many things start to fall into place when you are really clear.” - @lizzycfitness // ⚪️⚪️⚪️ : : To say that I’ve been looking forward to this meaningful conversation with this special spirit would be a huge understatement. // True story: I originally came into...


The why behind myKetamineroad: Vol 026 Dr Zayn Mixdown

M¥ kiNd of iMpAcT. • ⚪️⚪️⚪️ @myketamineroad As I enter into the sunset of this year (2019), I can’t help but feel inspired thinking of all the meaningful experiences & opportunities the universe has planned for my purpose & life within the New Year. // Amongst the expressions and partnerships of myself & my mindful brand @thebreathelifetribe it's my recent decision to work side by side with the amazing team at @myketamineroad that has me the most excited. // : : When I was initially...


Fashioned through Service: Vol: 025 Vanessa Sauma

“I believe in GOD, he/she places little pieces in play along our journey, it’s our responsibility to make a move of those plays. If we don’t make the move right away he/she will remind us a few more times.” - @vanessajanelle : :⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ Oh, what a mindful journey with the always fashionably kind & loving @vanessajanelle // Together we held space for a meaningful conversation about the journey of following your purpose, the importance of exploring authentic ways to be of service to others,...


Holiday Scarcity: Vol:024 - Short Breath

HoiLdA¥ Scarcity • ⚪️⚪️ : During a time a year meant to bring joy & holiday cheer, connect families & gift share, why do I often find myself operating from a place of stress & scarcity? // Better yet; How can I learn to slow down the experiences & meaningful memories of the holiday season to ensure the enrichment is properly received. // We all struggle with the same things. Everywhere we look things are being promoted, reduced, position for our consumer currency. Although there’s no harm in...


Authenticity: Breathe As One: Vol:023 - Short Breath

Are you living an authentic life? Believe it or not, that question comes up during most of my work as a life coach & meditation teacher. Studies show on average, majority of humans beings today don't feel they're flowing in alignment with their authenticity. In fact, many of us are chasing goals, careers, relationships and lives others expect from us instead of following our own inner guidance. How do we reverse our default mindset of inauthenticity in exchange of an AUTHENTIC existence....


College Yoga Day: Vol 022 - Jay & Dr. Eden

"What we’ve been able to uncover is a sense of an under belly of community that’s ready for it. This is the time where so many people are practicing mindfulness, even kids. There’s a thousand percent increase in kids who are meditating since 2012. As those kids grow up, like the Dalai Lama said “If we can teach all kids to meditate by their eight birthday, we’ll wipe out war within one generation. Our idea; we might not be able to get to them by/before eight, we can get them at 18 to 22 and...


The power of your authentic story: Vol 022 - Valeria Alvarez

“ I think just being transparent, just try to be vulnerable. I think vulnerability is something that everyone really has to practice doing, it’s an ongoing practice for me every single day. I try to be vulnerable in every single aspect of my life. I think vulnerability is hard but once you reach that point you’ve gotten to the root of what you’re really trying to say.” - @valerialvaarez / To say I enjoyed my recent discussion with Valeria Alvarez, would be a huge understatement. This amazing...


Threshold Of Faith: Vol 021 - Short Breath

I believe we each have a Threshold on the level of faith we do or do not have. I also believe certain moments in our life cause us to either melt under the pressure or level up our degree of faith. Let's discuss.


A conversation on Presence: Vol: 020

Let's talk about presence. In my experience, I believe we're all looking for ways to increase the presence in our lives. As with everything, there are varied opinions on how to arrive at a place of presence. Let's pour into it.


Ketamine arrives on the BIG screen: Vol:019 - Mike "Zappy" Zapolin

EmpathiC • We currently exist in an Empathy Crises. Although most individuals desire to be more empathic, they get easily distracted. When you get placed into present moment awareness rather it’s through Ketamine, mushrooms or any other form of psychedelics, you instantly become more empathic. If we can do that, we can solve any problem really that exists. - ZAPPY ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ : : If like me, you geek out on conversations about present moment conscious, the different stages of consciousness. The...


Matthew Sherman - Podcast

The Evolution of Self. // “They’re moments where if I’m alone in a room and having a tough time, maybe I think my life is made up of the individual parts one can see from the exterior. In general, my daily mode of operation is for sure seeing my life as a much longer gain and work of art than just a snap of a moment in time.” @matthew__sherman : If you’re blessed to know this beautiful human-BEing, you know that although his purpose/work might evolve, the impact his legacy leaves on the...


Short Breath Vol: 017pt2 - The ideal of Ownership

Lately, the idea of ownership has been on the front of my consciousness. I usually pride myself in staying disconnected from the things we as human-beings fall victim to clamming ownership however recently the idea of ownership continues to find ways to show up in my life. Let's Breathe Life® into this topic.


Dark Mode: Vol: 017 - Angie Sanchez

DARK MODE! Part 2 ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ : Believe it or not the 5 am wake up runs weren’t the most difficult part. The adaptation process of working out for six days straight, three of those being two days was the most difficult part. The first ten days of aches & pain, not feeling discouraged but thinking Omg “how am I going to be able to do this for the next twenty-one days?” / My mind chatter was the most difficult part. - @iamangiesanchez : : In our recent follow-up conversation, @iamangiesanchez...


Cultivating Emotional Intelligence: Vol 016 - Angie Sanchez

When I speak about EQ “Emotional Intelligence” it’s what about and what I stand for. I coach individuals to strengthen & cultivate their EQ as it pertains to their over health.