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Join us as we discuss technology, movies, music, games, anime, manga and comics, and more.

Join us as we discuss technology, movies, music, games, anime, manga and comics, and more.
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Join us as we discuss technology, movies, music, games, anime, manga and comics, and more.




31: S15E31 - Too Fabulous To Be Human

Welcome to the Geek Show, the news equivalent of suck it and see. This week while staring into the void, the Rob's talk about Teslaquilla , Chaotic Raccoons, Facebook News, third party Instagramming hotel-style, parents keeping their young-blood's too clean, the Pinocchioeffect, Chinese news anchors of the future, terrible Japanese ministers, Spanish running shoes, the stupidest App in existence, dutch motivational gurus, Malta entering the pantheon of weird, and godly bouncy castles -...


30: S15E30 - Plastic Is Scary And It's Inside Your Bum

How's that for a title? It's time for another peep through the keyhole of science and technology news with The Geek Show, and this week Graham joins Producer Rob for some tasty morsels of the weird and strange. Kicking things off is the rather serious news that humans are already eating microplastics - but the method of discovery is somewhat … gross. After that we discover that Elon Musk plans to make his own suburban "batcave", the meaning of #protestNIPS, a Japanese company that rewards...


29: S15E29 - The Terror That Flaps In The Night

The strange alleys and weird streets of science and technology news need strong men to patrol them, but since they all have the day off it’s time for Andrew and Producer Rob to surreptitiously skulk around. Skulk is such a good word, isn’t it? Anyway, this week’s discoveries include a new internet by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, easyJet versus Netflix, a newly discovered dinosaur with an amazing name, lessons in food presentation for Instagram, super and psychic powers, the Japanese Ro-Bob the...


28: S15E28 - MC BoJo's Christmas Rap

We apologise for the lateness of this episode - EGX happened so please look forward to our coverage of the event. Anyway, Rob joins Producer Rob for another jaunt through the strange hinterlands of science, technology, culture and society where oddities tower like … well … very odd things really … Kicking things off this week, we find out the unfortunate name of a growing trend that involves watching people studying on a livestream - a story that we discovered back in S15E23. In the main...


27: S15E27 - A Terrifying Morass of Eyes and Dog Heads

The Geek Show returns for its fortnightly turn on the see-saw of science and technology news, so join Graham and Producer Rob as try to take over the playground. So what's in store for everyone this week? Well, apparently Wordpress have decided to kick Alex Jones' Infowars when its down, the oceans are suffering from noise pollution and need "sensitive" hammers (you read that right), blind-date vending machines (again, not a joke), an Amish version of Uber, print your own Tyrion Lannister,...


26: S15E26 - Godly Masters of Slipper-Fu

Your friendly neighbourhood Geek Show returns with the two Robs to take you on another wild ride through the weird borders of the science, technology and culture. The big news this week is involves right-wing commentator and activist Alex Jones and his Infowars "media empire", and after that we find out how Facebook and Instagram plan to have people spend less time on their services - which seems quite laudable until you find out what our next item of news is ... Naughty Facebook. It's then...


25: S15E25 - This Banana Milkshake Is Lovely

The Geek Show returns for another go on the science and technology silly-go-round, and this time Producer Rob has been joined by the prodigal Andy. So what's on the cards this week? Well, we've got grief counselling for Avengers: Infinity War, complaints about star names and ownership, monetising copyright piracy, motion sickness prevention glasses, armpit adverts and much, much more. That's all for this week. Until next time you rambunctious rapscallions! Like The Geek Show? Then check out...


24: S15E24 - Starring An Indifferent Hedgehog

The Geek Show returns for another irreverent jaunt through the world, and this time Andy and Producer Rob are at the helm - which basically means there's nobody steering! After handing the navigation over to their "mature gentleman" alter-egos, we kick things off with some details about the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie, followed by data protection versus religion, high-tech lasers, police slingshots, body odour detectors, mobile phone charges for migrating birds, cloud theft,...


23: S15E23 - Elon Musk Is Not A God

That title should go without saying, but according to certain reports it seems like some people aren't so sure … Welcome to another episode of The Geek Show - the water-logged paddling pool of science and technology news, plus a few bits that we found amusing or interesting. On this episode Rob and Producer Rob brave the heat to discuss Facebook's latest dalliance with AI, Donald Trump's Cinematic Universe, crime prevention gardening, the study habits of a Korean Youtuber, tasty(?) golden...


22: S15E22 - Snubbed By Ghosts

It's time for another episode of the podcast that, episode by episode, shines a light on just how odd the world and its people (and animals), really are. This week Graham joins Producer Rob to investigate the Department of Transport's "brilliant" idea to tackle overcrowding on trains,'s tragic and somewhat ludicrous crypto-currency challenge, Facebook's news credibility jobs, student pranks, MIT's highly disturbing A.I. experiment, Australian psychics, sewage beer, Ed Sheeran's versus...


