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Vacation Episode 2018

In this very short episode, I'm stepping back from the day-to-day business and reflect about why we go to work every day. I have a very personal story about it, that helped me to see things very clearly and I'm sharing this in this episode. Further, many of you will listen this during vacation time and thus, I'm also touching on the importance of taking a break. There is no episode next week as we take a summer break as well.


Multilevel Network Meta-Regression for population-adjusted treatment comparisons

Indirect comparisons provide evidence, when no direct clinical trials are available. However, the different approaches come with various limitations. Some more recent approaches take into account the baseline characteristics to reduce the bias in the estimates of the treatment effects. In todays episode, I'm talking with one the worlds experts on this topic - Nicky Welton - who has published extensively in this field. Starting from the basics of indirect comparisons we move into the most...


Estimands in the presence of high and unbalanced drop out rates - a case study in the German HTA system

More Every statistician in the health sector must know about estimands and how to apply the estimand framework. In this episode we introduce the topic using a case study. We’ll cover How does the HTA system in Germany work? What are the 4 critical elements for the estimands framework? How does the application of the estimand framework differ in study planning vs post-hoc?


Best of PSI 2018 - my personal view

Today I'm looking back at the PSI conference 2018 in Amsterdam. You'll learn about my personal highlights and key take aways from the conference. I have also interviewed some interesting people from the conference for you to get some feeling about the atmosphere at this amazing event. In this episode, I'm covering the following episodes: Nupur Kolis key note speach in the plenary session about “The Future of Healthcare: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges“ Interview with Nelson Kinnersley...


4 principles about effective delegation and how not only managers can benefit from it

More As a statistician we delegate all the time with programming being probably the most prevalent example. In this episode, we start by showing in two personal examples how delegation improves your productivity amazingly or how it can lead into complete disaster. Furthermore we cover the following questions: - Why is delegation so important? - Why are not only managers delegating? - Why should I delegate, if I can do it myself? - What task can I delegate? - How can...


Impactful influencing: actionable advice to get things done through and with others

More In this episode we have our first non-statistician as a guest. Julia has build her own consulting and training company Zestfor. She and her team specialise in developing Training programmes and resources scientifically tailored for technical markets – including Pharmaceutical, IT, and Life Sciences. Getting things done through others is a key part or even the definition of leadership and her clients face often the same situation like statisticians. They need to...


How to successfully submit a reimbursement dossier in Australia?

More In order to make new drugs available to patients in Australia, a successful interaction with the PBAC – the Australian HTA body is needed. Alan Brnabic lives in Australia and collected a lot of experience with these submissions over the years. In this episode, we cover: - the basics of understanding how the PBAC works, - why a successful PBAC submission is important, - what evidence is needed to have a successful PBAC submission, - how much work is needed from...


As a statistician – do you take the back seat or do you drive yourself?

More In this podcast episode, we discuss an important part of leadership - proactive behaviour. Or simply put - drive! As a statistician, you’re day-to-day approach about this topic will build up to long-term success. We discuss various aspects of drive including: - how it relates to your goals, - what it takes to think strategically, - which role innovation has here, - what practical steps to take to drive teams forward, - which knowledge to acquire to lead teams...


Everything to know to write programs like a pro

Ok – not everything, but in this episode you will get all the tips to make sure, you avoid the most common mistakes and that your code looks professional. Shafi Chowdhury is an expert programmer who has developed a style guide, which his clients apply broadly. He regularly gives trainings on SAS programming and build his own company based on these skills. He walks us through the different points and clarifies, why they are important from an efficiency but also from a quality perspective.


On building your own company

More In this episode, we’ll cover an amazing story by one of the best programmers and mentors I ever worked with - Shafi Chowdhury ( We’ll explore how it changed from being a freelance programmer only to building his company on the side. He had a great vision in mind, that drove him forward. You’ll also hear about his approach to teaching and mentoring – or in general helping people do their job better. His abundance mindset inspires me a...


