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Ducks Unlimited Podcast is a constant discussion of all things waterfowl. From in-depth hunting tips and tactics, to waterfowl biology, research, science, and habitat updates. The DU Podcast is the go-to resource for waterfowlers and conservationists. Ducks Unlimited is the world's leader in wetlands conservation.

Ducks Unlimited Podcast is a constant discussion of all things waterfowl. From in-depth hunting tips and tactics, to waterfowl biology, research, science, and habitat updates. The DU Podcast is the go-to resource for waterfowlers and conservationists. Ducks Unlimited is the world's leader in wetlands conservation.


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Ducks Unlimited Podcast is a constant discussion of all things waterfowl. From in-depth hunting tips and tactics, to waterfowl biology, research, science, and habitat updates. The DU Podcast is the go-to resource for waterfowlers and conservationists. Ducks Unlimited is the world's leader in wetlands conservation.






Ep. 385 - USFWS Director Martha Williams joins the DU Podcast

On this special episode, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Martha Williams joins co-hosts Dr. Karen Waldrop, Chief Conservation Officer, and Dr. Mike Brasher, Senior Waterfowl Scientist, to talk about her love of the outdoors, priorities for the USFWS, the importance of hunters and private landowners to conservation, the longstanding partnership between DU and the USFWS, and much more. Status of the highly anticipated Waterfowl Breeding and Population Habitat Survey is also mentioned!


Ep. 384 - A Brief History of Browning and their Conservation

This DU Podcast features Browning Arms Media and Events Manager Shaundi Campbell. Hear Browning history, what’s new in shotguns for 2022, and learn more about Browning’s commitment to wetlands conservation, DU TV and more!


Ep. 383 - DU State Conventions: Honoring our Volunteers and Why You Should Attend

“Volunteers are the gasoline that makes the DU engine work.” On this episode we sit down with Doug Schoenrock (DU President), Chuck Smith (DU 1 Vice President), Kurt Cazayoux (Louisiana DU State Chair), and Jay Owen (DU Regional Vice President) to discuss the important role that annual state conventions play in celebrating our volunteers for their contributions to DU’s mission. From Roadkill Cookoffs to Bingo tournaments, learn about state conventions and why you should...


Ep. 382 – DUTV 25th Anniversary feat. Field Hudnall, Zach Pederson and Ainsley Kenworthy (5 of 5)

Guest host and DUTV producer, John Gordon, interviews former DU TV co-hosts Field Hudnall, Zach Pederson and Ainsley Beeman Kenworthy on the final 25 anniversary podcast. All three hosted DU TV episodes around North America, collecting incredible experiences and developing a strong respect and admiration for DU’s wetlands conservation mission. Tune in and listen to favorite show moments and discover why their time on DU TV meant so much to each of them. DUTV's 25 season kicks off in July on...


Ep. 381 – FNBO Supports DU

Chris Lee, Integrated Marketing Manager for FNBO, joins host Chris Jennings to talk about how the DU Visa Card is benefitting wetlands conservation. Lee discusses how the owners of the largest privately owned bank are strong supporters of DU’s wetland conservation mission and how the DU Visa Card program provides funding. Offering 1.5% cash back on all purchases and a portion of every purchase going directly to DU’s conservation mission, it’s easy to see why both parties are excited about...


Ep. 380 – Collector’s Series: Jon Deeter

Jon Deeter, owner of at Guyette and Deeter, Inc. decoy auction house, returns to the show to chat with host Katie Burke about their Spring auction at the North American Decoy Collectors Show, the largest sporting collector show in the country. Jon and Katie talk about the importance of this show not only in terms of the auction, but to decoy collecting in general. Jon gives us some insight into the catalog for this sale and how it was selected. He also talks about Guyette and Deeter Inc’s...


Ep. 379 – DUTV 25th Anniversary feat. Mike Checkett & Hampton Bourne (4 of 5)

Guest host and DUTV producer John Gordon interviews Mike Checkett and Hampton Bourne on this DU podcast, continuing the DU TV 25 anniversary celebration. Bourne is the son of legendary DU TV co-host and writer Wade Bourne, he talks about his dad and the conservation legacy he left that still resonates today. Checkett is another longtime DU TV co-host and former DU staff member, he and Wade shared many sunrises together on DU TV. Tune in to hear great stories from the past from America’s...


Ep. 378 – Gunner Kennels Founder, Addison Edmonds Joins the Show

Addison Edmonds, founder of Gunner Kennels, joins the DU Podcast to share the news about the new partnership with Ducks Unlimited. Edmonds and host Chris Jennings talk about Gunner’s commitment to wetlands conservation as well as the new Gunner offerings that fall under the umbrella of official Ducks Unlimited products. The two talk about Edmonds new Labrador retriever, as well as new training challenge he is facing along the way. Join in for a fantastic introduction to new products and...


Ep. 377 – BPOP Survey Update with Dr. Ken Richkus, USFWS

As the 2022 Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey nears completion, Dr. Ken Richkus, chief of the USFWS Division of Migratory Bird Management, reflects on the steps involved in planning and resuming the survey this year. Ken also discusses whether any changes were made, directs us to field updates from pilot biologists, and shares the timeline for survey completion and release of the final numbers. DU extends a special thanks to all the men and women involved in the survey! 2022...