21: S15E21 - I'm Forever Milking Cockroaches

It's time for another jaunt into the weird world of science, technology and beyond, so join Rob and Producer Rob as they delve into the cosmos and head to Pluto to find out what it's made of (just to be clear, we're not picking a fight). After that it's back to Planet Earth to milk some cockroaches before we check out Holland's vegan steaks, Japan's intergalactic telepathy, Australia's never-ending mission to defend indigenous wildlife, and much, much more. The important stop is India, but...


20: S15E20 - A Horse Called Justice

The Geek Show returns for another foray into the weird happenings of science, technology and the world at large, which this time around include the latest antics from entrepreneur and closet Bond villain Elon Musk, getting porn from newsagents again (ah, technology!), interactive films, robot dogs versus door handles, special emotional helmets, dinner party blood tests (it's a definite conversation starter … maybe?), dealing with debtors - Russian style, court cases in Oregon, and a dog that...


19: S15E19 - Jesus Has The Best Internet

The Geek Show rolls into town once again on its never-ending quest to prove that sometimes the world is just a really weird place ... This week Rob from Cinema Eclectica joins Producer (and man who ate soup while reading the news), Rob for another excursion into the weird mists of science and technology, and kicking things off is the shocking revelation that students in the UK can’t read analogue clocks! After that it’s a cavalcade of oddities from the religious (statues of Jesus and mobile...


18: S15E18 -

Join us for another ride on our strange rodeo of oddities from science and technology news around the world. This time Andrew joins Producer (and kind-of-newsreader), Rob to discuss Stan Lee's DNA signatures, "seeing" magnetic fields (but only if you're a bird), toddlers with better smartphones than you, the Pokemon Go incentive, a "getting-there" mech-frame (pilot not included), real Home Alone, literally moving house, stoned Argentinian rats (according to police), headless chickens and...


17: S15E17 - Count Dante’s Kung-Fu Flip Flops

Technically we're a news podcast, although it should be pointed out that "technically" is a powerful word. Join Graham and Rob for another journey through the sometimes strange worlds of science and technology news as they discover oddities like Elon Musk’s latest "Boring" endeavour, getting power from screams (allegedly), spontaneous dinosaur combustion, slices of ketchup, armoured jackets for dogs, death-themed cafes, a rather strange company that wants to kill you in time for the...


16: S15E16 - Klingon Santa is Coming to Town

We're back for arduous journey into the hinterlands of science and technology news to bring more strange tales and weird happenings. This time it's Rob and Producer Rob captaining The Geek Show's flagship as it navigates through the cackling of Amazon's Alexa, fanatical Malaysian Apple fans (the technology company, not the fruit), modern "medicinal" leeches, record-breaking fidget spinners, is back again for another anarchic look at the weirder sides of science and technology news. Some of...


15: S15E15 - Wanted: Part-Time Rollercoaster Zombie

The erstwhile Brundlefly of British podcasting - also known as The Geek Show - returns for another tongue-in-cheek romp through the hallowed halls of science and technology news, and this time Rob and Graham - who can more often be found together on that notorious hotbed of cultural anarchy called Literary Loitering - are running the show. You have been warned … So after some belated platitudes about Pokemon Day we burrow deep into the molehill of weirdness where we discover Thorpe Park's...


14: S15E14 - The Emperor’s Porcelain Techno-Throne

The Geek Show returns once again with more irreverent news from the strange realms of science, technology and other places in between, and this week Rob is joined by yet another Andrew (where are they all coming from?). This week's discoveries include Facebook's status as the social media for codgers, a sequel to the infamous Kung Fury, a strange Japanese virtual presence device, noise suppression for toilets, iced tea, expensive school uniforms, footwear for footwear, visual "noise"...


13: S15E13 - Flamethrower Cooking With Elon Musk

It's time to join Rob and Andy for more news-based shenanigans from the realms of science and technology, and we're kicking things of this week with some recycling ... ... on the Moon After that it's all systems go with potential holodeck technology, stupidity causing smartphone batteries to explode, Germany's unconventional method to "control" children with ADHD, a TV comedy about metal detecting powering past the fourth wall, a Russian home-made "Iron Man", Nissan teaming up traditional...


12: S15E12 - Speedos Mean Party Time!

News has such a loose meaning these days, and it's our job to make sure that - at least for the science and technology parts - that status remains as silly as possible. Down with fake news! So what's been happening this week? Well, one of the singers from '90s all-girl group All Saints has decided to do social media, B & M are offering a unique employment opportunity (Is it a dream job? One of us thinks so), babies kick up a lot of dirt according to clever science people, there's a...