Success starts in your head

In this episode we share out ideas and experience, which mindset sets up statisticians for success. We cover topics around: - Leading people - Convincing business partners - Delivering value and selling it - and what does selling means - Thinking outside the status quo to improve things in the long run - Always learning about the business and the people in the business - Learning about statistical innovation - Doing things more effectively - Becoming more impactfully - Raising your...


A picture says more than 1000 tables!

In this podcast episode, we tackle a difficult topic for a podcast, but Zak provides lots of expertise in this field and will introduce you to what visual analytics is and how it will help you. Furthermore, we touch on questions like: What is the difference that visual analytics plays in 'exploring/learning' and 'messaging'? Why is visual analytics important? Why should I care? How does the job of a statistician in visual analytics look like? Is visual analytics purely descriptive and...


How to become a world expert in an indication as a statistician

If we think of world experts, we often think of people, that are candidates for the Nobel prize. We tend to have the believe, that we will never be able to achieve such a status. Actually most of us probably don’t even think about getting to this level. This is why we are so happy to have Claire Brittain as our guest on the show. In an ordinary role of a statistician working in early phase, she has done outstanding work. Listen to her story of how she came to be called a world expert on...


Your choice!

In todays episode, we take a look into the future - the future of PSI and how it will impact you. Both candidates, that run for becoming chair of PSI - Lucy Rowell and Naomi Givens - speak about their vision in our interview today. Of course, this episode will help you to decide who to vote for, but it will also help you to understand how to benefit from PSI by becoming an active member. Both candidates share their stories of how they got more and more involved within PSI and how they were...


How to write impactful and effective emails while avoiding common mistakes

Do you have a lot of email ping-pong, where emails go back and forth many times – too many times? Are you aware about the brand of you, that you communicate with your email style? Is email your default communication tool? Then this episode is for you. We have researched various articles on good email writing copies and distilled the best for you in this episode. By listening to this episode, you will learn about: When is email the best way to communicate? Approaches to attachments. How to...


Tips and tricks to reduce your email burden including the last resort option

Everybody uses email multiple times during the day and email represents a key communication channel. Managing the flood of emails effectively, will reduce your stress. In this episode, we discuss various approaches, that we learned over the years from different productivity experts. We discuss how we implement them in our daily routines. By listening to this episode, you’ll learn about these topics: What are helpful mindsets about emails Five step approach to managing emails Good habits to...


Is data science something for you?

Data science, big data, business analytics … these are all buzz words in the industry at the moment and the hopes are high on what these areas will provide to our industry. Cytel organized a long session about data science for the PSI conference 2018 in Amsterdam (learn more and register here). In this episode, we’ll speak about: Why is data science such a hot topic at the moment? How can we separate the different buzz words? Is this only something for google, amazon and such companies?...


Why should I get involved with PSI and what it’s like to run the PSI conference?

In this episode, we’ll cover Lucys story about her work within PSI and how it helped her to with her promotion. She shares tips and tricks to make it happen and we explore, what it takes to become an active PSI member. Lucy is the conference chair for the PSI conference 2018 in Amsterdam. As such, we also talk about various hurdles and benefits of running such a large event. Lucy explains what you can expect from this years conference and how learnings from previous conferences are...


10 reasons for your supervisor to approve your attendance at the PSI conference

Are you afraid of asking your supervisor for approval to travel to Amsterdam to attend the PSI conference? Do you need convincing arguments for them to approve your travel? In this episode, we talk about arguments, that help you in your discussion with your supervisor. We're talking specifically about the PSI conference 2018 in Amsterdam, but these points will very much be applicable for future PSI conferences as well. You probably don’t want to tell them, that Amsterdam is a very nice...


How to collaborate with a programmer to create a smooth work flow

In this episode, we discuss our experiences in working with various programmers and what we as statisticians can do, to create an environment, where we can work without major disruptions and too many stressful moments. We’ll cover topics such as: How to increase mutual understanding How do delegate well The balance between specifications and workload Day to day activities to make life better