Ep. 376 – Archie Manning and Doug Schoenrock on DU’s 85th National Convention

Excitement abounds as DU prepares to celebrate 85 years of wetland and waterfowl conservation at our National Convention in New Orleans, July 13-16, 2022. Legendary quarterback Archie Manning will serve as keynote speaker, and activities throughout the week will include redfish fishing tournament, Roadkill Cookoff, Wings Over Wetlands celebration, guided tours, organizational and conservation updates, and the convention reception and gala. Listen for details and prepare to join...


Ep. 375 – DU Celebrates Earth Day with Mr. Trammell Crow

Dr. Karen Waldrop, DU’s chief conservation officer and Bob Locke, DU’s director of development for North Texas, sit down with Mr. Trammell Crow at the EarthX Expo 2022 in Dallas, TX. Founder of EarthX and a Dallas-based businessman and entrepreneur, Trammell explains how his upbringing and career led to the creation of EarthX, and how it eventually inspired him to host the US-Mexico Hunting & Wildlife Conservation Forum this past October to help protect hunting rights in...


Ep. 374 – Collector’s Series: Rick Sandstrom

DU Podcast host, Katie Burke, chats with the President of the North American Decoy Collectors Association, Rick Sandstrom. The pair met up in Chicago to discuss the show and auction. They talk about the importance of the show and what it means to the decoy collecting community. How the absence of the show over the past years has had an impact on the community and it’s return this year. The two also chat about the evolution of the club from the Midwest to North American title and why it’s...


Ep. 373 – DUTV 25th Anniversary feat. Guy Shepperd and Richie Davenport (3 of 5)

­­Guest host and DUTV producer John Gordon interviews Guy Shepperd and Richie Davenport of Moose Media, Mossy Oak’s video production company. Moose has field produced DU TV since 2013, capturing the best of waterfowl hunting and wetlands conservation around North America. Shepperd and Davenport discuss some of their favorite moments over the seasons while offering a behind-the-scenes look at DU TV. DUTV's 25 season kicks off in July on The Sportsman Channel. Watch your favorite episodes on...


Ep. 372 – Future Farmers of America and DU…Cultivating a Stronger Partnership

Farmers, ranchers, and private landowners are essential partners in DU’s conservation efforts. An exciting new partnership between DU and the Future Farmers of America stands to enhance our shared values and collective ability to train and educate America’s future farmers and conservationists. On this episode we hear from FFA representatives Cortney Zimmerman and Chris Bell and DU’s Mark Horobetz on the growth and future plans for this partnership.


Ep. 371 – Memorial Day 2022: In memoriam...

Smiling faces. Barbeque grills overflowing with hot dogs and hamburgers. Pool parties with friends and family. A pleasant boat ride around the lake. These are the scenes of Memorial Day, celebrated every May on the month’s final Monday. It’s a three-day weekend, school is out, summer begins, good times in the sun are ahead. But we can’t forget what’s behind this day. The name itself tells the tale, memorial signifying recognition of meritorious service. Another word comes to mind...


Ep. 370 – Real-time update from the 2022 BPOP Survey, Northern Alberta

Retired USFWS pilot biologist, Fred Roetker, joins the DU Podcast from Fort Chipewayan, Alberta, deep in the Canadian boreal forest for a real-time update on progress and conditions encountered during the 2022 waterfowl breeding population survey. Although 2022 is proving to be one of the later springs in recent memory, boreal wetlands are in good to excellent condition and ducks are once again being counted across this diverse and massive landscape.


Ep. 369 – Avian Flu, part 2 – What Hunters Need to Know

Dr. Dave Stallknecht, director of the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, answers more questions and provides guidance on how hunters need to prepare for avian flu. Topics include modes of transmission, vaccines, herd immunity, safety precautions, carcass disposal, how to report sick or dead birds, and whether it is safe to consume harvested birds. We conclude with a discussion about risks to wild turkeys and advice to not panic but stay informed and...


Ep. 368 – Avian Flu, part 1 – What it is and why the concern

Dr. Dave Stallknecht, director of the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, provides an in-depth description of the current outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza. How did we get here, and what are the risks to ducks and geese, poultry, humans, hunters, dogs, and other birds? We also learn about symptoms, infection rates, mortality rates, and the amazing similarities to the concerns and terminology that we all became familiar with during COVID-19.


Ep. 367 – Field Training with Purina Pro Plan

Karl Gunzer, director of the Sporting Dog Group for Purina Pro Plan, joins the DU Podcast once again. Gunzer has 25 years of experience as a field trail trainer and offers his expertise on the subject. Host Chris Jennings and Gunzer discuss what’s new with Purina Pro Plan and the pair get into the weeds about field trial training. Gunzer offers his advice to anyone out there thinking about becoming a field trail trainer, and details the expectations of training at this high level.


Ep. 366 – Ducks Unlimited Welcomes Bill Dance (2 of 2)

Hosts Dr. Mike Brasher and Chris Jennings welcome legendary fisherman and outdoor personality Bill Dance to the DU Podcast. Dance shares some personal stories about his path to becoming a professional fisherman and beyond. The trio discuss conservation and how fish and fishermen can benefit from Ducks Unlimited’s wetlands conservation efforts. You’ll most certainly enjoy these conversations as the always-entertaining Dance, showcases his story-telling abilities. (Part...